WD 1TB SATA XP installation

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Friday October 4, 2013 09:25
Wednesday November 13, 2013 15:48

Desktop XP installation tutorial.

Wednesday November 13, 2013 15:48

Desktop boots super-fast. IE8 is super-buggy. Firefox replaces IE8. Xfinity server email won't read older messages. Thunderbird replaces IE8.

Tuesday November 5, 2013 13:04

Bad performance of IE 8.0.6001.18502 caused us to think it was the new XP installation.

IE 8 adjustments did fix the problem of lots of sites reporting Done but with errors.

Mozilla Firefox downloaded. No more problems. :)

Server Xfinity email would not read old messages.

Mozilla Thunderbird downloaded on Lenovo G560, N500, and desktop. More than 8,000 emails downloaded. [Leave email on server in Accounts IS IMPORTANT ... and not just for 14 days!]

Cloud computing bad idea.

Malware infection of Desktop apparently cured with Malwarebytes.

Windows 8 Lenovo G580 running XP is under attack.

Sunday October 13, 2013 07:38

XP desktop installation tested with Yahoo1 Finance.

First Solar charts did not appear. HTML error message appeared.

Yahoo Finance warned that charts required Adobe lash player

Adobe flash player would not download.

Fix is in IE 8 Tools >Internet Opions > Security, then set 'Resert all zones to default level'.

Fix took several hours of googling. :(


Norton unable to detect if IE 8 is infected, report received.

Desktop XP installation appear to be working well once minor adjustments made.

Video for jpg.

Bottom disk is WD 1 TB drive.

Orange SATA cable first plugged into SATA 3. Appeared as slave drive.

Old 320 GB drive cable removed from SATA 0 then replaced with orange cable.

320 GB drive then connected to SATA 3.

SATA connectors at lower right.


about $130 into install Windows.

So let's do an XP installation on a desktop.

First BIOS is entered after power-up by holding down the Del key.

BIOS entry depends on the machine. Google to try to find out if a message is not displayed on the monitor.

BIOS main menu

Standard CMOS Features menu

show the WD 1TB as Channel 0 Master.

IDE Channel 3 Slave is the old C drive which won't boot as a result of testing a CyberPower 425VA battery backup UPS.

Set the First Boot Device to be CDROM by tapping the PgUp/PgDn keys.

Set the Second Boot Device to be Hard Disk.

XP requires the SATA type to be Native IDE.

Lenovo laptops call this mode 'Compatible' so be aware that the name may be different depending on the BIOS.

NEVER SELECT 'AHCI'. This is used for Windows 7 and 8.

Always select 'n' if you see the prompt

Upgrade to XP, not downgrade, from Windows 7 and 8 requires swich from AHCI to IDE or compatible mode.

Upgrade? Yup. Windows 7 required upgrade from home to professional to run XP. :)

IBM/Lenovo supports Windows XP though 8.

CAD/CAM software vendors refused to upgrade their products from XP to 7, 8 an CAD/CAM engineer reported. These are IBM customers.

Advanced Host Controller Interface

Save setting once changes made.

Demo exit saving setting not required is reason for Quit Without Saving

Insert XP disk in CDROM.

On power-up see

tap ENTER.

Select NTFS for file system.

Unpartitioned space selected.

ENTER causes

Formatting the WD 1 TB took over one hour.

XP automatically installs when format is complete.

Just answer the questions.

Disk key entry is made near the end of the installation.

Desktop, unlike laptop, installation required loading drivers from

XP then worked lots faster than on the software-polluted old 320 GB C hard drive.

New disk is assigned drive F:.

XP prompts to request registration. Do it.

No problem loading all the paid-for old software like Printscreen 95 V7.0, EPSON Smart Panel, TextBridge Pro 98, HotMetal PRO, WS_FTP95 LE, ....Microsoft Office 2000 and even Forth86. :)

Problem encountered installing HooToo USB 3.0 card demonstrates how to located driver problems.

Viz - for recovery of NCUSIF-insured $22.036 stolen from our Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union savings accounts.

Power Options was first task once XP working with WD 1TB SATA disk.

170 W desktop power decreases to about 45 W in standby and about 25 W in hibernate

Standby power reduction video.

Hibernate power reduction video.

Harbor Freight surge protected power strip disassembled.

This reason for external MOV project.

Desktop horror story and Lenovo G560 video.

Melting UPS video.

And viz.

Computer with preloaded software with no backup system disk is a terrible idea for the reason what we're doing can't be done.

Logitek QuickCam and Microsoft media play 9 installed. Both work.

Windows XP installed on 1TB WD drive.

Unwanted program and hijack of freeware so it can be sold is becoming serious problem

Garbage porgram removal is positive part of desktop crash.

CyberPower to thank for this.

Best Buy Geek Squad employee ran about the same tests as bill did about 5 X faster, then gave up.

Geeker suggested formatting hard disk, then relinstall XP.

Yup. No other options discovered. :(

Saturday October 5, 2013 08:59

Printscreen 95 V7.0 was hijacted by Printscreen 95 New.

Time expended finally getting Printscreen on cd installed.

Hijacking WS_FTP95 LE by NCH software [Wavepad] was also a problem.

Reintalling XP on a new disk should have been done long ago to get rid of garbage software.

Arrived Wednesday afternoon.

SATA and molex power cable purchased from Hallmark. sales@thecableplace.com



WD 1TB installed in SATA 3.

BIOS assigned SATA 3 as a slave. So old 320 GB connected to SATA 1 had to be switched with SATA 3.

1TB assigned drive F: by XP installation. No choice.

PhotoSuite 7 Platinum Home works different than it did on C: drive.

PhotoSuite 7 Platinum Home works totally different on Lenovo G560 laptop.

Toshiba A105, L505D, Lenovo N500, G560, G580 laptops run XP. All have different personalities.

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