CyberPower UPS battery backup FIRE HAZARD!

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Saturday September 21, 2013 13:19
Thursday October 10, 2013 13:145

Destop XP installation tutorial. Recovery from the UPS test about complete.

Where are the Metal Oxide Varistors?

Power went off Thursday October 10, 2013 about 13:08.


Conext worked perfectly. Beeped twice.

Grid power returned several minutes later.

Did not have chance to view modified sine wave output voltage.


Failure of APC and CyberPower UPSs caused us to order DSO Nano Oscilloscope v3.

Scheduled to arrive October 17 and November7, 2013

Hemingway Dead of Shotgun Wound; Wife Says He Was Cleaning Weapon

Smart charging wave forms and inverter output can be tested.

CyberPower 525SL failed without adequate warning.

Conext 900.

UPS operations becoming clearer. :)

Conext Battery Back Up 900AVR test Friday 09/272013 20.24

Test setup.

Meters measure batter DC voltage and output AC voltage.

15 A MALE 3-PRONG STRAIGHT BLADE PLUG, Harbor Freight ITEM 93686 used to connect black test lead hot, white ground to AC Volt meter.

CyberPower disaster 1.

Video 2.

Conext works 3.

90 V about minimum input for PC power supply?

[You learning? I am.]

Conext 900 AVR Battery. 12Ah > 9Ah so charging system okay?

Free Harbor Freight digital multimeter are not all the same inside. Even with the same part number.

Shrinked board, Socketed fuse. No shielding.

Shiielding makes contact with borard through spring. :)

Harbor Freight free meters work astonishing well.

Thutsday September 26, 2013 09:38


Charging or returning the CyberPower 425VA on agenda.

Return? Phillips screw driver won't remove battery access screw.

Inability to remove screw means 425VA gets returned.

BEWARE: Undisclosed Change in Battery Specifications.


Screw pulled out of hole with 27 LED flashlight magnet. See it? :)

Video 1.

Video 2.

Another free 9 LED flashlight. [Flashlights are Christmas presents for kindergartners at Catholic school.]

Observe voltage and current as 425VA charges for 8 hours.

8 hour initial 425VA charge test video.

Update video.

Initial battery charge phase complete.

Power shut off after about 7 hours 44 minutes
Power on 425VA video.


Non-appearance of below jpgs triggered alert.


before running

load test 1

load test 2

load test 3

load test 4
Disconnect all devices from your UPS except your computer.

Reconnect all other deivices to a power strip.

Verify that your computer system is working.

Then disconnect your UPS from grid power to see if UPS switches from line to modified sine power AC to power your computer.

Is battery backup system working?
Computer load test.

which repeats.

Red Alert!

Media manipulator.

Wednesday September 25, 2013 15:09

Hello EnergyCentral employee, contributors and websites visitors,

Invalid password at EnergyCentral evening of Tuesday September 24, 2013 could not be fixed.

could not be fixed.


Email also sent.

Listen to reponse to sent email.

Audio for EnergyCentral personnel, contributers, and websites visitors.



Wednesday September 25, 2013 16:01


Michelle Press
Global Marketing Communications Manager
+1 847-664-1966

Hello Ms Press,

Damage to our carpet caused by apparent inadequate UL testing of CyberPower UPS battery charging designs and implementations prompts me to bring the matter to UL's attention.

Evidence is seen at

What UL tests were conducted on CyberPower battery charging systems?

What went wrong?

Please ack if you receive this email.

Please respond by October 9, 2013.



•In 2010, an estimated 16,800 reported U.S. non-confined or confined home structure fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines resulted in 51 civilian deaths, 380 civilian injuries and $236 million in direct property damage.

Surge protector, portable, low-cost hardware project started Tuesday September 24, 2013 05:44.

Eparts audio.


Page 38.

Plan change.

Introduction audio.

Harbor Freight MALE CONNECTOR item 93686 [Not found on Harbor Freight website]

Always get free item, especially a digital multimeter, of course.

Take care in wiring. W for 'white' is neutral.

Two MOV leads connect to hot side [black wire], one to neutral [white wire] and one to ground [green wire].

Plug shown uncovered so connections visible.

Cover leads with plastic cap for actual use.

If bigger MOVs used, then jerry rig a cover. Or risk electrocution, of course.

Daisy chaining power strip?
Power draw must be carefully observed when daisy chaining power strips.

No more than two in series is our rule.

But we parallel of the first power strip.

Maybe only the strip plugged into the wall need to be MOV protected?

Tuesday September 24, 2013 07:39
Bill soldered MOVS into power strips in the early 1980s for surge protction.

Better idea today stimulated by the APC SX 1200 failure, study of surge protection on UPSs and Triplite strips, and Harbor Freight item#91334 'surge-protected' [0 Joules] inexpensive, but good, four terminal strip.

Tuesday September 24, 2013 07:36


MOV-07D201KTR Bourns Inc.

VARISTOR 205V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 11,101 - Immediate 0.11000 @ qty 4 1 - 205V 1.2kA 1 130VAC 170VDC 13J Disc 7mm


1 Transient Voltage Surge Protection.

2 MOV (Metal Oxide Varistors).

3 bourns mov application notes.

4 littelfuse mov application notes.


5 Has anyone attempted to clean up a modified sine wave inverter output, and with what results?

Either an auto transformer or an induction motor load both do a very respectable job of cleaning up a MSW. Using an auto transformer to do it, I doubt you could tell the difference between the transformer output and a real pure sine wave.

6 The ABCs of MOVs

7 Varistors Introduction

Saturday September 21, 2013 13:19


APC technician diagnosis of XS 1200 audio.

APC proposal

APC SX 1200 batteries recently replaced.

connected to Windows 2000 device driver development desktop.

Orange button pushed. Nothing happened.

Unplugged then lifted.

Fingers burned when lifting UPS. :(


Tuesday September 24, 2013 17:19

Hello CyberPower,

Is burn mark on carpet repair covered under Guarantee?

Please ack if you receive this message.


Thinking of getting a UPS how safe are they?

[Note comment on daisy chaining.]

Litearay energy scams?

Reason is that 525SL was trying to charge.

which should be 12 V nominal.

Substitution of APC Werker 12 V 9Ah AGM battery for 535SL proved to work ... for a while

525SL failed overnight.

Werker battery tested okay.

But 525SL emitted electric burning odor.

525LS and SX safely disposed of at

Menual and Juan Tabo, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

connected to Windows 98 desktop.

Not plugged in. Beeps lot one reason.

ON/OFF button push when plugged in didn't cause start.

Battery removal

Battery measured in the 2 V range.

Batteries Plus in Albuquerque phoned.

May work with 12V 9Ah Werker AGM battery used in XS 1200?

Batteries safely disposed of at BestBuy.

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