Deschutes river flyfish
Friday June 14, 2013

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Thursday June 20, 2013 09:36
Friday June 21, 2013 06:28

Astoria OR trolley video.

Vacation June 6-18, 2013.

Guide Brian Silvey's Ford Excursion towing drift boat behind rental Malibu in Maupin OR on June 14, 2013 08:00.

Deschutes river. BNSF railroad seen across river.

Scenery nearly identical to Snake river near Pullman WA.

Float trip start. Brian.


Trip end.

Floated 7 miles.

Brian zooms in to photograph

Native sheep apparently died off because they catch domestic sheep diseases, Brian said.

Reintroduction program.

Caught eight and six inch rainbow trout and one whitefish. Fishing not so good but fun trip.

Last year big trout caught!

2008 salmon fishing trip to Sekiu WA resulted in John and Bill getting skunked.

But we still had fun.

Weather was beautiful. No rain.

Salmon wait in the ocean until rain starts. Then rivers fill and they can swim upstream to spawn.

Search for Richard Sauder in above link. Sauder revealed a technicolor dream of an attack on a nuclear aircraft carries at the Frontier restaurant in Albuquerque prior to departure on 2008 salmon fishing trip.

Sauder emailed bill at Clallam Bay wanting to know if bill knew of any details. Bill did not.

Deschutes is NOT senior citizen-friendly river. Big basalt rocks on bottom.

Guide Brian supplied wading stick and his arm.

Brian said that if I go into the water, then we both go. :)

Guide and bill talked mostly about solar and wind generation of electricity. And solar water pumping!

Flyfishing is one of the more energy-intensive sports, especially in a Ford Excusion with 10 ply Toyo tires.

To Ilwaco WA view Saturday June 15, 2013.

Guide is most important on fishing trips.

No fish may be caught.

Conversation with guide invaluable.

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