Beginning J2ME
LG SDK 1.5 and Oracle/Sun J2ME 2.5.2_01 wireless toolkit

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Saturday August 10, 2013 08:19
Monday August 12, 2013 15:22

Downloads for Beginning J2ME on desktop and Levnov N500 and G560 along with Oracle J2ME SDK.

J2ME wirless toolkit did not perform as specified in Beginning J2ME. Mistake. 3.3 downloaded. Corrected Sunday August 11, 2013 06:30.

Beware if it contains a microcontoller.

Microcontrollers can detect end of warranty period, then fail.

LG SDK 1.5 switch. Ch 2 jargoneer example successful build!!!

Using LG SDK 1.5 makes more sense than using J2ME wirless toolkit since our target is the Tracfone LG 840G.

Embedded Controller Forth for the 8051 Family author simply loves the below diagram.

Jerry Boutelle [RIP] and bill ported 8085 fig forth to the 8051 using the Nautilis 2 metacompiler.

VM and HAL layers had to be ported.

Bill wrote the syntax-checking 8051 assembler, ENCLOSE, -FIND, and U/ ... and the interrupt handlers too, of course.
Jerry refused to take the contract if he had to write these routines.
And other parts too - like the disassembler.

What Li and Knudsen write is fairly-well understood as a result of X86, 8085, and 8051 forth experience.

Forth86 rides on top of Microsoft DOS. Metacompilable X86 source code is included in 8051 forth book.

LG 840G contains MIDP 2.1

Begining J2ME source code download link.

Downloaded unzipped file src put code in /temp.

Source code then moved to beginingj2m3

beginningj2m3? Typo.

jargoneer in in scr\ch2.

Click on jargoneer invokes Notepad editor with jargoneer source code.

Click on Build.

results in

What to do next? Google 'lg developer'.

Click on SDK & Tools.

Click on Java ME.

Step[s] following Build requires study and thought.

Monday August 12, 2013 09:37


lib and res are empty.


com.sun.kvem.midletsuite.InvalidJadException: Reason = 36

"You can simply click the Build button ..." Did.

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