San Juan fly fish float trip
with guide Mark Nesbit
May 27, 2014

First posted
Sunday June 1, 2014 06:19
Monday June 2, 2014 20:09

Blue Sky Fly Fishing Co.

Sunday June 1, 2014 10:30

Navajo lake visited on afternoon on May 26.

American life-styles.

Navajo lake boat launch ramp.

Guide used red thingamabob for strike indicator. thing a mabob fishing.

5X of Mark Midge

River runs through it is liberal arts 'educated' BS writing about fly fishing.

But we bought DVD. Fun BS.

Launch at Texas Hole on San Juan.

Mark removes hook.

Trout poses.

Trout poses 2.

Untangling trout.

Big trout. Mark wearing Sims buff to guard again vicious New Mexico sun.

San Juan river video.

Rapids nymph fly fishing.

Big trout fights in net.

Large-scale solar generation of electricity destroying New Mexico clouds.

Chasing snake with boat.

ET rock video.

Trip ends after about 8 hours.

Ehsan Molavi is a German of Persian origin. And a facebook friend too. :)

Frivolous gas-wasting fly fishing trip? Of course, not.

Monday June 2, 2014 20:09

Trip from Aztec to Navajo Dam, New Mexico video with audio.

Installation just outside Navajo Dam

Battery box located below controller box.

Video of above.

Controller box is likely required to be powered 24/7 to gather gas well data and transmit to a PC.

Charge/load controller, such as the HQRP, do a fantastic job of delivering clean 12 V output using both the solar panel and battery.
Small scale solar generation of electricity is not a scam/fraud.

Large-scale solar generation of electricity scam/fraud evidence
mounts, however.
Liberal arts 'educated' [Reed College] former PRC member Jason Marks emailed bill
several years ago to try to convince him that large-scale solar generation of electricity
is not a scam/fraud.

$22,036 stolen from our Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union retirement-protected savings
accounts was insured by NCSIF. So liability then is assumed the the Insurance Division of the

PRC Insurance Division acknowledges it has claim form but refuses to send them.

Liberal arts 'educated' ploy.

Liberal arts 'educated' journalists protect their brethren.
Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum.

Mark Mathis

Solar panel output is erratic ... except at night, of course.

Battery powers above microcontroller gas well monitor electronics at night. And when solar panel power is erratically low battery about instantaneously supplies load power.

Solar panel not only drives the load when ample sun available but use excess power to
charge the battery simultaneously!

Any solar panel/battery power system may be small-scale? By definition because
insufficient battery material ... and power to produce them .... available in the

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