T4 Landscape

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Friday September 16, 2011 13:30
Monday December 17, 2012 09:58

Project formally complete on Thursday December 13, 2012.

Shane Black hired on Friday September 16, 2011 for yard work and two or three flagstone projects on hourly basis.

10:30 Thursday September 22, 2011 project start.

Landscaping in Glenwoods Hills North despite falling home prices of about $158,000 from 2007 to 2010.

1970's Better Homes and Garden energy efficient home plan. Second we had built


Shane gets something done. That's why he is paid more than agreed $12.50/hr.

Roof maintenance is CURRENTLY not going as well. It may have gotten lots worse.

WEednesday May 29, 2012

Shane and Burly preparing for weed barrier laying.

Burly reported he has a BS in economics from UNM. . Rough job maket.

Burly [aka Robert Duncan Cain, 2012 republican candidate for Disttick 17] reported he has a BS in economics from UNM.

Bill commnted to Burly that if he googled 'ryan crocker j orlin grabbe' then he may not wish to return.

YouTube posts not viewed.

Burly responded, 'If not, then it has been nice knowing you.'

Burly [aka Robert Duncan Cain, 2012 republican candidate for Disttick 17] reported he has a BS in economics from UNM. . Rough job maket.

Plants of the Southwest used pecan shells as ground cover but has switched to tree mulch.

Tree mulch much nicer to walk on. Pecan shells crunch.

Pete's told us city sells tree mulch. So bill phoned 311. Sandra told bill tree mulch cost $7.50/yd3 at

montessa park convenience center
3512 Los Piscaros
Hours 8-5.

Bill hauled all and cut most latillas. Shane and Burly installed.

16 foot wires runs from 1.2 W solar panel to Pacific Hydrostar-powered water feature.

Home solar generation of electricity project rejected in favor of landscaping.

Gran Quivira essential non-gas-wasting educational field trip Saturday May 26, 2012

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Directv dish not visible. And Austrian pines planted by good neigbors Geroge and Sherry Hosier are visible. Pines about 6-8 feet tall when planted.

Flagstone set by bill in 1981 used for ballast.

Flat roof solar panel bid from CST included about 800 pounds of ballast on roof. Another reason for landscaping and not solar generation of electricity.

Monday May 21, 2012 T4 landscaper finishes last wall.

Then we erect 4 and 2 foot latilla panels.

Landscaper was responsible for suggesting and placing solar lights seen evening of Sunday May 20, 2012.

All solar lights are working! 

Calculations to fill raised garden.


Two yards of mulch didn't weight much
Two yards of fill dirt weighed two tons. Trailer designed for max load of 2070 pounds.

Shane stopped at Valero station to bring tires up to 50 psi.

Manuel loads mulch.

Shane spreads mulch in raised garden.

Little trailer loaded with 1.000 pounds of 6 inch snap rock by Frank and bill.

Little trailer tires filled to 60 psi which is essential for 8 inch tires we were told by Los Lunas trailer person.

Trailer loaded to about twice its maximum capacity is not good.

But we were lucky nothing bad happened.

Good luck is an essential part of any project.

Thursday April 26, 2012 high winds distributed junk in rear solar water display. Wind also destroyed the Hanson's canvas deck shade.

So solar pump was disassembled and cleaned.

Turning the four blade impeller revealed permant magnetics part of electric motor.

PNM, NMGCO, Quest, and Comcast have no sense of atheistics.

1,000 pounds of 6 inch snap rock will be used for wall to help conceal meters and boxes.

Solar water pump panel facing west in late afternoon.

Shane paid 7 $20s for wednesday work.
Shane paid 9 $20s for Monday work.

     Receipt for third load missing

Loading pecan shells at Pete's

Distributing pecan shells.

Shane paid 8 $20s.

Shane paid 10 $20s since we used his truck and trailer. 

Just Sprinkers seminar on How to Install a Sprinkler System Saturday April 14, 2012

Sunday April 17, 2012 above lecturer showed me rental home he landscaped

which is about 50 feet from Just Sprinkler store.

Stone structure to right of car is mail box enclosure.

Cobblestones wrecked hinges on trailer. Here's the fix.


1/8" x 1" steel strap used for reinforcement. Blue RTV used too.

Small trailer wiring not dressed. Bit mistake. Honda CR-V trailer harness failed. $105 to find problem. $60 for official wring harness from H and A.

Cracks in wires repaired with RTV, the wires dressed with black plastic tape.

Two wall completed.

Yuesday April 17, 2012 Shane worked on third wall.

Rock splitting skills are improving. Reason we left longest wall for last.


1,000 pounds wanted but above was all that was available.

2,570 pounds need to complete project.


Splitting rock skills getting good for bill.

Shane paid 8 $20s.

Tuesday April 10, 2012 Stairs complete and three barrels temporarly placed.


Shane paid 8 $20s.

One Step Gardens solar lights caused investigation of how they work. 

Now let's see if we can compute their efficiency.

That's a calibrated solar panel.

Comcast contractors laid a conduit, inserted cable and removed broken cable cut by rototiller on Tuesday April 10, 2012.

Red paint on ground marks where PNM contractor identified location of buried power lines the previous day.

Maintenance is an issue which must be considered, perhaps even with solar generation of electricity systems?

Phone conversation with realtor Judson McCollum about landscaping and home values.

Wednesday April 4, 2012 finished west part of bank.

Stairs started.

Each of these receipts accounts for about 1,000 pounds of cobblestones.

West bank complete.

One Step Garden solar lights [battery powered, extenguished during day while charging battery] installed on berm. One in front of barrel is realtively easy to spot in photo.

Thursday morning two were seen at about the same intensity since they had all day on Wednesday to charge.

Potential problems leveling steps on rebar stakes caused Shane to install rising steping stones instead.

Esthetics is his sprimary instruction so the 'stair' stones are not laid-out in a straight line.

And we're investing landscaping in our home?
We're hope this beats 0% interest investment.

When home was built in 1981 interest rates were about 16% or more. We refinanced lots as interest rates fell.

Shane paid 8 $20s.

$80 is required to fill up Shane's truck, he commented.

Monday April 2, 2012 Shane moved cobblestones.

About a ton of them.


Shane planted juniper to replace dead one and placed 10 solar lights.

Solar lights were suggested by Shane. When we bought them we examined how they worked.

This is lead to some significant investigation of practical solar solar generation of electricity work.

Tuesday morning it snowed.

But before light two of the solar lights were seen.

The bright LED on the right may have been the light with the battery charged with our charger?

New solar homes on Santa Ana resevation visited before Shane arrived because


was seen. Luz electric did not return our call about solar panel output.

Luz employee showed bill

SMA SunnyBoy 2000W High Frequency Grid Connected Inverter

2 kW panel employee said. Employee mentioned the Bluetooth connectivity.

Employee also said that the power not used by the home was returned to the grid. This may be wrong if this a totally grid-tied system.

Shane paid 6 $20s.

Zero interest rates was one factor in our decision to do landscape project.

Energy cost was another reason.
The price of an average gallon of regular gas surpassed the $3.90 mark Wednesday, moving to within a dime of the $4 threshold. ...

Gas prices have been rising on the back of soaring oil prices, which shot up in early 2012 amid fears that tensions with Iran could lead to an all-out war that causes a disruption in oil supplies.

Back yard enjoyment may replace essential non-gas-wasting field trips?
Bill Gross says it's time for investors to plan a "Great Escape"

Basically, Gross' thesis is that the market, and investors, will be trapped in a low-return world for the next few years.

Bill Gross Explains How To Make Money In A 'Delevering World'

In summary, what has the potential to deliver the most return with the least amount of risk and highest information ratios? Logically, (1) Real as opposed to financial assets – commodities, land, buildings, machines, and knowledge inherent in an educated labor force.

Two loads, 1 ton, of cobblestones distributed by Shane in two hours.

About 3.2 loads remaining, Shane estimates.

Snap rock for northwest border.

Barrel placement selected by langscaper Shane.

Rear patio barrel placment selected by bill.

Toshiba A105 to left and L505 to right. L505 used to verify that embedded controller forth for the 8051 family work on Windows 7. It did, then was converted to XP which is useful.

Possibility of bird s... in the keyboard make computing outside doubtful. 

Unseasonably warm. Global warming?

Monday March 26, 2012


Total of 6 Jack Daniel's barrels purchased.

Bill rolls barrels.

Note Shane's new haircut.

3,000 pounds of cobblestones placed by Shane.


Shane paid 8 $20s.

Less than about 2-3% of the red flagstones have cracked. Replacement is relatively easy since they are set in crusher fines.


appears to have delaminated.

Water penetrating stone, then freezing may be responsible?

Santa Rosa lake essential non-gas-wasting fishing trip Friday March 23. 2012. .

17, 000 pound of rock were distributed by Shane.

Shane paid 8 $20s.

Thursday March 22, 2012

6 yards of pea gravel required, bill computer.

List to JRP sales lady computations. Hey, JPR is in businesss of selling rock!

Initials required before driver would back over driveway.

Cee Pfeiffer phone conversation Saturday March 17, 2012.

Reason we phoned.


Second measurement for pea gravel. 22 x 37 feet.

22 * 12 * 37 * 12 * 2.5 =293,040 cu in

363 = 46,656 cu in/ cu yd.

293,040/46,656 = 6.28 cu yd @ 2,000 pounds/yd3.

High-efficiency furnace replacement conversation [last part] with Matt and Jason on Wednesday March 22, 2012. Natural gas is now $2.36 mm BTU.

Field trip to office of HVAC company to talk about energy efficient furnaces on Monday March 21, 2012.

310 Solar phoned to ask about solar panel angle on MCT building in Bernalillo on Wednesday March 21, 2012.

Call returned. Note that bill did not give his last name but caller knew it.

Rebar tops rounded so that 7/16 washer will fit. Two center bars have washers fixed with RTV.

Rubber pads are seen above two center pins. These will be fixed with RTV to the washers and allowed harden. Then RTV applied to the rubber pads and stairs placed.

Monday March 19, 2012



Second load of cobblestones was distributed toward rear of trailer so when Shane disconnected trailer from CR-V trailer tilted backward. Shane was off the ground trying to get trailer on dolly.

Cobblestone retaining lip complete

Joe specifies stair rock widths and lengths.

Shane paid 8 $20. Shane visted Canyon stone to select 12 stair rocks.

1/2 rebar, 24 inch on downhill side and 18 on uphill side, topped with 7/16 washers held in place by RTV.

Washers have hard rubber pad glued to them with RTV. RTV applied to top of rubber pad to hold stair in place.

Round pea gravel measurements.

36 * 12 * 21 * 12 * 2.5 = 432 * 252 * 2.5 = 272,160 cu in.
1 cu yd = 36 * 36 * 36 = 46,656 cu in
272,160/46,656 = 5.83 cu yd or about 12 tons.

Friday March 16, 2012

Shane setting on the big boulders.

Boulder to right of Shane is half burried, he reported.

Keraset for plugging hole in planter so weeds don't grow through. Lining walls with weed barrier is also planned.

650 pounds of snap rock purchased from canyon stone.

Frank loaded stone on to palette, weighed, then loaded them into 1,000 pound max Chinese-built trailer [about $189 at Harbor Freight].

Canyon paid $140. Offer for change declined.

Trailer backed through gate so that wheels are on hard decomposed granite.

Dolly used to move trailer to job site.

Changzhou Nanxiashu Tool Co.

More people in China understand and speak English than there are people in the US, we have read.

Trailer purchased after we sold our Ford 1972 3/4 ton 4x4 to haul small items such as chipper/shreader, new washing machine, old washing machine for disposal.

Harbor Freight boat trailer purchased. Both trailers work very well.

Shane paid 10 $20s.

Thursday March 15, 2012

Patty gave Shane $20 for materials. 

Joe and 8 boulders.

Two $100s and five $20 given to Joe in bank envelope.

Field trip to Pete's to view 2-4" Sana Ana tan stones.

Mike pointed out that some are larger than 4".

Mike phoned after googling 'T4 Landscaping'. He agreed that above stones are right for application and that the small trailer is the correct solution.

Pete's will deliver up to 16 yards for $45. Problem is that when they dump the stones, then they have to be picked up and moved to the construction site.

Small trailer, which can handle up to 1,000 pounds, solves problem. We probably couldn't manage a trailer which contained much over 1,000 pounds.

Disadvantage is that many trips have to be made at about $3.50/gallon.

Shane paid 8 $20s.

Wednesday March 14, 2012 weed barrier installed.


Shane photo on Thursday March 15, 2012.

Shane paid 8 $20s.

Tuesday March `13, 2012 planter is nearly finished.

Note 6 inch thin rock purchased on the 12th.

Two barrels drilled with three 3/8 and two with 1/2 inch drainage holes. Which will work better?

Shane paid 8 $20s.

Monday March 12, 2012 Shane and his nephew did

Few number of stones remaining is making selection of 'fits' difficult so bill and Frank and Canyon Stone selected some thin stones.


More Keraset required.

Shane paid 7 $20s and nephew 1 $20.

Sunday March 11, 2012.


Bill is retiree of Washington State University and Sandia Labs. And social security too!

Alameda Greenhouse field trip.

Energy-efficient Webver Q 120 purchased through Amazon to replace propane-guzzling Charbroil

Ordered on Tuesday March 6, and arrived Thursday March. No sales tax and free shipping.

Barbecue tested to see if it will smoke alder chips for $150 salmon caught off Sekiu, WA last summer.

Friday March 9, 2012 West planter wall at maximum height.

West wall went faster Shane reported. And this is his first anasazi stone work. Bitterly cold at 41oF.

Visual illusion of south wall sagging is where it curves to the north. 

Shane paid 7 $20s.

Herzog employees welding track on Rail Runner line near Sandia lakes

Herzog is making good money with the Rail Runner.

Wednesday March 7, 2012

Rebar and mason twine purchased to get planter level.

Height at SE corner is 18.5 inches which was recommened by Christine.

Speed at which stone work progresses disappoints Shane.

Shane paid 7 $20s.


Charbroil cut up with reciprocating saw and placed in trash.

Reason Charbroil quit was gas cylinder is empty.

Tuesday March 6, 2012


Weight of material in planter caused Shane to put 12 inch nails behind rear first layer of snap rock.

1/2 bag of motar mixed with half gallon of water. Mixed for five minutes, let stand for 5 minutes, then mix for two minutes. Bill operated stop watch.

Wind cause tile mortar to dry out.

Monday March 5, 2012

Idea for landscaping bank seen behind Shane obtained from Sandia Pueblo.

2-4 inch Santa Ana rocks cost $50/cuyd and weight slightly over on ton. Pete's will deliver up to 16 yards for $45.

Shane paid 10 $20s for unloading 3,700 pounds of snap rock on Friday and work on Monday.

Charbroil stopped work. Reason.

Friday March 2, 2012 Joe and Shane unload

Bit of mortar to be used between stones.


Solar water pumping investigated on Saturday March 3, 2012.

Scroll to bottom of this page for audio about problems with solar powered water pumps.

$99 solar powered bird bath.

Evaporation in dry New Mexico might require a drip system to keep bath filled.

Thursday March1, 2012 Berm cover complete.

Flags outline raised 18.5 inch garden.

Outline is about 49 feet. Two feet of anasaziexperiment rock weighted 150 pounds.

Frank weighing thin stacker rock

Only 450 pounds of thin stacler so 3,250 pounds of thick ordered.

$ .20/pound.

Frank wrote Joe's phone number so that free delivery can be arranged.

Note Mr William H Payne '63. That is likely another William H Payne. At one time there were five William H Payne s listed in the Albuquerque phone book.

Shane paid 7 $20s.

Wednesday February 29, 2012 Comcast repairman abandons buried cable and place coax on ground.

Directv borrowed Comcast ground so repair installs new ground.

Shane studies his berm.

Compacting ground under planter wall important.


Herzog employee working on Rail Runner signal box answers question about tower recently erected on Sandia indian reservation. Internet!?
Herzog employee was working on a laptop apparently connected to train signaling system.

Herzog has been very busy with the Rail Runner which included replacing ties.

Berm cover.

Shane paid 8 $20s.

Monday February 27,2012

Cherry Hill library corner of Harper and Bartow, Albuquerque, NM.

Sixteen computers counted.

Smooth flow is important Shane emplasizes.

Rototiller air filter replaced.

Shane paid 7 $20.

Friday February 24, 2012 Comcast internet cable cut by


Conversation with Deborah at Comcast on repair.

Rototiller stopped working. Pad spark plug.

Frank at Canyon Stone gave bill rock cutting lesson.

Bill appears to master anasazi techniques

Shane paid 7 $20s.

Thursday February 23, 2012

24 x 18 inch stacker stone purchased.

to see how much it weights.

Here is it not quite Anasazi style yet.

Thin pieces are constructed from thick stones with hand sledge hammer and chisel, Joe explained.

Raised garden may be constructed with stacker stone rather than wood.


Christine on weed control.

Wednesday February 22, 2012 clean-up garden area, rototill, and arrange tree rocks.


Bought rototiller used in Pullman, WA for $99 in 1976.

Last of ten bought by Mel and Marv Knudsen who worked for the Grange Supply.

They thought they were going to make money renting them. They didn't.

Rotiller retrived from soggy field with tractor with front end loader.

Bill pushed 'tiller on side when it arrived in Pullman.

Water ran out carburator. Bill was sure the engine would have to be replaced.

Still running strong!

Shane commented that it sure moves dirt.

Shane paid 7 $20s.

Tuesday February 21, 2012 rabbit and skunk proofing gates


Shane paid 7 $20s.

Backside of Sandia casino wall not rock covered.

Monday February 20, 2012 Digging out Apache plume and chamisa roots.

Note snow and improvised irrigation system which was hurriedly installed in early June 2011 before vacation to Oregon and Washington coasts.

Salt cedar stump came out with several pushes and a lift.

Shane paid 6 $20s. Shane left early to help his sister move.

MCT government contractor in Bernalillo, NM solar planels appear not to be installed at optimum angle. Sixty degree is about the correct angle in Albuquerque.

Rail Runner solar planel photographed in afternoon to south of Algodones, NM

appears to be near the optimum angle.

But if the object is to sell solar panels, perform installation and maintenace, then production of electricity is unimportant.

Monday morning trip to Sandia Park photo of Jacobs wind turbine atop lattice tower.

Wind energy appears to be expensive. 80' Lattice $63,525?

Friday February 17, 2012

Shane paid 7 $20s.


Bill audio.

New Mexico's Natural Gas Resources

Thursday February 16, 2012 is overcast. Snow not melting quickly.

Study of how Anasazi descendants change height of wall.

Wednesday February 15, 2012

Shane reported that he was going to work here today.

Five inches of snow.

Back to level before Shane trimmed.

A glutton for punishment.

Shane paid 2 $20s. 

Tuesday February 14, 2012.

Grass pulling, then

Trees are in Ken and Julie's lot.

We talked on the street on Monday about trimming.

Ken reminded me that several years ago he cut the tops of the tree. Dangerous job on ladder.


Wall discussion focus on making one or more 'flow' with the sides of the junipers.

Shane paid 7 $20s.

other project: Attended PRC natural gas efficiency rate hearing in Santa Fe at the PRC on Monday February 13, 2012.

Friday February 10, 2012.

Bill Felsher of Affordable Solar part 1 conversation.

No activity section removed.

Bill Felsher of Affordable Solar part 2 conversation.

Northridge Electric conversation. 310 Solar.

Bill Felsher final conversation.

Pamps grass and some junipers removed.

Big hold between jumiper resulted from pampas grass and some dead junipers, Shane reported.

Trickle watering Texas mission almond tree in hope of saving it.

Small peach tree seen at center can produce huge and delicious peached some year.

Originally it was planted at the top of the bank. Soil, if it can be called that, is rock hard so peach tree did not do anything. Replant of peach tree to where you see was a success.

Palm yucca seen behind almond tree originally died. Then yuccaS you see emerged from the roots.

Original yucca toppled and most of it sawed apart except for trunk. Weight of trunch prevented easy removal.

Original trunk kicked today

Weighs less now ... maybe after about 10 years or more.

Shane paid 8 $20s. 

Friday February 10, 2012

PNM solar generation of electricty REC rates have declined from about $.12 to about $.06.

Listen to Joe telling about how long it took friend to recover solar panel costs. Conversation when Joe was demonstrating stakers.

Adorning roof with solar panel might not help sale price, we speculated.

Thursday February 9, 2012 Shane hauled our 'awkward' desert will carcass, did more juniper, chamesa, Apache plume removal while bill went to Home Depot
to buy

Nice view on Tramway of Sandias covered with new snow.

Shane pounded in

and drilled holes

for stump out.

Note home in background. Soon to be important.

Plumb tree holes.

Desert willow holes.

Neighbor above's irrigation system failed.

Lawn was a luxurious green

We didn't notice failure. Neighbor's water keep our trees on the bank watered.

Lack of water killed plum tree and maybe a Texas mission almond tree.

Shane explained that in about a month holes are to be filled with kerosene, then charcoal briquettes ignited smolder-way stumps.

Salt cedar [tamarisk] flourished many year ago until it got too big.

Bill removed it and drilled the stump.

filled the holes with charcoal lighter, lit charcoal, then went to study to work on Windows device driver writing.

Windows device driver writing demands total concentration.

Bill thought he heard rain.

Looked out and saw flames and smoke.

Pampas grass ignited.

Fire department arrived about time former neighbor Bill Stone and bill had extinguished flames.

Bill showed firemen directions on stump out.

Firemen were somewhat sympathetic to argument.

Note burn marks still on palm yucca.

Shane said that we better wet-down area surrounding stumps if we decide to smolder-them out.

Shane paid 6 $20s.

Wednesday February 8, 2012

Joe demonstrates 'stacker' stones.

Shane did not like 'awkward' desert willow.

Bill does not like desert willows. It's history. :-)

Ready to depart to Eagle Rock convience center.

Tape is 25 feet long, so we need stone sufficient for about 35 foot wall of about maximum of 2 feet high to ground.

Hello Joe and Frank.

We want to try to constuct an Anasazi wall which will have some curves but will be level on top with rock sizes the same as lobby of the Sandia Casino. Buffalo head is not planned for wall.

Stacker flat stones will be at the top of the wall? But flat in any case.

Maybe we should have wall thicker than the stackers Joe showed bill?

Maybe we should figure 35 feet long and on average 1-1/2 feet high?

Shane and bill solicit your comments.


Shane paid 8 $20s.

Tuesday February 7, 2012 snow on ground in early morning.

Neighbor to  noth had wasteful autmatic irrigation system so we didn't have to water thees on bank.

Irrigation system broke. It was fixed once, the broke permanently. Plum tree died. Shane removed with 6.5 amp reciprocating saw.

Lesson learned is that when an irrigation system breaks it might be best to replace the entire system rather than try to patch it.

Albuqueque's water main system is failing badly. Ms Leslie Trilling speculates that replacement cost may bankrupt city.

Shane paid & $20s.

Monday February we travelling north of I-25 to Bernalillo, NM. Workers seen on roof of MCT building.

Discovery is that system is 80 kW with central inveter: listen. No call from Luz Energy yet.

Thursday February 2, 2012 houses on Santa Ana reservation visted to ask about how many kW solar panels on roof produced.

Friendly dry wall worker said he didn't know but gave bill

who will know.

Conversation with Sacred Power.

Luz Energy.

Message for Luz Energy: Arina at Luz 877-3304.

Wednesday February 1, 2012

Problem with trimming junipers is illustrated by

Limbs are unsightly.

Juniper you see was trimmed by bill when he removed the junipers to the est of the driveway some years ago. And looked far worse for years.

Tentative plan is to trim the junipers on the bank in the back to the point where the slope steepens, the build a Anasazi-like wall to hide limbs.

Bank was bare in 1981. When it frequently rained during the monsoon season in the summer gullies were formed on the slope and we had to carry fill them in with washed out soil. Junipers solved the problem but expanded beyond their intended boundary.

Rain is less frequent in 2011 than it was in 1981. But isn't this what happened to the Anasazi and why they migrated to pueblos?

Essential non-gas-wasting energy recon trip up I-25 revealed

just to the south of NM 500 in Bernalillo.

Close up

Panel angle is suspiciously not optimum. But if the object is only to sell, install, and maintain solar panel generation of electricity system, then angle is unimportant.

This is

Note Anasazi-style stone work which we are studying.

MCT Corporation Bernalillo appears to be involved in government contracting so it may be mandatory to comply with Obama administration altenergy initiatives?

Cougar in Bernalillo?
Commentariies read from googling 'cougar military vehicle' suggest that the military commited a mistake using the 'HumVee' in IED territory and are now correcting this.
Some 4,000 of these vehicles will have been fielded under the US military's MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) and other vehicle programs.[8] US Defense secretary Robert Gates demanded that the vehicles be ordered in larger numbers after the Marines reported in 2004 that no troops had died in more than 300 IED attacks on Cougars. [Wikipedia]

Deseret willows placement was designed by landscape artist hired by Patty many years ago

Landscape artist wanted $8,000 to implement plans. So we did it ourselves.

Desert willows are obnoxious because they grow fast, limbs break easily, and blooms little ground in the late summer.

Watching Shane dismember them was fun.

Desert willow limbs about to depart to the Eagle Rock Convenience Center.

Shane paid 7 $20s.

Tuesday January 31, 2012 Sandia casino visited to try to determine who the stone contractor is.

Stone work in lobby

Electronics industry friend told bill that this casino let a contract to have all of the slot machines connected to a computer. Watch out!

Canyon Stone assembled lots of stone presumably for spring yard projects


View to the west.

Cracks is some of the laid stone

may be caused by too thin stone, Frank said.

Bottom two cracks stone was not walked on. So what caused the cracks?

Easy to repair because stone is laid in crusher fines.

Silver duct tape applied by Patty for identification of stone she wants repaired.

Tuesday January 30, 2012

Sandia Pueblo stone work.
Where did the stone artisans learn how to do this? It's in their genes, we speculate.
Frank and bill were discussing rock options on Monday January 30, 2012 at Canyon Stone and the stone work done at the Sandia Pueblo.

Frank opined that the rock work talent 'was in their blood.'

Frank commented that Joe told him about this page. He wanted to look at it.

Bill responded 'Google t4 landscaping'.

Pueblo indians are the descendants of those who built Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, ... we've been told.

'Character rock' aka caveman landscaping is rejected in favor of what you see below. Canyon Stone won't deliver character stones free as it does for flagstone.

Local talent is available for a reasonable price/hr?

Stones fastened with mortar.

Idea for wall to hide juniper boughs?

Stones seen stacked for I-25 Tramway/Roy road stone work project before


Bill thought this was going to take months to complete.

Fifty to 100 indians took about a day to construct! Both sides of the road!!

I-25 Tramway/Roy road underpass is on the Sandia Pueblo.

Attended for about 30 minutes.

Arid Crop Seed Cache.

Jardin del Alma.

Speaker had nothing good to say about Genetically Engineered seeds.


Thursday January 26, 2011 work.

china-made 1-1/8" reciprocating saw

draws 6.5 amps or about 120 x 6.5 = 780 watts.

How many solar panels required to power this saw? What would be the cost?

Saw used very hard feeling trees, chamisa, apache plume, cut apart dog run, steel sawing, ...

New pruning blades brought through Amazon.

Old blade seen below used by Shane on Wednesday to remove stump in neighbors yard.

Blade replaced by Shane today for pruning red and golden delicious apple trees.

Pruning seal application.

Fred Fair has large apple orchards on the Bear Paw outside of Regina, NM.

Fred told bill than apple trees only live about about 25 years. These two apple trees have been here 3l years.

Shane paid 7 $20s.

And we're investing in a landscaping project?
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Fewer Americans bought new homes in December. The decline made 2011 the worst year for new-home sales on records dating back nearly half a century.
Fed to Keep a Lid on Rates Through 2014

Interest rate conversation with SmithBarney/MorganStanley employee Randall on Monday January 23, 2012.

Retirement in America Is ‘Endangered’ Friday January 27, 2012

Neighbor Roger is a builder. We have not talked in several years. Wednesday January 25, 2012 bill asked Roger what the recession/depression was doing to his business.

Roger told bill that it has been so bad that he is not renewing his contractor licenses.

Builder of our home, Tom Duncan, went out of business, we were told by Bobbie. Tom Duncan got a divorce, Duncan's wife told Patty. 

Joe of Canyon Stone showed me 'character rocks' on Wednesday afternoon January 25, 2012 

Each costs about $100 and weights between 3-400 pounds.

Reason we are looking at the rocks is that back bank juniper trimming is on the agenda.

Note yucca at upper left. Orginal yucca died.

One voluteer appeared and a second is now growing.

Character rocks may be laid at the base of the trimmed junipers.

Tuesday January 24, 2012. Yuk.

Stepping stones to cooler and irrigation system.

Wheeled garden seat used to repair cooler and irrigation system should not roll easier.

Burning bush trimmed with industrial gas-powered trimmer purchased at pawn shop for $200.

Industrial trimmer cost over $400 new, Shane reported.
Roof leak spotted by Patty in same place as a results of this snow.

View east toward Sandia mountain.

Locate mailbox in center of photo, then focus on curb to the right.

Junipers planted there penetrated the sewer system.

Backhoe was required to dig them out to repair sewer line.

Copper sulfate[?] was placed on remaining roots. Big dollars to fix. We were lucky ... at least so far with our two giant junipers.

Locate pyacantha [sp? - they have nasty spines] bushes on left of photo. Shane said he will be working just to the east tomorrow for neighbor Jerry.

Trailer again full.

Off to Eagle Rock convenience center.

Shane reported his feet were wet so he departed.

Shane paid 5 $20s.

I-25 and NM 550 road-side vendors

Yuccas cost between $1-200 vendor reported.

Yucca at far right on trailer costs $200 planted.

Essential non-gas-wasting yucca and energy field trip Wednesday Januaary 25, 2011

Sacred Solar new home construction on Santa Ana pueblo

Windmill and wind turbine repair work is dangerous so is

What is the purpose of the tower located on the Sandia pueblo?

Rails seen service the New Mexico Railrunner which runs between Belen and Santa Fe, NM.

Herzog Contracting Corportation maintains the rails and appears to be extremely busy making monry while the state of New Mexico is losing money on the Railrunner.
Halt Rail Robber in Its Pricey Tracks

By Mark Mathis
Media Consultant and Film Producer

We've been railroaded!

The New Mexico Rail Runner may be the biggest boondoggle ever dumped on the taxpayers of this state. It's an ill-conceived, unnecessary "mass transit" system that serves a tiny fraction of the state's population for an obscenely high price. We can — and must — stop this train in its tracks. ...

The diesel-fueled rail service (no, it's not powered by windmills) came in a little over budget — nearly four times what Richardson promised! Some legislators believe it actually cost more than the official number, $475 million.

Then there's the annual expense of running the train. In 2009 fares generated only $1.9 million out of a $21 million operating budget. That's right, the fares collected from riders covered only 9 percent of the total cost, making the Rail Runner one of the most heavily taxpayer subsidized rail lines in the world. ...

Albuquerque Journal, Monday, April 19, 2010

Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum.

Mark Mathis

Thursday January 19, 2012 piñon trimming, good juniper trimming [as opposed to bad juniper removal], and stepping stones to water faucet.

Temperature is 64o F.

Below taken Thursday January 19, 2012 with LG420G $14.88 Tracfone purchased from Walmart.

Photo was downloaded over bluetooth to a Toshiba L505d LS5007 laptop as one of a batch of jpg files using an Asus bluetooth dongle purchased at Fry's in Austin for about $10, after $5 rebate which bill did not file in time.

Only two nasty-type junipers over-ran the west part of the front yard, Shane reported.

Drip system installed by Patty and son in about 1982 located by Shane.

Plants of the Southwest will be consulted for their opinion on what should be planted here.

Railroad ties installated by bill in 1981. Bill does not claim expertise in landscaping.

Neighbor Jerry to the east wants Shane to do some work.

Shane reported he studied landscaping in Texas while working.

Bill's observation is that Shane has learned work skills that may not be apparent to many.

Shane is into the Austrian school of economics.

Flagstone watered-down again by Shane. Crusher fines [not 'fine' according to Pete's] has to 'set-up.'

Mortar is to be mixed with crusher fine where water drips off roof and current washes out crusher fines to see if this fixes the problem.

Shane is receiving compliments for his work on this yard.

Shane paid 7 $20s.

Plight of present and future American retirees discussed this afternoon. They may wise-up to what Bernanke and Geithner did to them? And not be too happy about this.
There is a rumor — which we started ourselves — that Captain Francesco Schettino of the Costa Concordia has been invited to join the Federal Reserve.
Obviously, in view of the recently released minutes of its meetings in 2006, the Italian ship’s captain and the Fed are meant for each other. Both are prone to error, cowardice and confusion. ...

Ben Bernanke in 2006, just as the housing and finance bubble was reaching its zenith:
“I think it would take a very strong decline in the housing market to substantially derail the strong momentum for growth that we are currently seeing in the economy.”

Bill Bonner
The Daily Reckoning
Thursday January 19, 2012

Bernanke and Geithner are, in no small way, responsible for this landscaping project because of low CD interest rates.

Both appear to have taken Mickey Mouse liberal arts courses in college and were brainwashed, not educated. Memorize, speculate, emote, then interpret ... in the form of essays.

Friday January 20, 2012 Whitman College classmate acknowledge me a friend.

Tamara Andrews Walker is the second of my three sister-in-laws.

Wednesday Janunary 18, 2012 removable of top juniper roots with ratcheting clippers.

Juniper no longer dominates front.

Now the yuccas dominate.

Shane googled 't4 landscape' on his iPhone
Apple’s Sweatshop Problem: 16 Hour Days, ~70 Cents An Hour

Shane is being paid more than $12.50/hr!

to try to view spinning tires.

High tech makes these projects possible.

Shane paid 7 $20s.

Signs cost $45 each plus wires to hold them, Shane reported.

Dog Jack took off on Sunday Shane reported. But located at pound.

Jack gets neutered, microchiped, and shots which cost $80.

Landscaping project partially caused by Geithner and Bernanke bailing our wall street by lowering interest rates to near zero.

Home solar generation of electricity did not make financial sense.

The American retirement system may have been destroyed because it depends on about 8% interest to keep it going?

Americans' want their 8% stolen by wall street, TARPers, and QEs perhaps should be the next movement?

Geithner is now on Iran oil sanctions campaign.

Tuesday Janunary 17, 2012 Shane reports that the juniper xeriscape mess was caused by one plant which spead for a period of about 31 years.

Temperature in the middle 40o F.

Ratcheting pruner supplemented by reciprocating saw.

Electric power aguments muscle power.

Solar generation of electricity would have a tough time generating the power required for this application.

Roots attached to truck with cable.

Roots causes spinning tires.

Roots almost comes out.
High tech electronics likley accounts for power-to-wheels control see in the two above videos.

Roots out!

Probably about a pint or so of gasoline energy at about 114,000 BTU consumed.
Great GMC 4 wheel drive ad!

Canon HFR 100 video camera as well as Tracfone LG4020G require their own chargers.

Shane digital photographs his trophy with his Iphone which also requires charging.
There are an estimated 170 million chargers in California households, an average of 11 battery chargers per household. While many manufacturers produce energy efficient electronic devices, many products on the market lack efficient charging technology. The proposed standards can save nearly 2,200 gigawatt hours (GWh) each year – or enough energy to power nearly 350,000 homes or a city roughly the size of Bakersfield. Once fully implemented, California ratepayers will save more than $300 million annually and eliminate 1 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

Reducing power cosumption, not generating more power with solar arrays, is a goal of this project.

Solar thermal input to home was reduced by vegetation reducing input through first-floor windows during winter. Overhanging roof reduces solar input during summer.

Better Homes and Gardens 1070s energy-efficient home plan implementation.

Shane paid 8 $20s.

Sandia mountain geology lecture attended in Bernalillo on Sunday January 15, 2011 at the

Sandoval County Historical Society.

About 135 attendees

composed mostly of senior citizens.

Photo was taken when laptop hardware failed. Lecture left with about 15 minutes remaining. Listen to this event.
Battlefield computers fail at unfortunate times too.

Fighting vehicles also stop at unfortunate times too.

Combat losses to enemy action were very low as the very thick armor protected the Ferdinand from almost all Soviet antitank weaponry; in fact, most of the vehicles destroyed or captured had been abandoned by their crews after mechanical failure.


Plants of the Southwest field trip Saturday January 14, 2012.

Listen to below sales person and bill talk.

Pecan shell ground cover.

Need replacement plants for


From Plants of Southwest catalog.

Pecan shells are used for ground cover at Plants of the Southwest on 4th stree.

Field trip Friday January 13, 2012


to Albuquerque Academy to photograph solar array.

Significant dollars spent for solar panels and installation. Another gulch, like Los Picaros, installation.

And in the shade of the Sandia mountains.

Solar generation of electrcity project was considered but we decided on landsscaping for economic reasons.

Trip at about 12:00 to Eagle Rock Convenience Center required to empty trailer.

Solar arrays have a limited life and are toxic to manufacture and disposal.

Perhaps money should be collected at time of installation for removal and safe disposal of these arrays?

Shane the tops removed. Roots remain, however.

Reason Shane is broadly smiling.

Increase in the amount of light now entering first floor windows is very noticable. Heating costs may be reduced?

Shane paid 8 $20s.

Thursday January 12, 2012 video of nasty juniper trimming.

Juniper seen started from about one plant planted in 1981. They metasticised. They are older than Shane.

Shane's new dog Jack.

Jack found running loose in Rio Rancho with collar and name, Shane reported.

Shane said that he phoned and phone answerer did not acknowlege owernership.

Plan is to complete trimming, dig around roots, then pull them out of 4x4 truck.

Shane paid 7 $20s.

Junipers cleaned to the back side of railroad ties.

Bill hauled ties from downtown albuquerque in 3/4 ton 1972 Ford 4x4 in 1981 and put them were you see them.

Trailer full again.

Shane paid 7 $20 for Friday January 6, 2011.

Next is the giant juniper to the west.

Hazardous work for reasons of black widow, brown recluse spiders, cockroaches, mice, lizards, .... 

Patty and son installed a drip system which likely watered big juniper. This was a mistake. Junipers should not be encouraged to grow.

Junipers were torn out between the curb and the side walk with a bobcat about a year ago.

Bill and his fishing buddy carted them to the Eagle Rock Transfer station.

Trimming the desert olive back is a major impvovement. Note dead juniper killed by desert olive.

Big pines were planted by neighbor George Hosier years ago. Height at planting time was between 3-5 feet.

Reason we are investing in landscaping is illustrated by Royal Bank of Canada summary.

No money to be made, on the average, investing in the stock marker. SP 500 has apparently been flat for the past ten years.
AT the turn of the last century, it was widely accepted that American stocks were virtually certain to be good long-term investments. Now, far fewer people are confident of that.

Pruning seal.

Photo Tursday January 5, 2011 of west part of front.

Xeriscaping has done too well. Patty and bill did all of this work in 1981.

Two yuccas to left of Shane are older than he is.

Yucca's bought from a guy who had them planted in his front yard on Cauga street which is just south of Zuni.

That area of Albuquerque is so high crime that APD officers try to avoid it.

Bill planted these in 1981 when they were about five feet tall.

Weight of the desert olive was so great that it killed some of the junipers beneath it.

Off to Eagle Rock transfer center.

Shane paid 7 $20s. He forgot his receipt book again.

Junipers are next to be trimmed. 

Photo Tursday January 5, 2011

Small pear tree seen to right of second Austrian pine produces lots ... which neighbors take.

Wednesday January 4, 2012 Shane trims tree and removes 31 years of pine needles seen in piles.

Blower used to clean ground around Austrian pines.

Trailer completely filled, covered with tarp to deliver to Eagle Rock transfer center.

If the trailer uncovered, then Eagle Rock Transfer issues fine.

Shane paid  7 $20s.

Shane reports that work is slow but he expects it to pick up in the spring.

Tuesday December 20, 2011

Almost done.



Shane paid 7 $20s.

Rock remaining from third palette.

Monday Decemeber 19, 2011.


Work done Friday December 16, 2011

Shane reported that his knees were killing him.

Shane paid 7 $20s.  Shane produces is the reason.

View of Sandias returning on Paseo del Norte from Pete's.

Work done Thursday December 15, 2011.

Shane paid 7 $20s.

Roof drips washing out crusher fine in flagstone is a problem.

Can someone please give a breif explination of the differences between concrete, cement, mortar, and grout. We are working on this.

Monday December 12, 2011

Miserable weather. Temperature in the high 30s F.

Paid 7 $20 above work and unloading flagstone with Joe. 

Wednesday Decmber 7, 2011

Wind storm in New Mexico did millions of dollars of damage Albuquerque Journal reported today.

Wind storm was followed by snow.

Looking to the east on Manitoba, Monday December 5, 2011.

Essential non-gas-wasting trip to Algodones, NM to see if

was damaged by wind.

Tuesday Real Time embedded conference attended a The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. AMD presentation.

Intervention motion filed.

Joe from Canyon Stone

Joe given $20 tip.

Video of Joe and Shane unloading flagstone.

Ground frozen. Shane departed.

Stone restacked by Shane to get it out of the work area.

New stone stacked on top of 1981 stone - which bill laid on sand.

Thursday December 1, 2011

Phoned Marcos Trujillo of Canyon Stone to find out how much for stone Shane selected on his way home.

Marcos returned call. $407.

Joe wrote Canyon Stone receipt.

Here it is

407/.14 = 2,907 pounds that have to be unloaded from pickup truck.

Free delivery at Canyon Stone.

Shane ripping up old flagstone laid by bill in 1981. Shane was born in 1982!

Bill forgot that he put sand down before laying flagstone.

Mortar seen at bottom left was used between the stone.

Old flagstone was purchased from a Tramway road-side vendor in 1981.

Plan is to extend the old flagstone area to be even with the mailbox flagstone.

Here are the measurements.

Removed rock used to fill east trench seen below.

Shane did all this work today

plus he is visiting Canyon Stone to pick out a pallet of flagstone and arrange delivery. So Shane paid with 7 $20 bills.

Bill will phone to find out how much, then, pay in cash. Can you guess reason?

While Shane was working bill went to Lowe's on Paseo del Norte

On the way he stopped at

Decision was that landscaping may make money. Solar generation of electricity may be a bad investment?


China Rejects U.S. Panel Ruling That Solar Imports Harm Industry December 03, 2011, 11:51 PM EST

Exposing solar generation of electricity drawbacks may be a good thing for China gas-powered electric generator business?
Affordable Solar bid $8,280, after credits, for 2.76 kW solar system.

Mike Mattoli told us at CS solar seminar that there is an immediate 20% power reduction from solar panels so .80 * 2.76 = 2.208 kW.

Harbor Freight 2.2/2.4 kW generator only cost $237 which produces dispatchable [technical term for on-demand] power - provided gasoline is still available and affordable. Attack on Iran's nuclear generation of electricity facilities might mean that petroleum products could get scarce and expensive?

Affordable Solar system in on-grid which means electricity is being sold back to PNM. Price paid decreased from $.13 to $.07/kWh we recently learned from conversation with Steve House of 310 solar.

And you get obtrusive solar panels with an additional junction box. Maintenance problems may exist too?

Manufacture is solar panels is very toxic and their disposal of toxic solar panels a problem too.

Financial reasons for decision to invest in landscaping as opposed to solar generation of electricity are compelling?

Harbor Freight salesman Darrell approached bill who was studying generator on sale for $299 from $399.

Darrell asked bill what it would take bill to buy generator now.

Harbor Freight knocked another $60 off provided that bill bought a one-year extended warranty.

Darrell said now the generator will be guaranteed one year and 90 days.


Bill spent several days around thanksgiving googling 'generator grounding because

Over a million google hits on grounding a poster reported.

Fascinating information of grounding discovered.

Our plan is to run electric appliances from an extension cord for emergency powers so we don't plan to ground generator.

Overbuilding and non-technical people messing with electric energy point to possible future increased cost and possible shortages.
Texas could face power shortages as soon as next year as aging plants are mothballed in response to new environmental standards, according to the state's grid operator and the organization that monitors the U.S. power grids for the federal government.
In separate reports released days apart, both organizations determined that Texas will soon have an inadequate supply of backup power during periods of peak demand. The shrinking power reserves increase the chances of rolling blackouts if a major power plant goes offline on a very hot or cold day, when power use is greatest.

Wednesday November 30, 2011 we visited the Shooting Range Park to practice.

Video taken at park.

Return trip on Paseo del Norte took us past

solar panel equipped home which has been for sale since early in summer.

Our investigation of installing solar panels convinced us that landscaping is probably a better investment.

Progress Wednesday November 23, 2011.

Shane given 7 $20 bills.

Propane gas regulator model 150 Marshall replacement failed after a day of search on Internet and the telephone. So we improvised a solution.

Gas hose from 1988 Char-Broil 7000 series grill is 5/16 inch. Visited Lowe's to buy $21.37, tax included, type 1 regulator and hose which has female threaded coupling.

Trains West visited to buy 5/16 inch thin wall brass tube for $2.24 including tax.

Tube cutter used to cut swamp cooler 1/4 inch copper tube used to cut off 2 inches.

Hose clamp found in garage completed improvisation.

Char-Broil repair [800-2417548] person tried to get me to buy new grill saying that parts were no longer available for old grill.  

Fix works!

Glass shattered several years ago. Replaced by Discount Glass.

All business done with Discount Glass fun.

Char-Broil left in our yard when

departed to Tucson for retirement.

Recent phone conversation revealed he is trying to recover from back surgery.

Exact statment is "I'm still on the right side of the grass."

Tuesday November 15, 2011 progress.

Mail box flagstone laid.

Crusher fines added and watered twice.

Mail box about finished.

What's left.

Flagstone to left was laid by bill in 1981 - before Shane was born.

Mortar used.

Plan is to have it removed, leveled and relaid by Shane.


6 $20 bills paid. Shane works hard.

Cusher fines sweep planned for next week along with digging out dirt between sidewalk and curb to east of driveway.

About zero interest rates and high unemployment prompted us to focus on landscape investiment despite falling real estate prices in neighborhood.

Thursday November 9, 2011 we used angle finder to

estimate that the patio is sloping at about 1-2o northeast for water dranage.

Angle finder used mostly to measure solar panel angle in conjunction with compass which is used to measure solar panel direction.

Cracked flagstone seen below removed and replaced.

Progress Wednesday November 9, 2011 

Bill laid flagstone seen to the left of Shane's shoe in 1981. That was before Shane was born.

Flagstone bought from a Tramway street vendor.

Not level so replacement is on the TODO list.

Flagstone will be allowed to settle for a week or so, then minor repairs, after that it will be watered-down, Shane explained.


to be installed around mail box.

Shane paid 7 $20 bills.

Shane showed me this page on his I-phone this afternnon.

Canyon Stone employee Joe visited and given a $20 tip for helping unloading the flagstone.

Concern about future electricity supply caused us to buy a 2200/2400 watt generator from Harbor Freight.

Shane help unload it from its carton.

Solar generation of electricity will not help if your power goes off.

Generator is sufficient to power refrigerator, small electric heater and energy-efficient tasklamp to help survive until power is restored.

Progress Thursday November 3, 2011

Flagstone thickness variations problems Shane reports slowed work.

Deck should be flat but tilted so that water runs north to back yard.

Shane given 7 $20 bills since he is doing landscape design work as well as manual labor.

About 11:00 bill took essential non-gas-wasting field trip to Algodones, NM to view fence installation work around solar panels and interview employee.

Employee reported that solar panel installation cost $70,000.

View travelling south on 313 through the Santa Ana reservation.


Investigation of grid-tie solar generation of electricity led to landscape project as likely better investment.

Progress Wednesday November 2, 1011


Needs fixing.

We're contemplating flagstone here.

Seven $20s paid.

Met Shane's father today. 

Wednesday November 2, 2011 15:52

Shane covered flagstone with crusher fines using rake upside down.

Shane uses a broom to remove excess crusher fines.

Weather lots cooler.

Tuesday November 1, 2011 bill gets big load of crusher fines from Pete's on Holly while Shane and Joe unload flagstone.

Video of trailer loading.

Loader operator loads what was spilled.

Video of Joe and Shane unloading flagstone.

Here's progress at quitting time.

Note flagstone stacked outside. $680 @ $.12/pound means that pile weighs about 5,667 pounds.

Joe reports he does exercised before work so his body is prepared.

Shane reports he does exercised after work!

Shane asked bill how old he is. 74. Bill asked Shane how old he is. 29.

Bill placed all rock in yard with wheel barrow in 1981before Shane was born.

Shane paid 6 $20 bills for Monday work.

And 7 $20 bills for Tueday work. Creative landscaping and heavy hauling rewarded.

Monday October 31, 2011 17:39

Left to right. Shane, Frank, and Joe.

$680 for pallet and 1/2.

Joe wrote above receipt.

Friday October 21, 2011 17:46

1/4 yard [cu yd] of crusher fines weighs 1,000 pounds we were told at Pete's.

Separating the Chinese trailer from the CR-V 3-ton Harbor Freight jack was used.

8 ton bottle jack was used first time.

Trailer hitch was lowered on to dolly.

Meet Frank.

He works at Canyon Stone.

Canyon Stone corporate sombrero is worn by employees.

New Mexico is skin cancer capitol of the US. High altitude and lots of sun.

Thursday October 20, 2011 work.

Looking south.

Looking north.



Video of crusher fine work.

Shane given 6 $20 bills.

View of yet unused rear patio.

Tuesday October 18, 2011 work.

Dirt, rock and mortar removed.

Hard to see portion in sun. But it is a BIG pile.


Shane agreed to work for $12.50. We'd feel guilty if we paid his this, so he was given 7 $20 bills.

Mexcan nationals will work HARD for less than $10/hour. They are exploited.

Thursday October 13, 2011 work

1.Remove the soil where your walkway will be built. Ex. 2" flagstone + 2? Crushed Stone Base + 1" Granite Sand = 5" of soil excavated to bring the top of the flagstone flush with the ground level.

As outlined below, dig out about four inches of soil for your gravel base (Image 3), depending on the thickness of each piece of flagstone.

Dig out 9" of dirt for patio laid flagstone and 3" for stepping stone laid flagstone

Dig the soil up in the walkway to a depth of 10 to 12 inches, and layer the inside of the hole with landscaping fabric. Spread a layer of crushed stone over the landscaping fabric to a depth of 2 inches, wet the crushed stone and use a compactor to fully press the stone into the hole. Layer granite sand over the top of the stone, wet the sand and compact again.

Flagstone patio material....360 sq ft. how many tons will I need???? Thanks so much!!! Depends on the density of the flagstone (which is a generic term for any flat, natural stone such as slate, bluestone, etc) and how thick the slabs are, which you don't provide. Density can range from 140 lbs/ft3 to over 180 lbs/ft3. I suggest you call a company that deals with the type of flagstone pavers you want and talk to them.

I would plan to install no less than 6 inches of limestone for the patio base under the flagstone. But the limestone is not installed all at once. It needs to be installed in two lifts of 3 inches each. Install 3 inches of the loose limestone with the fines and spread it out evenly. Use a mechanical vibrating plate compactor to compact the limestone. A hand tamper is not the proper tool to use for this part of the job. Run the compacting machine back and forth in parallel lines across the limestone as you might cut your grass. Then do the exact same thing but at 90 degrees to the initial direction you ran the machine.

Hello Shane,

Decomposed granite 'soil' here probably means only about 3.5 inches needs to be excavated for flagstone bed?

Neighbor Tim has been watching your work.

Tim has a similar problem.


Shane hourly rate of $12.50, let me explain.

Shane was asked before project how much he wanted per hour. He responded between $11 and $12.50. I responded with an okay for the $12.50.

Mexicanos nacionales trabajan por menos.

US has unemployment problem.

Noticias buenas es que bill habla el espanol, mas or menos.

William H. Payne, Machine, Assembly and System Programming for the IBM 360 (1969) (in English and 1971 in Spanish)

Shane works really hard so Shane was given 6 $20 bills.

Whoops. 30 year old wheelbarror failed.

All the rock you see was placed here by bill in 1981.

New wheelbarrow bought at Home Depot. Lowe's only had wheelbarrows which required assembly.

Most old rocks super-dirty with 30 years of grime.

Friday afternoon bill experimented washing some.

Worked fairly well except for twigs.

Shane commented that wheelbarrow will last more than 30 years.

Bill, age 74, responded that he will probably not last that long.

Shane used green cart to haul rocks to front while bill went to Home Depot.

Plastic placed on ground when the Better Homes and Gardens energy efficient plan home was built in 1981.

Thirty years of dirt is mixed with the remaining rocks seen.

I mentioned washing the rocks by placing them in green cart with no tarp.

Better idea! Put them out with the garbage each Monday! Only about a 1/8-1/4 can filled.

Otherwise waste management may become suspicious.

Project planned to resume on Monday October 17, 2011.

Wednesday October 12, 2011 work


Dirt Shane removed in about 16 feet long and 5 feet wide!

Shane was paid 6 $20 bills.

Bobby Bridgewater did some clean up work and bit more work on garage.

Friday September 23, 2011 19:06

Observation of Shane's brain engaged looking at flagstone and where it was to be placed
revealed cerebration.

I was out of focus.

Thursday Sepember 22, 2011 15:18

Almost. Compression of crusher fine over time is required to make it hard.

Shane was given 6 $20 bills for design work in addition to muscle work.

Shane used wheel barrow to distribute about 750 pounds of crusher fine.

See for yourself.

Shane has a mini bumper sticker on the front of his trailer that reads.
I love [the heart] beer
And a six pack of Bohemia beer. 

Thursday Sepember 22, 2011 12:12

Thursday Sepember 22, 2011 10:58

Shane at about 10:30

Wednesday September 21, 2011 15:27

Scary project for reason that Chinese trailer rated max load 1,000 pounds.

And we hated to imagine the problems if tires or trailer failed.

Cell phone carried just in case.
8 inch tires inflated to 60 psi. Hydraulic jack and spare wheel carried.
Speed of 35 mph rarely exceeded. Warning blinkers activated.
Backing the trailer into driveway was toughest part of project.
We are ready for Shane on Thursday September 21, 2011 at 09:00!
Pero tenemos Mexicanos nacionales nombres de telephono si Shane no llega mañana.
Liberal arts 'education' at Whitman college between 1956-9 required foreign language for graduation. :-)
Tuesday Sepember 20, 2011 09:13

Roots removal using a Pulaski tool done in about 10 minute segments, interspersed with hours of rest.


Monday September 19, 2011 09:29

Approximate areas measured Sunday September 18, 2011.

Garage side                             17 * 4.5 = 76.5
House south side of front door 12.5 * 4.5 = 56.25
House south side of front door    26 * 4.5 = 117
North walk and garbage can area 18 * 7.5 = 135
Sunday September 18, 2011 09:17

lay flagstone

How To Lay a Flagstones Patio

How to Lay a Flagstone Walkway

Crusher fine field trip to Pete's Landscaping on Saturday September 17, 2011 resulted in learning that 1 Yard weighs about 2,000 pounts and Pete's sells it in 1/2 Yard increments.

Grey crush fine is cost $25 Yard but delivery will bring total cost to about $100.

capicity is 1,000 lbs.



Vince suggested boundary marks


Friday Deptember 16, 2011 13:30

Hello Shane,

Here are two recent projects.

Bobby fixes roof.

Vince bids on landscape.

Rock clean-up from Amy's stucco work is first priority but when you want to take a break, let me suggest that we drive to Canyon Rock to select a pallet board of flagstone.

Photo Thursday September 15, 2011.

See you on Wednesday September 21, 2011.


Landscape books at Lowe's scanned on Thursday September 16, 2011. Not very good. Words and picture BS.

Internet is lots better!

Border idea.

House value is declining so spending lots on landscape is probably not a good idea.


Merits of landscaping when unemployment is high.

Solar generation of electricity investigated but not pursued for reason we would probably lose money.

And solar looks to require maintenance ... and activity us senior try to avoid, Albert Gore willing, of course.

Other activities.

Essential non-gas-wasting energy intelligence and fishing 2,883 mile trip started Monday September 26, 2011 from Albuquerque, NM to Craig, MT which ended Saturday October 1, 2011 now has audio of about 46 minutes of about 8 hour conversation with guide.

Google 'flagstone william h payne'.
michael fisher paragon natural resources too.
And admiral william h payne.
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NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran Conflict.

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