Tracfone LG 840G
Voice Recorder maximum record length

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Sunday July 14, 2013 14:57
Sunday July 14, 2013 15:49

Tracfone LG 840G voice recorder apparenly has a maximum length for a recording session. Let's experiment.

What is measured on this cell phone may be different than what is measured on another phone.

Memory size may be a factor too?

Sunday July 14, 2013 15:49


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Blue progress line. 4:58 minutes:seconds.

9:09 is apparent max recording length.

Video 1: Canon PowerShot SX 160 IS.

Near end. 

Video 2.

850G stopped recording and saved recording in amr file. 

Need to be converted to mp3 file.

View by Settings > Phone > MomoryUsed Space > Memory Card.

Blutooth desktop icon on Lenovo clicked.


Click View devices with range.

Download voice message.

Video: 840G blinking and beeping.

Voice message sent to Wavepad on Toshiba A105 via internet.

Single amr file converted to three mp3 to eliminate no voice content.

Segment 1. Whoops! Voice recorder, not video recorder.

Segment 2.

Segment 3. 9:09 clear after viewing video 2.

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