Stepping stone

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Wednesday April 10, 2013 12:57
Wednesday April 10, 2013 13:02


Wednesday April 10, 2013 13:00
Wednesday April 10, 2013 13:00

Crusher pea gravel compacts, round pea does not.

Feet sink in round pea gravel. :(

Example of crusher pea with stepping stones set by T4 landscaper Shane Black.

T4 on Angie's list.

About 1/4 palette ordered by phone from Canyon Stone Wednesday morning.

Visit on Tuesday resulted in selection of 'raspberry' colored stone.

Joe aided in selection and took phone order.

Stones weighted 900 pounds and cost

bill and Frank

[Frank last summer] loaded trailer.

Frank expressed concern that the trailer might be overloaded.

No. Trailer rated at 1,000 pounds.

Trailer disconnected from CR-V.

Stepping stones will be placed from right of saw horse to railroad tie segment separating the round pea cravel from the bark.

Shane plans to do this next week.

Canon SX160 IS digital camera PC XP installation problem.

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