Purgatory, CO
Saturday August 31 - Monday September 2, 2013

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Sunday September 1, 2013 19:23
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Claim form reparation for recovery of NCUSIF insured $22,036 stolen from our our Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union retirement-protected savings accounts.

VIZ is the WAY.


RAYOVAC NiMH grid, not solar, charged powered below videos.

Video 7. Monday September 2, 2013. Chili roasting video

Video 1.
Video 2.
Video 3.
Video 4.
Video 5.
Video 6.

Battery charging.

Farmers Market customers waiting for their sacks of  chili to be roasted onMonday September 2, 2013.

MED HOT is Big Jim and MILD is Sandia variety .

Calle de Sandias east view on return from Farmers Market.

Low battery icon appeared.

RAYOVAC grid charge NiMH inserted into Canon PowerShot SX 160 is on Saturday August 31, 2013 before departing to Purgatory.

TOTAL OF 303 jpgs plus about 7 videos shot on two RAYOVAC NiMH grid charged batteries!!!


Red 1.3 V 3.7 mA measured from batteries removed after Purgatory essential non-gas-wasting battery testing field trip.

1.44 V 4.0 mA measured from two RAYOVAC batteries removed from charger.

1.85 V 5.1 mA measured from Energizer lithium batteries.

Two charged, but unused, RAYVAC NiMH batteries brought on field trip measured same as discharged batteries. Short shelf life.

Four RAYOVAC NiMH AA batteries removed from grid charger Tuesday September 3, 2013 measured 1.47 V.

Energizer lithium last for weeks, if not more than a month. And are probably the most economical.

Ordinary Harbor Freight NiMH AA are rated at only 1.2 V. These batteries only provide power for several photos on older Fuji A600.

Battery voltage appears to be super-important as to how many photos/videos can be taken.

And you thought we were engaged in frivolous unessential travel?

3-D bat silhouette Jason found fallen on return from Purgatory.

A bat so full of guano it lost its grip.

picked up after posting battery info.



Facebook friend since about August 23, 2012.

Ms Mazhari is a focal point in the Wednesday September 4, 2013 facebook complaint.



Gas-wasting frivolous travel disgusts us.

Monday Septermber 2, 2013

Back to abq.

Williams Lybrock natural gas plant apprarently closed.


Sandia Mountain.

Chili roasting, Farmer's Market, Eubank, September 2, 2013 Albuquerque, NM.

Hortoculturalist Jim Sais advises to wait until labor day before buying chili.

Reason is that chili farmers harvest too early.


Economical essential non-gas-wasting travel favored.

  Honda 2006 5 speed 4wd Cr-v.

Saturday August 31, 2013 New Mexico photos.

Close to Durango, CO.

Col. Francona knew details about NSA spy sting on Iran from Iraq connection.

Saturday August 31. 2013 CNN.

Fracona, J Orlin Grabbe NSA spy sting on Iran link.

CNN details possible hacker attacks. Right or wrong?
Formal college/university computer education is about usless in the real world of computers.

DO is the WAY.

College/University professors usually lack computer work experience. Book learners.

is one of bill's  about 1971 phd students in computer science at Washington State University. :)

Salmon fishing trip between 9-14, 2013 with another of bill's computer science phd students.

Listen-up EnergyPulse.

LaborDay mix 2013.

North from the Idarado.

Treasury Tunnel on Red Mountain Pass.

Idarado Mine Cleanup, Two Decades Later.

Lenovo G560 dual core P6100 which ran Windows 7 now runs Windows XP.

Apple iPad mini with Logitech keyboard augments Lenovo G580 quad core i3 [2 Usb 3.0 one 2.0] upgraded from Windows 8 to XP.

WW2 technology.

2013 technology.

Propane fueled aux electricty generator?

One gallon of propane has 91,502 BTUs.

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