Four Corners coal-fired Power Plant field trip
May 26, 2014

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Thursday May 29, 2014 14:13
Sunday June 1, 2014 08:56

Electricity crisis point may be upon us?

Us? Yup, the entire world.

PNM initially stated that it was going to replace two San Juan coal-fired generators with natural gas, solar and wind generated electricity. But this may be a liberal arts 'educated' solution?

Four Corners Power Plant field trip May 26, 2014 on way to essential non-gas-wasting fly fishing float trip on the San Juan river on May 27, 2014.

Saturday May 31, 2014 08:53

Yet nearly 40 percent of U.S. electricity is currently generated by coal, with both domestic and international use on the rise—fueled in part by a winter surge in natural gas prices. In recent research, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch noted that low U.S. coal supplies coincided with volatility in natural gas, triggered by "demand rationing" in the power sector. ...

The rise in coal use—especially in Europe, where natural gas prices are far higher than in the U.S.—"is driven by market economics, especially with the rebound in gas prices," said Bordoff, who noted that it's cheaper for utilities to scale back on nat gas and use coal. Despite that, the EPA is likely to "change the economics of coal" by stiffening emissions targets for carbon intensive fuel, he added.

[Obama with help of EPA is intentionallly trying to destroy US electricity production, we were told.

Maybe 'war on coal' should be replaced by 'jihad on coal'?]

Thursday May 29, 2014 15:53

New Mexico highway 550 video on way to Four Corners Power Plant and then Navajo dam video.

Lybrook New Mexico recently-closed Williams natural gas plant video.

GPS found shortcut to Four Corners Power Plant video.

Four Corners Power Plant sighted video.

GPS somewhat confused near Four Corners Power Plant video.

Getting close video.

Four Corner Power Plant see from across Morgan lake.


Approaching power station.

Stack at far left and right appear to be two still-functioning generators.

Coal-hauling railroad train.

Mine railway video.

Biggest stack.

Trucks apparently move the coal from a pile dumped from the train to the generator furnace.

Back side of above.

Listen to it video.

Truck seen weighed before proceeding, we guess, to furnace.

Off-road Four Corners Power Plant field trip summary video.

San Juan generating station seen leaving the Four Corners.

On March 28, PNM and San Juan Mine operator BHP Billiton agreed to a $10 million settlement with the Sierra Club to take steps aimed at keeping coal waste out of nearby streams.
Electricity shortage and costs may cause crisis in the US?Reason for essential non-gas-wasting field trip.


Anita Langley black op radio.

Summer 2010.

Snowden and NSA MSM viz.

Cooler refurbish take shared thi page construction.

No leaks ... eventually.

Thursday May 29, 2014 14:13

[t]he reason the mine is for sale at all is because BHP couldn’t agree on a coal price with Four Corners Power Plant’s operator, Arizona Public Service. And now that Four Corners has shuttered its three oldest coal-burning units to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s haze regulations, the plant will buy 30 percent less coal from the mine than it used to. That means less profit for whomever operates the mine.

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