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Payne was contacted by Scott Shane of the Baltimore Sun

No Such Agency Part Four - Rigging the Game The Baltimore Sun, December 10, 1995, pp. 9-11.

By Scott Shane and Tom Bowman, Sun Staff

Spy Sting: Few at the Swiss factory knew the mysterious visitors were pulling off a stunning intelligence coup -- perhaps the most audacious in the National Security Agency's long war on foreign codes.

to ask for copies of the documentation and tape Buehler sent.

Here are jpgs of some of the originals. There were about 22 pages sent.

Payne didn't know what Shane was up to until he read

Electronic Engineering Times, January 22, 1996, p. 84.

J Orlin Grabbe was sent a copy of materials.

Next, this leak was compounded by the U.S. demonstration that it was also reading secret Iranian communications. As reported in Switzerland's Neue Zurcher Zeitung, the U.S. provided the contents of encrypted Iranian messages to France to assist in the conviction of Ali Vakili Rad and Massoud Hendi for the stabbing death in the Paris suburb of Suresnes of the former Iranian prime minister Shahpour Bakhtiar and his personal secretary Katibeh Fallouch. [2]

Sarhadi was acquitted.
Wednesday, October 25, 2006; 7:54 PM

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Argentine prosecutors asked a federal judge on Wednesday to order the arrest of former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani and seven others for the 1994 bombing of a Jewish cultural center that killed scores of people.

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Dear Bill,

I have received a cassette tape and other information.


Your Japanese writing is fine, and I can understand it.

Best regards.
Masanori Fushimi

Here's the postcard from Laszlo Baranyi requesting the tape.

Here's the tape and envelope containing the tape

Francona was on CNBC about 11:30 April 12, 2006 talking about Iran.

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Subject: US support to Iraq in 1980s
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Read with interest your article on NSA, Crypto AG, and Iraq. I was part of the operation that supplied information to Iraq in 1988. While in the field with the Iraqi Army, I saw the Crypto AG machines in use. I cover some of these events in my book. Rick Francona-- Ally to Adversary - An Eyewitness Account of Iraq's Fall from Grace by Rick Francona