Do electric meters spin backwards in New Mexico?

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1 PNM billing when more solar-generated power returned to grid than consumed audio.
2 Grid tie inverter pointed lecture.

Grid tie inverer video.

WARNING Permit may be required to return power to grid?



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Net Metering and Interconnection.


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Tuesday March 12, 2013 06:30

Is home solar generated electricity first consumed by the home and excess power returned to PNM causing the electric meter to spin backwards?

Does PNM pay customer for this returned electricity? At what rates? When does check arrive?

This is in addition to REC payment, of course.

Investigation resumes with field trip to 310 Solar on Monday March 11, 2013.

Video 1.
Video 2.
Video 3.

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Net metering.

Urban Survival Friday March 15, 2013.
Around the Ranch: Power Testing

Well, the local electric outfit inspector came out a few days ago, took a look at my external building disconnect for my grid-tie solar, mentioned to BroInLaw Panama Bates that I had done complete overkill (what ilse is new?) and signed off.

Next fellow from the power company came out yesterday and put in a new meter but with low loads, there was not power sold back to the grid. But I did have some loads on, so later on today, around noon, I will kill everything around here and see if I can sell back by first KWhr.

Of course with everything off, if my gear says XX kwhrs came out, and there were no loads anywhere here, the we will have to have a conversation about this net metering of theirs... but we shall see.

My system was selling 0.8 kwhrs yesterday for 2-hours and nothing registered, but that may have been used up the Electrical Detective Hat goes on...more to come Monday in this (yawn) exciting adventure as we seek to kind "Who killed Watts?" Testing, testing, hello, testing...

Urban Survival Tuesday March 12, 2013.
Power Selling

Assuming you read about my installation of solar power getting inspected shortly (again) here's one from reader Lloyd up in Tennessee:

"George, I don't know about Texas, but in Tennessee (at least the county I live in) "net metering" means the power company will most likely install two meters at your location. One meter keeps tab of the power you consume from the power company, and the other meter keeps track of the power you sell them. Hence deduct one from the other and you have what they call "net metering".

Only wrinkle in our area is that you can never sell them more than you buy. It simply will not happen, no matter how big your system. You always end up on the short end of the exchange. But selling the power company some is better than none. Also, been trying to track down the link you had (I believe in 2012) to an article about a return to the silver standard that allowed the dollar to "float" somewhat against the silver price. Any insight as to where to dig for this article? Good luck with your inspection. "

I'd expect nothing less from Tennessee - it's a state of highwaymen posing as police on the Interstates and no reason to expect that kind of thinking wouldn't permeate other areas of state government, as well.

I'll let you know if it has spread here.

Another reader (Ray in NH) offers this:

"Hi George, Your article about the recent tussle with the power company reinforces my belief that I made the right decision with my solar electric system 22 years ago.

I decided to not tie my system into the grid. It would have required special equipment, a more expensive inverter, and inspections. At the time, they bought power at wholesale rates and sold it back at retail. The battery bank can be charged from the grid. Basically the grid functions as a backup generator would in a completely off grid home.

My system is a tad undersized, providing about 80% of what I need. During grid power outages conservation easily makes up the difference. Here in northern NH, we have some dark months. The grid gets more use then. Now I'm getting lots of solar power as the stronger sun is reflecting off the snow pack.

As for dollars and cents, my grid bill runs from just under $12 to a crazy high of $90 (dark December, house full of company, Christmas lights, and so on.) I'm at the point in my life where instead of adding more panels, I'm looking at reducing load even more. I think I'll just shut the house down for the winter and go sailing in southern waters. "

Good luck on that, not forget to advise the checkpoints 24-hours in advance...freedom of the seas is long gone. Unless you're rich, of course.

If solar can work in New Hampshire, it can work anywhere. I can't help but think investing in solar panels is as good as gold (which is why I have more panels than gold, lol). Besides, who's going to claim 100 solar panels in the garage were part of a drug deal. See what I mean? Some investments are safer than others...

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