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Tuesday September 4, 2012 15:11
Monday March 18, 2013 08:31

NSA caused these messes. DOE and Sandia National Laboratories helped too.

Liberal arts 'educated' are making matters worse by failing to settle.

Thursday December 13, 2012 07:55

Ms Espinosa assumes a position on the PRC in January.


Facebook post Wednesday December 12, 2012.

Thursday November 29, 2012 08:07

Liberal arts 'educated' may have problems repaying student loams?

Ted G Lewis phoned evening of November 13, 2012. One results is change cover text.

How does Marks education stack up to 9/11 perps?

James Bamford informs us.

Bamford's book A Pretext for War renewed until 11/04/2012

From Isfahan

"The army would take kids as young as 14 years old. There were only a couple weeks or so of training," he continued. "You don't need much training to go to the top of a mine. The younger boys were usually sent forward to open the land mines."

USS Liberty incident. CVN next?

Getting the title right is imporant for good advance. :)

Writing for money is lots more fun than posting for viz.

Shahab Mozaffari, Qazal Montezar, and Katayoon Mazhari made a book. Along with help from Facebook.

Electricity generation is a book focal point.
Siemens ceases solar actovotoes

Bankruptcy: Electric-car-battery manufacturer A123 Systems Inc. AONE -16.13%filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Tuesday with a plan to sell its auto-business assets to an American rival Johnson Controls Inc. JCI +0.42%, scrapping a proposed rescue by a Chinese company. The company received nearly $250 million in federal-government grants and $358 million in start-up funding. WSJ

Electric car battery maker A123 Systems expects to be in default on debt payments Tuesday and could be headed for bankruptcy, according to a document the company has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. October 16, 2012: 7:48 AM ET

Large-sclae solar and maybe even wind generation of electricity may be scams?

Liberal arts 'education' is a focal point too.

Friday November 16, 2012 07:52
Scorpion Silhouette named James
Misadventures of
 the US government,
  National Security Agency and
   Sandia National Laboratories
with the Iran
Iran spy sting bust

William H Payne and ?


NSA sets out to destroy anyone its way. By all means. Using the liberal arts 'educated' as its tool.

Success was a near certainty before Internet. Not so now.

High tech is used used to expose the way that the liberal arts 'educated' 'think' is brought to public attention with Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

Friday November 2, 2012 20:15

Historic mailbox is related to insured stolen $22,036.

Friday November 2, 2012 13:18

Hello Mr. Marks,

On the other hand, your complaints about your federal case and the seizure of your bank account are not within within my jurisdiction at the PRC.
you made in your September 12, 2012 8:15:25 PM email is factually incorrect.

Let me explain, then suggest a strategy for settlement of these unfortunate matters before they become far worse.

Our $22,036 stolen from our retirement-protected savings accounts at the Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union [SLFCU] was insured against loss by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund [NCUSIF].

NCUSIF through National Credit Union Administration [NCUA], Phoenix Office, failed to pay claim.

Arizona Department of Insurance advised us to file bad faith claim with the Insurance Division of the New Mexico Public Regulations Commission.

PRC Insurance Division claim forms requested.

Mr John Gaherty and Mr. John Martinez acknowledge existence of claim forms but forms were never sent.

Felony theft of $22,036 carrying penalty of nine years in prison has escalated into insurance fraud by NCUSIF refusing to properly process claim, pay claim and Insurance Division of the PRC refusing to send claim forms so that we can submit loss claim.

While this strategy may have worked before because of media control along with crooked law enforcement officers and corrupt legal system, its success is less certain now because of Internet, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

Liberal arts 'educated' ploy of "We're going to ignore it and it will go away." and 'thinking'
can now be exposed.

But this could be damaging to the New Mexico economy and does not help get matters settled after a twenty year conflict.

So let me suggest an alternative of you seeing that we get the claim forms from the PRC Insurance Division .

1 Convince SLFCU CEO Christopher Jillson to replace, with interest, the stolen $22,036 into the retirement-protected savings accounts and possible repercussions if he does not.

2 Convince Sandia National Laboratories and DOE to settle for back wages and benefits between 1992 and my retirement in 2002.

Please lets us know by November 9, 2012 if you are able to do 1 and 2.

Please ack if you receive this email.



Friday November 2, 2012 12:55

2007 settlement contact.

Inverse Gambler's Ruin page written for liberal arts 'educated' Admiral Bill Payne and PRC commissioner Jason Marks.

Garrison Keillor on Purdue and liberal arts 'educqtion'. Patty and bill are talking in the background.

Purdue Univesity was host to the Prarie Home Companion on Saturday October 27, 2012.

Garrison Keillor roasted liberal arts 'education.'

Liberal arts job application techniques [schools] and vocational opportunities [Banks].

Book writing may prove profitable?

Madsion IN trip page about finished. New book planning on trip documented.

Lifetime shed assembly documented which includes Iran bat message link. Bat closeups included.

PRC commissioner Jason Marks is a liberal arts 'educated' graduate of Reed College.

Reed college info gathering.

John Reed. No relation to Reed college, we were told on Tuesday October 2, 2012 by a OSU graduate.

Messages received from Tehran and Baharestan, Isfahan

and Baharestan, Isfahan

may be sign that we to resume resume action?

Monday March 18, 2013 08:31

Senator Admiral Payne and Jimmie C Hall are to New Mexico state legislators who should be helping to get these unfortunate matters settled.

Senator Admiral Payne stands in front of the Al Farir Palace in Baghdad in 2006. Al-Faw Palace?

Google 'admiral william h payne' for full aAlbuquerque Journal rticle.

Sali Fathi

Wednesday October 31, 2012 10:24

Hello Senator Admiral Payne,

New Mexico Public Regulations Commissioner Jason Marks appears have problems getting New Mexico US Federal chief judge Martha Vazquez to do her job properly.

[New Mexico PRC Insurance Division first since it illustrates the 'thinking' of the liberal arts 'edcated'.]

Please lets us know in writing by November XX, 2012.

Please ack if you receive this email.



Postcard addressed to Patricia Payne received on Saturday October 20, 2012

New Mexico State Senator William (Bill) H. Payne is the Senate Minority Whip and serves Senate District 30 in the northeast heights of Albuquerque.

Senator Payne served in the Navy for 35 years of active and reserve service including multiple recalls to active duty before retiring in October of 2009. He was the first career reserve Navy SEAL to be promoted to Rear Admiral.

· First elected to the New Mexico Senate in 1996.
· Ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.;
· Member of the Energy Council.
· National Commissioner of the Uniform Law Commission.
· The recognized leader for Utilities, Business, Veteran/Military Affairs, and Natural Resources issues in
· Bachelors, Masters and Juris Doctorate Degrees from UNM.
· Masters Degree in Government from Georgetown University.
· Married to Deborah Payne, a retired Commander, U.S. Navy, and retired manager at Sandia National Laboratories

[Sandia Directory June 1996 - photo posted Friday November 9, 2012. ]

· Two children and two granddaughters.

Thank you for your past support and I respectfully ask for your vote this election

Bill Payne

Senator Payne has a SECRET email address.

Bill changed one character in his SECRET email address and clicked SEND. It failed.

SECRET address correct and SEND clicked. Copy appeared in Bill's email address.

Senator Payne got it.

may be an invitation to contact him? :)

Friday November 9, 2012 06:43

A Pretext for War by James Bamford cover why 911 happened. One major event was the Qana massacre.

Israel and Amiercan support for Israel are largely to blame for 911 according to Bamford.

Netanyahu: Iran on brink of N-bomb in 6-7 months



Nuclear Nazis in America. First posted in 2002.

Commissioner Marks responded to the 'spam?' email on Wednesday September 12, 2012 at about 18:45.

Email has not bee read yet.

Survey Thursday September 13, 2012

Shabnam Jalali.

Katayoon Mazhari.

Tuesday September 11, 2012 14:36

Hello Commissioner Marks,

Kermanshah and Tehran Facebook Arabic and Roman alphabets Farsi posts alerts us to potential problems which should be addressed to perhaps prevent possible unfortunate future events?

The world is becoming aware, because of Internet and Facebook, that the US likely incited Saddam Hussein to attack Iran in 1980.
Nojeh Coup

In July 1980, Zbigniew Brzezinski of the United States met Jordan's King Hussein in Amman to discuss detailed plans for Saddam Hussein to sponsor a coup in Iran against Khomeini. King Hussein was Saddam's closest confidant in the Arab world, and served as an intermediary during the planning. The Iraqi invasion of Iran would be launched under the pretext of a call for aid from Iranian loyalist officers plotting their own uprising on July 9, 1980 (codenamed Nojeh, after Shahrokhi/Nojeh air base in Hamedan). The Iranian officers were organized by Shapour Bakhtiar, who had fled to France when Khomeini seized power, but was operating from Baghdad and Sulimaniyah at the time of Brzezinski's meeting with Hussein. However, Khomeini learned of the Nojeh Coup plan from Soviet agents in France and Latin America. Shortly after Brzezinski's meeting with Hussein, the President of Iran, Abolhassan Bani-Sadr quietly rounded up 600 of the loyalist plotters within Iran, putting an effective end to the Nojeh Coup. Saddam decided to invade without the Iranian officers' assistance, beginning the Iran-Iraq war on 22 September 1980.

This is a US Title 18 felony violation of law if the charge is substantiated after proper investigation.

Docketed criminal compliant affidavit against Zbigniew Brzezinski was filed in New Mexico 97 CV 266 on June 6, 2007 for above alleged offense.

The Court, instead of ordering proper investigation, caused $22,036 to be stolen from our NCUSIF insured Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union retirement-protected savings accounts.

Money recovery process is underway.

And I have been threatened with federal prison time by Mew Mexico chief judge who did not properly process criminal complaint affidavit.

Proper investigation, subsequent written report, and actions on allegation against Mr. Brzezinski may make the world safer?

Attempt to Ignore this issue is a liberal arts 'educated' ploy which may not work.

Possibility that Iran may be attacked again makes this issue visible.

Therefore, you are asked to outline a strategy with milestones and dates to get the criminal complaint in New Mexico 97 CV 266 properly processed.

And hopefully help resolve these unfortunate matters.

Please respond by Tuesday September 18, 2012.


Tuesday October 16, 2012 07:18

Purdue University was about total opposite of Whitman College.

Former ambassador Ryan Crocker has served in some of the world’s toughest regions. Now, just weeks after retiring and returning stateside, he’s facing charges of driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident. The Associated Press is reporting that Crocker was arrested Aug. 14 in Spokane Valley after an incident in which he allegedly hit another car with the 2009 Ford Mustang convertible he was driving.

Former Ambassador To Iraq, Afghanistan Ryan Crocker Arrested For Hit And Run, DUI.

Former U.S. ambassador Ryan Crocker charged with drunken driving

[Liberals arts college comments by the liberal arts 'ecucated'?

Thursday October 11, 2012 21:3O

Dari we think.

What's your opinion?

Dari (Persian: ????, Dari, pronounced [dæ'?i]) or Farsi-ye Dari (Persian: ????? ????, [f???sije dæ'?i]) refers to the dialects of modern Persian spoken in Afghanistan, and is hence also known as Afghan Persian in some Western sources.[

According to a 2006 opinion poll survey involving 6,226 randomly-selected Afghan citizens by the Asia Foundation, Dari was the first language of 49% of the polled people, while an additional 37% spoke it as a second language. 42% were able to read Dari. Pashto was the first language of 40%, with an additional 28% stating the ability to speak Pashto as a second language. 33% were able to read Pashto.

Three Israeli universities amongst world's top 200

Larry Kudlow [Kudlow was born into a Jewish family and grew up in New Jersey.] is pushing anti-Iran msm bs prior to Obama-Romney debate Wednesday October 3, 2012.

Iran currency is collaping, riots, ... and other Israeli msm ploys.
Protests over the plunging Iranian currency erupted on Wednesday around Tehran's main bazaar, the country's commercial hub, as escalating economic woes become a rising political challenge

A PRETEXT FOR WAR by James Bamford is triip read. In Madison, IN.

Many of the 9/11 perps were well-educated engineers who excelled at university studies.

Bamford focuses on the problems Israel has caused the US.

Bamford quotes in the preface of his book.
While nothing is easier to dennounce the evildoer;
nothing is more diffiicult to undersand hlm.

Fyodor Mikhalovich Dostovesky

New Mexico Rules of Professional Conduct

Jason Mark wrote, 'On the other hand, your complaints about your federal case and the seizure of your bank account are not within within my jurisdiction at the PRC.'

Stolen$22,036 Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union saving funds are covered by NNational Credit Union Share Insurance Funds [NCUSIF].

NCUSIF did not pay claim. Therefore the State of New Mexico should pay a bad faith claim.

But the PRC insurance dvision has not sent the claim form its acknowledges it has.

Task for Commissioner Marks.

How Many Civilians Would Be Killed in an Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Sites?

A shadowy but well organized hacker group in the Middle East has disrupted the electronic banking operations of America's largest financial institutions in recent days, underscoring U.S. vulnerability to online terrorism.

Wind scam? Electronics and associated software become obsolete and must be 'upgraded'.

Windows 7 home edittion required upgrade to professional edition so that we could run XP. :)

Obama to warn Iran: US will 'do what it must' to stop nukes  

Iranian commander: Israeli strike could trigger WWIII

Butt Out, Bibi

A Sobering Reality for Whistle-Blowers

On 9 April 2012, the Navy announced that the Enterprise and her group, Carrier Strike Group Twelve, would be assigned to join the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) in the Persian Gulf. The mission was described as routine, not a response to a specific threat. Upon completion of this mission, the Enterprise is scheduled to be deactivated (Fall 2012).


From: "Jason Marks, PRC" To:
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 8:15:25 PM
Subject: RE: spam?

I think of spam as automated bulk email, so your stuff is not spam. On the other hand, your complaints about your federal case and the seizure of your bank account are not within within my jurisdiction at the PRC.


Saturday September 29, 2012 08:52

"Frackdown?" Environmental activists protest gas drilling

What happens to a New Mexico commercial customer if the customer refuses to pay a bill for no gas consumed to support energy efficiency program?
New Mexico

Date-based yes

Protection Dates November 15-March 15

Temperature-based no

Seasonal Policy A public regulated utility company shall not disconnect service to a residential customer for any billing cycle from November 15 through March 15 for nonpayment if the customer meets the qualifications for the low-income home energy assistance program and are current on their bills or if they have entered into a payment agreement with their provider and are current on payments under that agreement by Nov. 15. The utility company shall report the customer's need for assistance to the human services department and the department shall take immediate action to mitigate the problem.

Seminole Energy Services

1 August 17, 2012 Mr Anthony Apodaca explains problem with NMGCO energy efficiency program.
2 Bill call to Mr Apodaca September 20, 2012.
3 Mr Apodoca returns call September 20, 2012.
4 September 27, 2012 conversation asking Mr Apodoca to explain Seminole's customers' complaints.

PRC appears to be the culprit.

Mr Fernald mentioned that PNM is doing something similar. "Paying for Renewable Energy arrived in Wednesday September 26, 2012 mail.

Note Renewable Energy Rider and Cost-Effective Energy Saving charges.
Sept. 28--First Solar Inc. of Arizona expects to build 20 megawatts of new solar plants -- enough to power 7,000 average homes -- for Public Service Company of New Mexico, pending regulatory approval.

PNM proposed to add 20 MW of solar to its generating capacity under the utility's 2013 renewable energy procurement plan, submitted to the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission in May. If approved, First Solar would build four new plants, nearly doubling PNM's solar electric generation.

Kevin Robinson-Avila / Journal Staff Writer / 505-823-3820


NMGCO meeting 3 powerpoint foils

Tuesday September 11, 2012 10:13

New Facebook friend on 9/10/12.

Friday September 7, 2012

Unable to reach Scott Shane so

William J. Broad

Thursday September 6, 2012 07:29

Hello ? - we know, you don't until action is taken;

The Powers That Be have, in the past, be able to commit crimes with impunity.

TPTB knew, in the past, that they could make a victim invisible and powerless for redress.

Technology may have reversed this.

$22,036 stolen from our Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union retirement-protected savings accounts is at issue.

Goal, of course, is return of our money with interest.
Options appear to

1 You and officials of the City of Albuquerque reason with SLFCU CEO Chistropher Jillson to put the money back, with interest, in our retirement protected savings account.

2 We file a criminal complaint affidavit against Mr Jillson.

Theft of $22,036 carries a nine year prison sentence, if Mr Jillson is convicted.

TPTB will surely try to see that Mr Jillson is not indicted.

pistol at my back at the John Carillo John Carillo APD substation by officer Romero pointed when we tried to prevent Mr Jillson from stealing the money.

Physical protection is likely required if we take step two.

3 We don't get the money back.

Corrupt New Mexico administration and Sandia National Laboratories, DOE, the US government, must be publicized internationally on the web.

Your help with 1 and 2 is solicited.

Please respond by Xday September Y, 2012.



Friday September 28, 2012 07:33

James Bamford appears to be project manager for turning NSA into the Iranians for the spy sting on Iran.

Mr Bamford appears to have used Hans Buehler, bill, Scott Shane and Tom Bowman to help with initial stages of his project.

Baltimore Sun publication of Rigging the Game by Shane and Bowman was the first public announcement about the NSA psy sting on Iran.
Rigging the Game Cryptome discovered using google on Thursday September 27, 2012. Above link only discovered with google.

8 March 1997 Source: Photocopy by Anonymous

Electronic Engineering Times reporter Loring Wirbel followed with State-sanctioned paranoia which included the words, 'baltimore sun, Hans Buehler, spy sting, Sandia National Laboratories, bill payne, Iran'.
Electronic Engineering Times, January 22, 1996, p. 84.

Baltimore Sun article Rigging the Game may have been over looked but Iranian engineers surely read Wirbel's article.

New Mexico federal visibility lawsuit 97 cv 266 was next.

J Orlin Grabbed followed with NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran Conflict.

Jpgs of materials to prove assertions.

Bamford has kept a low profile on how he master-minded this project. For perhaps good reasons?

Sent Wednesday September 5, 2012.!/bill.payne.790!/anita.langley2
Rule of not meeting with person met on Internet broken.

James Bamford interview by Mark Colvin, Friday August 31, 2012.

James Bamford and John K Cooley were involved in Hans Buehler's contact with bill,

Mr Cooley learned about the Hans Buehler matter, bill was told. By Wayne Madsen if bill recalls correctly.

Mr Cooley apparently informed Mr Bamford about the matter.

Then Baltimore Sun reporter Scott Shane was detained by NSA when he was travelling on NSA properly, Wayne Madsen also told bill, if he recalls correctly.

Minions carefully recuited by Mr Bamford. Both had complaints against NSA.

Mr Shaned phoned bill to requiest copies of material Hans Buehler sent.

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