Vacation June 6-18, 2013

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Sunday June 2, 2013 11:54
Thursday July 25, 2013 11:11


Wind Turbines, WA Thursday June 13, 2013.

Deschutes river flyfish Friday June 14, 2013.

Garlic festival, Ocean Park, WA Sunday June 16, 2013.

Opened Wednesday June 18, 2013 on return from vacation.


Salmon and crab required flatening.


Salmon made from circular saw blades.

Dorsal fin has saw blade tip. Shiny.

Green and rust patina.

Permatex clear sealer used to attach silhouettes to background rocks.

Permatex blue attaches background to stablizing rock.

Solar water feature video.

Port Angeles WA return from Victoria BC on MV Coho on on Tuesday June 11, 2013.


Kingston to Edmonds on Ferry Walla Walla.

Seattle WA, Wednesday June 12, 2013

Photo taken on return to Edmonds Motel.

Dinner with John and Carole Sobolweski in Kenmore Wa

Salmon fishing trip in late summer discussed.

Opened Wednesday June 18, 2013 on return from vacation..

Unessential material redacted.

NMGC Energy Efficiency Public Advisory Meeting - July 11.

California Energy Storage Plan May Require $3 Billion Investment

The Five Billion Euro Question

Ronald Hopkins.

American Revolution: Shale Oil & Gas.

New Technologies and Approaches Will Change the Electric Grid Forever.

Is NSA Leaker Edward Snowden a Hero or a Traitor.

What We Don't Know About Spying on Citizens: Scarier Than What We Know.

MV Coho on way to Victoria Monday June 10, 2013



Lawn bowling video.

James Bamford featured twice on Blitzer NSA segment on Snowdon.

China Wants to Avoid Getting Caught Up in Snowden Affair: Expert

Red Lion Hotel Port Angles, WA


Ediz Hook looking north to Canada.

South view of Port Angeles from Ediz Hook.

City pier

Dinner Sunday with Keith and Fran Wollen.

Keith, Fran and bill Sunday June 10, 2013. Washington State University buddies.

Keith Wollen was WSU prof colleague.

Viz June 9, 2013 16:31.

Willapa Bay

June 8, 2013


Pacific ocean at Ocean Park Saturday June 8, 2013.

Walk toward ocean sunday June 9, 2013 [Patty and bill's 51 wedding anniversary]

Crest of walk video of ocean video.

Toward South Bend, WA.

Garmin Nüvi 1450.

Satsop, WA

Failed Visions of a Nuclear Future: The Satsop Power Plant.

Clam hunters. Hood canal.

Olympic rain forest travel.

Vacation shared with recovery of $22,036 stolen from our INSURED Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union retirement protected saving accounts.

'Let's testify why money should NOT be returned.' is strategy of the poorly liberal arts 'educated' must be combated.

On Internet, Facebook and Twitter, of course.

was observed in about 2008 telling a non-contributer to effectiively shut up.

Ms Homan was involved in an unfortunate natural gas efficiency PRC procedure.

Not the Ms Homan known in 2008.

What's up?

Video of surf, sand, and Haystack Rock Saturday June 8, 3013. 

Nuclear carrier[s] reactor melltdown[s] 2008 warning by Dr Richard Sauder at Albuquerque Frontiier Resturant breakfast

James Bamford, a journalist and author of several books on the NSA, said it's very surprising to see that the agency tracks domestic calls, including local calls. In 2006, USA Today reported that the NSA was secretly collecting a database of domestic call information. However, some phone companies denied any involvement in such a program.

Bamford's assumption was that the uproar over a separate, post-9/11 warrantless wiretapping program and the departure of the Bush administration meant that the NSA had been reined in.

Essential non-gas-wasting travel.

Wooden Puffin in front of SurfSand Friday June 7, 2013


Start of walk to Haystack Rock.

Live Puffin seen through 'scope.

Tillamook Cheese Factory for lunch.

Mountain Huckleberry waffle cones.

Waffle cone manufacture.

High tide looking north toward Cannon Beach.

Haystack Rock high tide.

Possible recovery of our stolen $22,036 may be attributable to six Persians?

1 Ahmad Zoubin
2 Shahab Mozaffari
3 Katayoon Mazhari
4 Sahar Mehrroz
5 Ghazal Sohrabi and Yashin Sohrabi

Invisibility is weapon used by TPTB can now be defeated with Internet, Facebook, and Twitter.

Astoria Meglar bridge Thursday June 6, 2013 return from LINDA BRAND CRAB & SEAFOOD in CHINOOK, WA .

Three crab cocktails bought along with veggie plate bought at Safeway in Astoria.

Viz essential.

Pro se fights operation in Cannon Beach, OR.


Recovery of stolen $22,036 continues.

Foam cooler, organe juice and two muffins for breakfast bough too at Safeway in Astoria, OR.

Swiss miss hot chocalate packets in motel room. Breakfast.

14 containers including large raised garden.

Drip  systems finally working on Tuesday June 6, 2013. Trees on one system, veggies on second.

1/3 to 1/2 of orbitz emitters faulty.

West side container gardens.

Water feature is solar powered when installed.

Front three containers

seen to the right of scorpion silhouette named James.

Vacation started Saturday June 1, 2013 with container garden lecture at Jericho nursery.

Jim Sais Seminar THIS WEEKEND!

Important points are

1 foreground
2 middle
3 background

to any container.
High Country occupied space now occupied by Jerhico.

But High Country went out of business.

Similar lecture at High Country Santa Fe professional container planter emphasized same points are Mr Sais.
Jim Sais uses a color wheel to chose flower colors.


Mr Sais is a shill. But a highly inteiligent and fun one to listen too.

Mr Sais loaded containers with near $100 of plants. :)

Sais is a Hispanic name.

Jim Sais is 100% anglo. And about several weeks older than Saddam Hussien [28 April 1937 ].

Mr Smith, who we know, is 100% Hispanic. Name idenitifcation doesn't always work.

Negar Mosavi [hope i got the right negar] and Ghazal Sorhabi are fluent in English.

Dirty Tricks in Syria's Civil War - Spiked Ammo.

Then to Los Pinos fly shop to replace old fly line


Attaching about 20 lb monofilament to fly line requires skill. Phil's work.



Colonscopy mp3 recording discussion.

Where the sun does not shine.

Trip to Santa Fe to see the Oliphant exhibit.

Tres lagunas forest fire seen from I 25 near Santo Domingo pueblo.

Meanwhile, an uncontained blaze near Santa Fe, N.M., had spread to nearly 10 square miles by Saturday night, making it apparently the largest of several wildfires burning in the West as it placed the city under a blanket of haze.

Pecos fire.


Apology for fuzzy photo.

Containers in Santa Fe are planted by people who make their living doing this, I leaned at High Country lecture!

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