Waste Management
Rio Rancho landfill
Monday October 29,2012

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Tuesday October 30, 2012 07:58
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Tuesday October 30, 2012 06:22

Stone mailbox project

Southeast corner of lot fill with rocks, dirt, and juniper roots over more than year long landscape project.

T4 Landscaper Shane Black loaded trailer with this refuse.

D7 at Rio Rancho Waste Management landfill.

D7 backed to this position while bill was unloading the 1,120 pounds of refuse.

Sanida mountains seen in background.

Senior citizen [born 6/11/37].

Wheeled bulldozer at work too.

Sour aroma unpleasant.

Guy to left commented that this was part of the experience.

1,120 pounds of refuse seen behind little trailer blended well into landfill.

Latillas Shane installed while bill discarding refuse.

Refuse pile was behind latillas

Life preserver used to protect Shane's knees.

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