Shooting Range Park — City of Albuquerque
Wednesday May 21, 2104

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Monday May 26, 2014 06:38

American genocide participants identification international project.

American Genocide book proposal.

Red AUDIO alert!

360 video for landscapescaoer Shane Black.

Clouds video between Madrid and Tijeras, New Mexico Sunday May 25, 2014.

Clouds cause erratic output from photovoltaic large-scale arrarys.

Prosperity Energy Storage Project data should provide further evidence as to whether
large-scale solar generation is a scam/fraud or not.
Following the shutdown of Units 1 through 3, the capacity of Four Corners will be 1,540 megawatts.

Idle but standby ready? Or scrapped decommissioned?

Hello Pat,

PNM files to decommission San Juan Generating Station's two stacks.

Does 'decommission' mean removal and safe disposal of equipment along with site environmental restoration?


Ammo shortage effect on Shooting Rage Park conversation during registration.

Viz required to recover $22,036 stolen from Mr Morales and our Sandia Laboratory Federal
Credit Union retirement-protected insured savings accounts

New Mexico corruption and incompetence requires visibility to overcome.

Ehsan Molavi Facebook friend.

Video of facilities.

1980 park facilities consisted of benches with no shade.

Cheap shade added but wind destroyed.

Video of another senior shooter emptying his .45 Kimber - into about 1 foot in diameter group..

bought from concealed handgun carry instructor Tom Tomassi for $20.

One box used to qualify with .45 auto using Tomassi's rental high-capacity gun.
Conceal carry handgun classes in New Mexico 2009.

purchased at about at about $10/box on sale in about 2002 at Big Five sporting goods .

45 shooter spent about 8 * .40 = $3.20 emptying his Kimber.

About 10 * 10/525 = $.19 spent empting s&w 22a-1 pistol.

Only about 85-90% of above Remington shells fire. Not enough primer, we were told.

Practice clearing the pistol valuable.

Autos jam.

Returning from the shooting range.

Large-scale solar generation of electricity damaging clouds.

Video of return of essential non-gas-wasting trip.


Video for landscaper Shane Black.

Fun ... and money-making project.


shane black t4 landscaping. Google images far left features shane.

scorpion silhouette named james images picture stone mailbox shane built. Flagstone work too.

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