Battery charging Werker 12 V 9Ah experiments
Grid vs solar costs

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Data opposed to open mouths and creative writing.

Surface 2 MYSTERY: Haswell's here, so WHY the duff battery life?
Apple has just refreshed its high-end portable line with Intel's Haswell chips, delivering Iris graphics and battery life improvements much like those from the recent MacBook Air update. The 13-inch model manages nine hours of battery life, and the 15-inch unit can last for eight hours on a charge.

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013 15:38

Vern Raburn, the founder and former CEO of Eclipse Aviation Corp.,
The history of Eclipse Aviation is the story of the largest financial failure in the history of general aviation, one that experts have predicted will have a lasting impact on the aerospace industry.
is at the helm of another New Mexico aviation-pioneering startup. Titan Aerospace, a small company that’s building a new solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle in Moriarty, hopes to get a very high-profile boost from its new chairman and CEO .

Monday October 14, 2013 13:45

When the wind blows The hopes, fears and worries of Europe’s quest for renewable energy Sep 7th 2013 was brought to my attention by John Sobolewski on September 9, 2013 when he handed me his copy of The Economist.
If at times Germany has too much of a good thing, at others it must suck power from nuclear plants across the border in France. And German ministers still worry about the risk of blackouts when the weather is cold, the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow.

Neighbours such as Poland and the Czech Republic complain that power surges from ermany are playing havoc with their grids
. ...

Another oddity is that Germany pays some of the lowest wholesale prices for electricity in Europe, yet suffers from some of the highest retail prices. Consumers are burdened with all manner of network fees, taxes and ever-growing charges to subsidise renewable energy.

Is large-scale solar scam/fraud?

Possible truth of allegations mount.

UNLV takes second place in Solar Decathlon

Saturday October 12, 2013 12:58

LCD Mobile Oscilloscope DSO Nano V3.

Friday October 11, 2013 06:26

Robot kit comes fully programmable in C language.

Large-scale solar generation of electricity possible scam/fraud several year investigation
reveals that solar works but produces electricity at an inconvenient time.

Solar battery charging and water pumping times are relatively unimportant so solar works fairly well at these applications.

Mr Swan in below article explains the problem of large-scale solar generation of electricity
As of the end of 2012 Germany had more than 30 GW of "nameplate" PV solar capacity and more than 30 GW of wind generation capacity. For a few hours around noon during windy spring days renewable energy regularly meets up to 40% or more of total German electrical requirements.

Unfortunately there is a large dark cloud towering above this silver lining. Despite ever-increasing generation capacity, wind and solar sources have failed to consistently produce power when it is needed or significantly reduce German dependence upon traditional thermal generation assets (coal and natural gas-fired plants and nuclear plants).  ...

PV Solar generation also displays a great deal of variability and of course is not available after sunset when electricity demand is still quite high. The seasonal variation of PV generation in Germany is even more disturbing with winter values less than a quarter of summer values.

With renewable generation varying by an order of magnitude across the seasons and sometimes within a few hours at night how has the German electrical sector managed to keep the lights on? By depending upon traditional thermal generating assets which must be kept fully operational as "spinning reserves" that are available at all times to back-up renewable sources.
and hence why large-scale solar generation of electricity may be a scam/fraud.

Why IKEA's solar panels are a great idea

Experiments, not open mouths or creative writing.

Werker 12 V 9Ah discharge video.

Werker discharged video.

No load Werker discharged voltage video.

Dirty solar panel video.

Panel voltage before connecting to HQRP regulator was over 20V video.

Solar panel cleaned video.

Solar panel oriented toward sun video.

How did we get into solar video.

One sun is .268 A out of calibrated solar panel video.

Werker solar charged video.

Destop XP installation was pimary task. Solar battery charging was background task!


Thursday October 3, 2013 11:35

Measurement with inexpensive devices is theme of many of these pages.

Harbor Freight makes our electrical experiments possible.
There is no Moore’s Law for batteries.

which means Large-scale possible solar battery charging scam/fraud hypotheses can be tested.

Harbor Freight recently lowered price on


which means more test on AC output.

Early models of the Kill A Watt were damaged/destoryed by modified sine wave input. Later models tolerate modified sine wave input.

Tuesday October 1, 2013 14:42

Battery charging is primary focus. Gride vs solar.

Smart charger is focus used to charge driver/drill NiCd battery

Charging video1.

NiCd charged video.

.09 kWh at $.12/kWh = .$.03. :)

Smart charger destroyed by plugging it into modified sine wave Harbor Freight inverter.

12V 9 Ah AGM battery salvaged from APC XS 1200 UPS float charge start video.

Fast float charge video.

Float charge complete video.

Cfl power draw video.

Moment of truth video.

Battery discharged to 12V. Discharge halted video..

Field trip to Maloof model plane airfield while battery was discharging through cfl.

Drone helicopters.

Drone helicopter video.

toyota corolla died at filling station.

Cell phone call caused bill to buy battery at Autozone.

Autzone employee told bill car battery was good, then no prorate payment.

Decision made to tow corrola, then get the battery tested on Monday September 30, 2013.

Duggers phoned with Tracfone LG840G cell phone.

Loading corrola video.

Towing employee told that we have towing insurance.

Unloading corrola at J & M on Candelaria at Juan Tabo.

Reasonable bill.

Allstate agent told bill that if he had not mentioned to driver that we had towing insurance, then the bill may have been more.

Point is of car battery dying is that batteries cause problems.

Off-grid solar electric systems batteries die too. And are expensive to repair and replace especially if you not diy.

Oil change got easier after Sekiu, WA 2013 salmon fishing trip.

No problem getting up after lying on concrete.


Cabin filters changed too.

PC hardware/software is another expertise.

CyberPower 425VA test caused XP to no longer boots.

WD 1TB SATA ordered to augment crashed driver. Arrives from Amazon Wednesday 10.02/13 in afternoon.

Electricity may get lots more expensive and there may be electricity shortage and outages in the future.

Lenovo G560 pictured is drawing about 24W compared to 171 W for the desktop.

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