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Tracfone LG 840G tutorial 2
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WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software Windows software included on CD with Best Buy rocketfish micro bluetooth adapter tutorial shows how to install and use software with a Tracfone LG 840G cell phone for picture, audio and video dowloads. Photos, audio, video and text are used in the tutorial. LG 840G cell phone internal photo, audio, and video file names are displayed in application windows. Selected files or all files can then be copied or moved to a PC disk file. Tutorial introduction video.

1 Purchase

2 Read instructions.


For Lenovo G560.

3 Insert BT dongle..

Belkin powered USB 2.0 hub.

After bluetooth dongle plugged in

Device Manager access methods:

1 Click on Start
   Right click on My Computer
   Click on Properties
   Click on Hardware
   Click on Device Manager

2 Click on Start
   Click on Control Panel
   Click on Performance and Maintence
   Click on Hardware
   Click on Device Manager

Expand Bluetooth Devices

5 Begin installation.
Tutorial work space.

Lenovo G560.
Tracfone LG 84G.
Rocketfish bluetooth cd.
Sony mp3 recorded.
Gearhead USB keyboard.
Belkin USB 2.0 7 port hub.
Wireless mouse.
Canon PowerShot SX 160 IS digitral camera.

Audio 0a.
Audio 0b.

[silent portions removed]

CD loads slowly. Initial screen.


Audio 1a.

Audio 1c.

Audio 2a.

Uninstall Lenovo Bluetooth software.

Installation of Lenovo G580 went flawlessly.

Fry's bluetooth dongle PC software previous destroyed G560 Wi-Fi drivers. That's why initial installation was on G580.

Audio 3a.

After uninstall

appears after installation guide pane.

Audio 4a.

Audio 5a.

WIDCOMM icon appears.

Koyote icon is included because conversion from phone 3pg to wmv required.

Do it.

WIDCOMM leaves

unchecks print and dial-up.

First time software is run

Can't explain why LG 40G appears.

Set LG 840G bluetooth on VISIBLE for pairing with G560.

LG 840G successfully paird with WIDCOMM bluetooth PC software.

On the phone side

tap "Yes".

Installation complete.

3 Cell phone - C communications.

Audio 6a.

Double clicking LG 840G

icon produced red check.

Audio 7a.

LG 840G icon not double clicked which caused.

Double clicking on Pictures caused

These are file names of pictures stored on the LG 840G. Not the pictures themselves. Like doing a dir.

Mouse pointer placed on first file name with 'Shift' key depressed, then mouse pointer click on last file name
causes all files to be selected.

Open a second Windows Explorer pane and create a file where the pictures are to be transferred tom the phone to the computer.

Reason for this is that the 'Make a new folder' did not appear to work properly.

Select option for Move or Copy. Copy selected here.

Ok clicked on, then photos transfered from phone to disk file.

LG 840G beeps and screen illuminted briefly during transfer.

File Transfer video 1. LG 840G caught in the act! :)

File Transfer video 2.

LG 840G video transfer example.

'Shift' key used to help select all files.

Click on Ok.

Video files copied from LG 840G to PC disk.

Process repeated to move audio files from LG 840G to PC.

Deletion LG 840G audio file example.

Select All caused red checks.

Ernest Hemingway's Key West FL home tour guide comments recorded on Sunday July 7, 2013.

Didn't want to lose these files. File download to G580 and G560.

Conversion from amr to .mp3 required.

Wavepad, master's edition use.

Guide describes Heminway's writing audio.

Moving files from PC to LG 640G video. Added Friday July 19, 2013.

Revision History
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 0  ? Document release  william h payne


1 Embeddded Controller Forth for the 8051 Family.

2 Boeing 767 software standards documentation compliant.3



6 AMAZON Rocketfish Micro Bluetooth Adapter.

Existing Bluetooth sofware caused WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software to abort installation.

Uninstalling Lenovo Bluetooth 

ROMed Java?

Friday July 19, 2013 12:56 

Creating a JAR File.

Development kit download to Lenovo G560. and 580.


Connected Limited Device Configuration.

Mobile Information Device Profile.

Persian facebook friend.

RTECC conference in Albuquerque.

Patty bought from Amazon on Friday July 19, 2013.

Number 1. The Java operating system!

Lenovo N 500 replaced with Lenovo G580 quad core i3 after Windows 8 upgrade to XP.

HooToo 4 port USB 3.0 hub seen below large monitor. Two .5GB USB 3.0 drives. Rocketfish BT plugged into remaining USB 3.0 port. Wireless mouse, keyboard, and .5 GB plugged into Belkin USB 2.0 7 port hub.

Patty's PC computing syste.

Mini iPAD and Amazon Kindle are Patty's.

G580 consumes less than half the power of our G560 ... and runs about twice as fast.

Santa F professional container flower arranger taught seminar at Hight Country, now Jerhico Nursery, on how place plants in a container.

There is a

1 background must be the highest.
2 foreground drooping over front to container.
3 middle: above front but below back.


instructer lectured.

Don't make arrangement too 'busy'.

Video of grass background in the wind.

LG 840G rainstorm video taken Friday July 19, 2013.

Reason for placement is that flower photos and videos are in the same file on the Canon PowerShot SX 150IS.

Friday July 12, 2013 10:31

Video camera requirement in cell phone prompted upgrade from Tracfone LG 820G to Tracfone LG 850G while maintaining low cost - about $10/month as well as phone.

Improvments on G820G include.

1 Bigger letters for contacts. Larger phone.
2 QWERTY texting keyboard
3 Video camera.
4 thinner.
5 Triple minutes.

Phone did not activate which required call to Tracfone which immedicated solved problem.

LG 820G phon number transferred to LG 840G.

Contacts sent from LG 820G too LG 840G over Bluetooth.

Evaluation so successful that

ordered for wife.

Two days shipping for both.

QWERTY texting with sister-in-law on Florida July 1-10, 2013 trip proved valuable.

Digital camera used for tutorial jpgs and movs.

AA battery power requirement.

Battery charging is a hassle.

Good reviews on Amazon.

Canon PowerShot SX 160 IS is energy efficient compared to Fuji FinePix A600.

MOVs converted to wmvs with Koyote Free Video Converter.

Photos downloaded to Windows XP destop using Bluetooth dongle purchased from Fry's in Austin minimally successful. Lots of transfer failures. Multiple photo transfers frequently failed.

Here is Windows XP interface.

Lenovo G560 [dual core P6100] and G580 laptops brought to Florida.
Fry's dongle installation on G560 attempted resulted in Wi-Fi drivers deleted.
Office Depot employees Joe Crowder and José Dias reinstalled drivers with much work. Free.
Windows 7 G560 purchased from Office Deport under condition that Windows XP would run on it.
Bluetooth hardware not feature on either G560 or G580.
Download capability from LG 840G to Lenovo laptop caused visit to Best Buy in Bradenton, FL to purchase

Expectation was that software would be about the same as Fry's Bluetooth dongle software.
Wrong! Tutorial reason.


Copper Matrix: A Push for Cheaper Solar Cells

A Historic Day for Solar Energy in Georgia

LG 840G is much more power efficient than the th 820G.

Other tutorials

1 Windows 8 Lenovo G580 quad Core i3 laptop to XP    tutorial with hard disk replacement

Mistatement. Should be Lenovo/IBM.

IBM sets specifications for Lenovo, we've been told.

IBM does software support for Lenovo, we learned from personal experience with Lenovo dual core N500 laptop question.

2 Tracfone LG 840G Voice Recorder maximum record length Sunday July 14, 2013.

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