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Friday June 10, 2011 07:44
Sunday June17, 2012 15:35

Reason for this 'vacation', in part. Getting our stolen $22,036.00 back.

Vacation work product
Motion for Leave to Intervene
Case No. 11-00123-UT

Coal Data Contacts

Natural Gas Experts

Renewable Energy/Alternate Fuels Experts


Environmental Experts

Energy Consumption, End Uses and Efficiency Contacts

International Experts

Economic/Finanical Analysis Contacts

Total Energy

'Working vacation' in sense we have Lenovo G560 and Toshiba 505D LS5007 computers and Silicon Labs C8051Fx C2 flash protocol to work on.

The Lenovo G560 [< $400] is impressive with low-bar internet connection. power management, and even performance.

External Gearhead [< $15] key board, Belkin powered 7 port USB hub [< $25], and 3/4 TB Verbatim drive [< $75] makes G560 comparable to our desktop while using only about 20% of the power.

5 bar wireless at Ramada in Lacy, WA.

Lenovo builds to IBM specfications, we were told by Keith Chung at PC/Magic. And IBM handles software maintence we know from actual experience.

No foreign accents from Lenovo/IBM help!

IBM/Lenovo may challenge Apple in the laptop PC world?

IBM marks a century of technolgy by Michael Hill and Jordan Robertson read in The Oregonian, Thursday June 16, 2011.

Sunday Morning also carried the story. Mentioning the IBM 360 where IBM eventually went wrong direction.

8088 instructions lots better than 360.

IBM may be back to challenge Apple with the help of Lenovo?

Running XP on a Lenovo laptop is LOTS less expenive running XP on Paralell Desktop on an Apple. By about a factor of 3 or 4 X.

Let's watch core I3, I5 and I7 laptop technology.

Saturday June 25, 2011 06:35

Port of Longview.

Millennium focused on cleanup as coal terminal process plays out.

millenium longview.

Millennium Bulk Terminals-Longview, LLC operates bulk commodity terminals. The company was incorporated in 2010 and is based in Longview, Washington. Millennium Bulk Terminals Longview, LLC operates as a subsidiary of Ambre Energy Ltd.

Ambre Energy is building a vertically-integrated thermal coal mining and export business in the United States and a domestic mining operation in Australia.

Our prime strategy is to acquire operating and undervalued coal assets in the US and develop the logistical infrastructure required to service strong and growing export markets with a high quality thermal coal product.


Thursday June 23, 2011 06:18

Oregon ports in hunt for coal deals by Scott Learn of the Oregonian article caused our below Longview field trip.

Port of St. Helens a potential candidate for a terminal to export coal to Asia look to be very similar, if not identical article.

U.S. Coal Exports

Lunch in Longview, WA then field trip to


to try to locate proposed coal export terminal.

Employee gave us directions.

We commented that if the US is reporting energy problems, then why is coal being exported.

U.S. Coal Exports

Employee said, "I hear you."

Coal pile discovered on Millennium property.

Office at


Employee reported that this is proposed coal export facility.

Employee reported that coal pile is to be delivered to Weyerhaeuser.

Embedded Controller Forth for the 8051 family may be running machine stress graded code at Weyerhaeuser facilities.

One large lumber company does not use this equipment. CANFOR uses this code.

Mount Hood view from bridge over Columbia river on Tuesday June 21,2011.

Photos entered at Salt Lake airport Wednesday June 22, 2011.


Salmon fishing on the Gold Rush Saturday June 18, 2011.

John Sobolewski caught the biggest fish of day.

That's deck hand Colin, son of captain Kevin.

Hatchery king salmon missing adipose fin are legal.

Bill caught big fish

but it had adipose fin and was released.

Listen to Kevin talk about fuel consumption of the twin John Deere diesels. mp3 edited Thursday June 23, 3011

Sunday June 19, 2011 view of the Satsop nuclear plant cooling towers between Aberdeen and Olympia, WA.

In the 1970's, the Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS, aka "whoops") began the largest nuclear power plant construction project in U.S. history

Comparing internet connectivity between G560 and 505D LS5007.

Surf is a eye level.

505D is not as senstive to low internet signal reception as G560.

Toshiba 505D LS5007 reports 54 Mb/s while Lenovo G560 reports 1.0 Mb/s.

Internet receive, but not send, works on G560 but not on 505D.

Tsunami concerns valid.


Sign in Cannon Beach photographed Thursday June 16, 2010.

Fresnel lighthouse light seen at Westport Maritime museum Thursday June 16, 2010.

Bill caught a yelloweye rockfish which was released on Friday June 17, 2011.

Quillback rockfish.

Deck hand Jason, son of captain Steve, took four cuts per side to clean fish.

Boat limited by 10:30.

Only seven fishermen so captain presumable fished close-in so as not to waste diesel at about $4/gallon.

Listen to captain Steve talk about his diesel engines.

Low tide Haysack rock Wednesday June 15, 2011.


Eight foot difference between low and high tides.

Walking on beach is primary activity at Cannon Beach.

Star fish

Monday June 13, 2011 essential non-gas-wasting field trip.


Expensive and good halibut dinner Monday night.

Tuesday June 14, 2011

Low flow showerheads are fortunately not used at SurfSand.

New Mexico Gas Company has a low flow showerhead efficiency program. :-)

Weak and slow room Internet in room required office computing.

Lenovo battery lasts 3 hours on

Lenovo G560 learning is part of working vacation.


Fellow wearing red WSU sweatshirt took

He was 1980s computer science major at Washington State University!

John Sobolewski is 1971 Ph.D. grad of WSU in computer science.

From: "John Sobolewski" To:,
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 9:51:46 PM
Subject: IMPORTANT! Westport Reservations

Because of expected crowds in Westport on opening day of salmon fishing on Saturday June 18, I made some reservations for the 2 of us. We have reservations on the boat "Gold Rush" of Wesport Chrarters (360-268-0900 or 800-562-0157). They expect you to call them and give them your credit card number unless you want to cancel. We have to check to their office at 5:30 am on June 18. The boat leaves at 6 am sharp.

I have also taken the liberty of reseving a bottom fishing trip for you on "Hula Girl", also of Westport Charters, on friday June 17. You should also call them about that reservation and give them your credit card number and report to their office at 6:30 am and the boat leaves at 7:00 am.

I just came back from Westport where I spent a day bottom fishing on the "Hula Girl". I got my limit of 10 bass and 2 ling cod and caught countless others that were thrown back or were given to others on the boat. My arms are aching from reeling. You fish in about 120 feet of water just off the bottom. If you do not get a fisg in about 2 minutes, you have to reel up because your bait may have been stripped. They do not strike very hard, unlike salmon. This constant going down and reeling up sure makes your arms ache. Make sure you have plenty of plastic bags for 20 to 30 pounds of fillets.

Photographer was at WSU in computer science when that department finally imploded.

Monday June 13, 2011 08:58

Lenovo G560 [$399 - now $369] dual core P6100 4 gig DDR3 ram, over 2.5 hours actual battery life [about 4 advertised] connected through Belkin powered 7 port USB hub [less than $30] to Verbatin 7.5 TB less than $100 disk, mp3 recorder [about $100, Fuji A600] digital camera, gearhead keyboard [less then $10], Logitech 310 mouse.

Never in our about 51 years of computing have we even seen such advances in computing.

Computing center on table at Heidi's Inn Wednesday June 8 through Monday June 13, 2011.


Belkin 7 port powered USB hub is connected to Verbatim 3/4 T drive.

Wireless mouse USB are connected directly to laptops for reason that the mice can be used on a plane.

These machines are nearly as good as our AMD Phenom 9950 quad core desktop.

The 9950 consumes about 150 watts including USB hub.

The G560 consumes less than 25 Watts.

Saturday we travelled to Westport for scenery and to make motel reservations

Sunday we walked the Columbia river north jetty.

Walk to north lighthouse.

North lighthouse built too high required construction of south lighthouse closer to water.

Driving on beach is permitted.


Friday June 10 we visited Willapa [will a paw] Bay Interpreted Center


We saw a good video about the Oyster industry and got a lecture.

Above lecturer handed Oyster booklet to bill when we were leaving.

Neat, concise, and informative writing, IMO 

Here's oyster bed behind Center.

Oysters are attached to lines suspended from stake with U notch in top in this bed.

Lots of different technologies, included distributing oysters on the bottom, are used we learned.

Oyster shells are everwhere.

1/2 pound of dungeness crab purchased in Chinook, WA

for consumption in motel room. On the 9th [Patty and bill 's 49th wedding anniversary] and on 11th - bill's 74th birthday.

Some of Thursday June 9 2011 activities.

Eagle seen at Long Beach, WA.

Beach looking north near Klipsan, WA.

Woods north of Kipsan. Leadbetter point.

Trolley in Astoria, OR.

Electricity to power trolley is furnished by towed/pushed 600 volt diesel generator.

Diesel power generation station was super-quiet.

When senior citizen volunteer operator applied electric power, a slight black cloud came from the exhaust stack and the diesel engine rpms increased.

Impressive engineering feat.

$2/person trip was fun and educational.

You will learn that all canned Alaska salmon is the same.

The label on the can is added after the salmon is bulk purchased in Astoria.

Ryan Crocker , Whitman college 1971 english major.
President Barack Obama's choice for U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan insisted on Wednesday that the United States must continue its multibillion-dollar investment to achieve a "good enough" government in Kabul that would prevent the country from backsliding into a sanctuary for terrorists.

Ryan Crocker was challenged repeatedly by skeptical senators who questioned a costly war now in its 10th year and nation building that a fresh congressional report found has had limited success despite nearly $19 billion in foreign aid over a decade. That's more than the United States has spent in any other country, including Iraq.

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