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Reason for this page is to try to analyze educational causes for some of the problems in the US legal, media, bureaucratic systems from senior citizen liberal arts undergraduate degree holder perspective.

Payne entered Whitman college in the fall of 1956 after graduation from Shattuck school.

Payne's major interest at San Mateo High School was cars, not studying.

Payne is back to cars again.

So parents sent Payne to Shattuck for shaping-up.

At San Mateo high Payne recalls he took one math and one chemistry course. Science was not emphasized.

At Shattuck Payne took one chemistry, one math and one physic course. Science was a bit more emphasized at Shattuck.

At Whitman college in 1956 Payne took chemistry and physics courses.

had enough math, but not math requiring knowledge of calculus, to indicate that lack of math knowledge was going to cause problems later.

Physics first semester professor Dr Newton Gray was too tough for most of the liberal arts students. So students ran him off to Boeing. Second semester professor Mr Bennett was a nice guy.

Payne did okay, if not well, in both but realized his math skills were inadequate.

College buddy and fellow student majoring in physics Mel Davidson had good math skill learned at Kirkland, WA high school.

Liberal arts at Whitman meant that students had to take required courses in lots of different areas: history, English, foreign languages, chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology ... in order to be graduated.

Decision was made to get out of college as fast as possible. So in the summer of 1957 Payne attended summer school at the University of Colorado to take two Spanish courses [to satisfy foreign language graduation] requirement and one psychology course.

One Spanish prof was Mr Fine, a radio announcer, from Cuba.

Fine looked exactly like Fidel Castro with the exception he was about 5'1" tall.

The second Spanish teacher was a graduate student from Spain who was still sensitive about Spain losing the Spanish American war.

Noting how better prepared Davidson was for science courses, Payne decided to take a math course in the fall of 1957.

Senior citizen Mr Northcutt taught

in 1957.

Tuesday January 8, 2008

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Bill, who are you, and where did you get this?
Chris Griffin


The Russians launched the first artificial satellite from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan which demonstrated the technological superiority of Communism (actually more of a propaganda pain for the US). They equipped the Sputnik with transmitters to broadcast on frequencies at 20 and 40 MHz so everyone will know it's up there.

The United States was shocked. Senator Lyndon Johnson said the Russians have jumped way ahead of us in the conquest of space. "Soon, they will be dropping bombs on us from space like kids dropping rocks onto cars from freeway overpasses!*" [*from a movie that dramatized the emotional impact of that day]. Everyone in the United States were constantly reminded that the Russians were well on the way in conquering space and newspaper headlines, "REDS ORBIT ARTIFICIAL MOON" and "SOVIET SATELLITE CIRCLES GLOBE EVERY 90 MINUTES".

Davidson helped Payne get the idea of what was going on in this math class.

Math really isn't too hard once you get the idea [understanding] what's going on [the basic idea].

So in the summer of 1958 Payne returned CU to take

in CU's engineering school and

Calculus was no problem.

Higher Algebra class of about 20-30 students was composed mostly of math graduate students having a good time [The Sink and Tulagi beer halls] in Boulder during the summer of 1958.

Classmate who sat next to Payne was student at Emporia State.

Classmate really was really good at math indicating Emporia State had a good math department.

Payne's test performance, with only one liberal arts math class, was not favorable compared to fellow students.

Payne was very lucky to get a C in the class.

Instructor Iranian Mr Zirakzadeh was understanding.

When Payne got a postcard from Zirakzadeh with the C grade. The C was underlined twice!

On return to Whitman in the fall of 1958, Payne took

Payne was able to do just about as well, if not as well, as fellow student Davidson.

Mr Underwood taught Differential Equations.

Payne took

from Mr Underwood.

Weird stuff [George Cantor, ...] but real interesting.

Payne took logic course

from the Philosophy department at Whitman, from either Mr Soper or Mr Sikoro.

Professor William Hutchings [Ph.D. UC Berkeley] taught

Professor Hutchings told Payne that he didn't want Payne to leave Whitman to give the impression that he didn't learn very much math at Whitman!

So Hutchings tutored Payne in final semester at Whitman using

When Payne was dating future wife Patty at Purdue University, she was using

in her differential equations class.

Much more advanced book than Payne used at Whitman college!

And while Payne was taking

as a second year graduate student from professor Iving Burr, Patty was taking

from professor Burr.

Most liberal arts students Payne competed with at Whitman avoided math and science courses like the plague.

Payne observed that most liberal arts students are memorizers as opposed to thinkers.

But most liberal larts students are very verbal aka BS artists.

Most liberal arts students have BS degrees.

Just look at Condoleezza Rice.

Most lawyers, media people, and bureaucrats in the US have liberal arts educations. Yuk.

Clearly going into law with merely a liberal arts degree is a perfect recipe for disaster.

Payne was admitted to graduate school at the University of Colorado in mathematics but went to Purdue in experimental and industrial psychology.

Payne had one minor in mathematics and a second in mathematical statistics for his Ph.D at Purdue.

Classmate in advanced calculus course in 1959 at Purdue was an undergraduate at the University of Colorado.

Classmate had also taken course from Zirakzadeh.

Classmate told Payne Zirakzadeh's first name was Aboulghassem(sp?).

Dale Penrose Harrell

Payne was participant in moving the books.

If Payne recalls correctly, Whitman reciprocated for student work with outdoor dinner that evening?

Wednesday June 4, 2008 07:50

Habilitation viz

How to Choose a College
By Richard Vedder
Posted: Tuesday, May 6, 2008

[S]everal other schools not high on the U.S. News list, including Whitman, Washington & Lee, Barnard and the U.S. Military Academy (a.k.a. West Point), are in our top 10. ...

Bill was waiting Tuesday June 3, 2008 to talk with a Financial Consultant when he read the above in FORBES May 19, 2008 page 30.

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Subject: Whitman update while in ABQ

Art Vall-Spinosa '59 and Bill Payne '59,

Greetings. My name is Brian Dohe and I'm in Albuquerque to meet with several alumni on Wednesday. I'll have finished my meetings by 4:00.

If your schedule(s) permit on Wednesday, I enjoy an opportunity to host you for afternoon drinks or dinner around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. at a location that would be convenient to you. When I'm outside of the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy meeting with alumni and parents of students to provide updates about college initiatives and gather feedback from alumni. If you're available on Wednesday afternoon/evening, please suggest a location and a time. I promise that there's no plan to solicit a gift.

Thanks in advance for considering the invitation. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to meet you on Wednesday.

Brian Dohe, Development Officer
Whitman College
345 Boyer Avenue
Walla Walla, WA 99362-2083
509.527.4928 (office)

Dohe told bill that he got a rejection email from Vall-Spinosa sent from an Island off the coast of Greece.

Spinosa is an MD.

Brian and bill had a nice dinner at El Patio near UNM.

Bill expressed his concerns about liberal arts education.

Read about those concerns here.

Monday June 2, 2008 19:35

Detective Baker phoned at about 13:05.

The APD response was picked up at the Carillo station.

The question all of us must ask ourselves is: Are matters going to get settled or get worse?

WWIII may be a lower limit on worse.

Here are the unread emails from Baker.

Monday May 12, 2008 14:59

After an intitial attempt to try to convince us that APD did not have jurisdiction

Detective Baker got our stories and complaints.

We continued to emphasize that Garcia was acting as a private citizen outside the scope of this authority in a garnishment attempt where rules were not followed.

Settlement time yet?

Morales reported that APD detective phoned him.

Payne was busy at PNM electric irp from about 09:15 to 16:00 so he listened to phone messages.

Here's the APD detective message.

Former federal chief magistrate judge William Deaton seemed like a judge who was trying to do the right thing.

Perhaps that's the reason he is no long with the federal court system?

But he is with the Albuquerque Police Department!

Former federal magistrate judge William Deaton is central to these matters.



Deaton was magistrate judge for John Conway and aided in getting Morales/Payne cases removed from New Mexico federal court.

Deaton was given a copy of the Buehler Swiss Radio International tape transcribed by Laszlo Baranyi.

Baranyi Crypto AG information is now linked at reference 10 at Wikipedia.

We should get matters settled before they get even worse. Which they did this morning.

When Payne was waiting for Morales in east parking lot at

APD officer arrived on a motorcycle with lights flashing just to the left of this photo at about 09:55.

The APD officer drew is pistol, aimed it at Payne's back, ordered Payne out of his vehicle, ordered Payne to turn around, and place his hands behind his neck.

The officer asked Payne if he had a gun. Payne responded negatively.

The officer [Romero?]told Payne to place his feet wide apart. The officer then searched Payne.

A second officer [Olmstad?], with gun first drawn, searched Payne's vehicle and found no gun.

We all went in to the above substation where Morales was waiting. Morales parked on west side of the station since he arrived from the west. Payne parked on the east side since he arrived from the east.

The officer in charge said that the substation has been threatened. And someone phoned to report that man in bue shirt and camo hat [an official US issued hat] had a gun.

Shall we ask for the police report on this drawn gun matter?

No gun. Digital camera, yes. From our police state point of view, everything can be mistaken for a gun.

US Marshals Halvorsen and Bowman were frightened of a digital camera to the point that they committed criminal harassment in front of a camera.

So we should get matters settled promptly.

Pacer garnishment docket as of Friday April 18, 2008 10:49.

We visited PACER to look for docket entry 88. It is not posted on PACER.

88 strikes MALDEF lawyer, not judge, Martha Vazquez threat 87.

Vazquez did not have jurisdiction.

"Under Federal law which is applicable to all states, the U.S. Supreme Court stated that if a court is

"...without authority, its judgments and orders are regarded as nullities. They are not voidable, but simply void; and form no bar to a recovery sought, even prior to a reversal in opposition to them. They constitute no justification; and all persons concerned in executing such judgments or sentences, are considered, in law, as trespassers." Elliot v. Piersol, 1 Pet. 328, 340, 26 U.S. 328, 340 (1828) ""

Martha Vazquez has been internationally labelled a crooked judge.

Now we have to show the world that in the United States crooked lawyers are imprisoned if they get caught committing crimes in writing.

But we needed visibility to reach this point in our legal project. This was purpose of filing FOIA lawsuit Civ No: 97 2266 SC AM 10:51 against the National Security Agency.

We're linking to the PACER pdf documents to show lawyers, not judges - no jurisdiction, Vazquez, Armijo and Garcia got caught committing New Mexico state crimes in writing.

Now that we're checking pdfs, we see what we have also caught clerk Matthew Dykman in pattern and practice of harassment. But Dykman is little fish.

Guilt of the accused is in the docket record.

PACER docket records

Detective has not returned phone call.

We need to write a brief letter to a detective - we have a phone call to him.

Keep in mind that these guys are experienced. They have learned it's best to get a message so as to give them some time to frame a response.

We are not in a rush. Keep in mind that the goal is to settle, not particularly to send some crooked lawyers to jail. No money is that.

We will reference Northern New Mexico Adhoc Committee For Honesty in Government points

2. Threats, intimidation, infliction of emotional duress, personally and via the US Mail;

3, Attempts at extortion under 'color of law'; ...

5. Denial of a Trial by Jury and Due Process of Law;

6. Total absence of "Powers of Attorney" and statutory authority for these actions;

7. Recordation of bogus liens and levy's, retaliation, persecution of, and blatant oppression against those who dare to question the legality of such 'federal' actions.

The visibility of these matters continues to escalate because of the efforts of lots of people.

EROIs (energy return on investments) viz.


NAME William H Payne                                                ALBUQUERQUE POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                                                         ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO
ADDRESS 13015 Calle de Sandias NE                        DATE:
                                 Albuquerque 87111                        TIME:
DATE OF BIRTH June 11, 1937                                   CASE NUMBER:

AGE 70

SOC. SEC. NO. xxx-xx-xxxx

HOME PHONE 505-292-7037           WORK PHONE

I "William H Payne" willingly and voluntary give this statement to Officer / Detective Christian Baker who I know to be a member of the Albuquerque Police Department. I understand that I do not have to give a statement and any statement that I do give can be used in a court of law if necessary.

Lawyers John W Zavitz, Kevin Hammar, Lorenzo Garcia and Martha Vazquez alleged to have committed some or all criminal violations

1 30-3A-2. Harassment
2 30-28-1. Attempt to commit a felony
3 30-28-3. Criminal solicitation
4 30-28-2. Conspiracy
5 30-16-9. Extortion
6 Racketeering Act [30-42-1 NMSA 1978]:

for amount of at least $ with all evidence of alleged crimes in writing.


Motivation for these New Mexico state crimes requires enumeration of historical development to understand what happened.
1 Aug. 6, 1991 Shahpour Bakhtiar, the last prime minister of the Shah of Iran, and his personal secretary Katibeh Fallouch were assassinated in the west Paris suburb of Suresnes.

Wikipedia posts, apparently by Persian intelligence representative, in the summer of 2007 suggest that Bakhtiar was, in fact, executed for his role in the attempted Nojeh coup.

2 March 18, 1992 Iran arrests Swiss company Crypto AG top salesman Hans Buehler for espionage in Tehran.

3 July 27, 1992 Sandia National Laboratories fires Payne.

4 December 23, 1992 plaintiff Payne files 92 cv 01452 (sealed) which is referred to Magistrate William Deaton. See docket entry 1.

5 December 31, 1992 Sandia Labs manager James Gosler submits ex parte sealed AFFIDAVIT to court. See docket entry 3.

December 6, 2006 the FBI declassifies a January 28, 1993 Wayne R Gilbert letter in which Payne is accused of releasing classified information about the National Security Agency.

6 January 4, 1993 Hans Buehler is released from the Evin prison in Tehran.

7 December 31, 1994 Buehler phones Payne from Zurich.

8 January 3, 1995 Buehler mails Payne a letter, copies of Reuters newspapers translations, book, and several other things.

9 January 5, 1005 Buehler mails Payne a copy of Swiss Radio International broadcast tape.

10 June 22, 1995 Baltimore Sun reporter Scott Shane phones Payne to ask for copies of documents and tape.

11 December 10, 1995, pp. 9-11. The Baltimore Sun, publishes No Such Agency Part Four - Rigging the Game written by Scott Shane and Tom Bowman.

12 January 22, 1996, Electronic Engineering Times, p. 84. publishes State-Sanctioned paranoia written by Loring Wirbel.

The words "DOE, Bill Payne, NSA, Crypto AG, Hans Buehler, Iranian prison, Crypto/NSA sting against that country, .." are contained in an article read by Iranian engineers.

13 February 28, 1997 Payne and Morales file FOIA lawsuit Civ No: 97 2266 SC AM 10:51 against the National Security Agency.

14 August 13, 1998 Hungarian/Swedish/German/English speaker Laszlo Baranyi requests copy of Swiss Radio International broadcast tape to transcribe tape from German audio to English text.

15 January 07, 2001 A. Zoubin ( Information Committee) of SMCCDI makes email contact to ask
Dear Friend,

we saw some of these documents http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Congress/8327/buehlerpayne.html but we would like your commentary about what happened and all circumstances so we can post it on our website but as well as a report to the mailing lists.
16 May 11, 2007 Payne and Morales file motion to void judgment in New Mexico federal court in  CIVIL NO. 97-266 MCA/LFG for lack of jurisdiction for a several reasons.

17 May 16, 2007 "MOTION to Set Aside Judgment by William H Payne, Arthur R Morales. (pz) (Entered: 05/18/2007)" is finally docketed.

18 June 6, 2007 Payne and Morales file criminal complaint affidavit with in CIVIL NO. 97-266 MCA/LFG
Docket entry: 06/12/2007 85 STRICKEN from the record pursuant to 100 Order - REPLY to Response to Motion re 81 MOTION to Set Aside Judgment filed by William H Payne, Arthur R Morales. (pz) Modified docket text on 8/28/2007 (ln). (Entered: 06/12/2007) ]

since it appears from Wikipedia Nojeh post that a crime was committed by Carter administration National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski.

19 February 12, 2008 commodities investor Jim Rogers reports in interview by Paul Kedrosky "Somebody knew that Iran and Iraq were going to war" which suggests that insider trader crimes may have been committed by Carter administration members.


21 All judicial officers in the District of New Mexico were recused by former judge James A Parker:

There can be no fair hearing in New Mexico since then federal chief magistrate judge William Deaton told Payne and Assistant US Attorney Phyllis Dow at a meeting on 3/22/01 that it would be impossible to have fair hearings in New Mexico.
INITIAL SCHEDULING ORDER by Chief Magistrate William Deaton; Rule 16 scheduling conference set for 3/22/01 at 11:00 am in Albuquerque, NM; provisional discovery plan and IPTR due 3/12/01 (cc: counsel*) [12k] [3 pages]

Therefore then federal chief judge James A Parker ordered in all five fraudulently removed New Mexico 12 person jury trial lawsuits.
1 03/27/2001 03/28/2001 42 ORDER by Chief Judge James A. Parker that this case has been reassigned to Judge William F. Downes (cc: all counsel by dm) [21k] [1 page]

2 06/12/2001 06/12/2001 16 ORDER by Chief Judge James A. Parker recusing all judicial officers of the District of New Mexico; and reassigning this case to the Hon. William F. Downes, Chief U.S. District Judge District of Wyoming (cc: all counsel*) [7k] [1 page]

3 10/25/2001 10/26/2001 6 ORDER OF RECUSAL by Chief Judge James A. Parker reassigning case to Chief Judge Dee V. Benson for the District of Utah (cc: all counsel*) [8k] [1 page]

4 03/27/2001 03/29/2001 69 ORDER by Chief Judge James A. Parker recusing all judicial officers of the District of NM and reassigning case to Chief U.S. District Judge William F. Downes of District of Wyoming (cc: all counsel) [23k] [1 page]

5 10/24/2001 10/26/2001 13 ORDER by Chief Judge James A. Parker that all judicial officers of the District of New Mexico recuse in this action, and this case is reassigned to the Honorable Dee V Benson, Chief United States District Judge for the District of Utah (cc: all counsel*) [8k] [1 page]

Conclusion is clear that "all judicial officers of the District of New Mexico" are recused for the reason stated by former chief magistrate judge William Deaton that Morales and Payne cannot get a impartial hearing in New Mexico.

From the 03/28/2008 14:12:09 docket of CIVIL NO. 97-266 MCA/LFG:

Docket entry 86 reads

06/12/2007 86 MINUTE ORDER, Judge M. Christina Armijo added. Judge Santiago E. Campos no longer assigned to case. (ln) (Entered: 06/12/2007)

Docket entry 87 reads
06/14/2007 87 ORDER of Reference by Judge Martha Vazquez (jmg) (Entered: 06/14/2007)

Docket entry 88 reads
06/15/2007 88 MINUTE ORDER STRIKING 87 Order of REFERENCE Due to case being assigned to District Judge Armijo. by Judge Martha Vazquez THIS IS A TEXT ONLY ENTRY. THERE ARE NO DOCUMENTS ATTACHED. (jmg) (Entered: 06/15/2007)

A Docket entry 89 reads
06/21/2007 89 ORDER REFERRING MOTION: 81 MOTION to Set Aside Judgment filed by William H Payne, Arthur R Morales to Chief Magistrate Judge Lorenzo F. Garcia by Judge M. Christina Armijo (jes) (Entered: 06/21/2007)

B Docket entry 90 reads
06/21/2007 90 MINUTE ORDER REASSIGNING CASE. Case reassigned to Judge Lorenzo F. Garcia for discovery purposes. (ln) (Entered: 06/21/2007)

C Docket entry 92 reads

07/06/2007 92 ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE by Judge Lorenzo F. Garcia (ln) (Entered: 07/06/2007)

D Docket entry 95 reads

07/31/2007 95 REPORT AND RECOMMENDATION for Sanctions and Striking of Documents by Chief Magistrate Judge Lorenzo F. Garcia. Objections to R&R due by 8/17/2007 (clm) (Entered: 07/31/2007)

E Docket entry 96 reads

07/31/2007 96 ERRATA - Regarding Doc. 95, recommendation on page 13, Plaintiffs may file objections to the Court's Report and Recommendation pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Section 636(b)(1). (clm) (Entered: 07/31/2007)

F Docket entry 100 reads

08/27/2007 100 ORDER by Judge M. Christina Armijo Adopting Report and Recommendations, Striking Pleadings, and Imposing Sanctions 95 (jab) (Entered: 08/27/2007)

G Docket entry 102 reads

09/21/2007 102 ORDER by District Judge M. Christina Armijo striking 101 ORDER on Motion for Order. (al) (Entered: 09/21/2007)

H Docket entry 141 reads

03/05/2008 141 ORDER re: Writs of Garnishment by Judge M. Christina Armijo (jm) (Entered: 03/05/2008)

I Docket entry 142 reads

03/05/2008 142 NOTICE of Hearing on Objections to Exemptions set for 3/25/08 at 9:00 before Chief Magistrate Judge Lorenzo F. Garcia. (clm) (Entered: 03/05/2008)

J Docket entry 148 reads

03/25/2008 148 Clerk's Minutes for hearing on United States' objection to exemptions held before Judge Lorenzo F. Garcia on 3/25/2008. (Court Reporter Julie Sanchez.) (mw) (Entered: 03/25/2008)

K Docket entry 150 reads

03/27/2008 150 REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS by Judge Lorenzo F. Garcia that the United States' objections to Payne's and Morales' purported claims of exemption be sustained, that any purported claims of exemption be denied, and that the Court enter an order authorizing garnishment of the funds sought by the United States [See Doc. Nos. 114, 115.] Objections to R&R due by 4/15/2008.(mw) (Entered: 03/27/2008)

A through K are prima facie evidence that lawyers M Christina Armijo and Lorenzo F Garcia have violated New Mexico state law 30-3A-2. Harassment
A. Harassment consists of knowingly pursuing a pattern of conduct that is intended to annoy, seriously alarm or terrorize another person and that serves no lawful purpose. The conduct must be such that it would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress.

B. Whoever commits harassment is guilty of a misdemeanor.

because they do not have jurisdiction since all judicial officers in the District of New Mexico were recused by former judge James A Parker.

23 Lawyer Martha Vazquez did not have jurisdiction when she authored ORDER OF REFERENCE on June 14, 2007, Docket entry 87, which states

Lawyer Martha Vazquez is charged with violation of New Mexico

30-16-9. Extortion.

Extortion consists of the communication or transmission of any threat to another by any means whatsoever with intent thereby to wrongfully obtain anything of value or to wrongfully compel the person threatened to do or refrain from doing any act against his will.

Any of the following acts shall be sufficient to constitute a threat under this section: ...

B. a threat to accuse the person threatened, or another, of any crime;

C. a threat to expose, or impute to the person threatened, or another, any deformity or disgrace;

... Whoever commits extortion is guilty of a third degree felony.
31-18-15. Sentencing authority; noncapital felonies; basic sentences and fines; parole authority; meritorious deductions.

A. If a person is convicted of a noncapital felony, the basic sentence of imprisonment is as follows: ...

(8) for a third degree felony, three years imprisonment; ...

23 Lawyers John Zavitz, Kevin Hammar, and Lorenzo Garcia conducted hearing on March 25, 2008 09:00 [Docket entry 142].

This hearing had no lawful purpose because all New Mexico federal judicial officers were recused by former chief judge James A Parker.

Further plaintiffs were not properly served and garnishment rules were not followed.

Specifically, Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union [SLFCU] CEO Christopher Jillson and its lawyer Kevin Hammar did not check to see that the $11,018 garnished were exempt as required by law.

Here are instructions from the court to SLFCU:

We outline the the court's admonition to SLFCU in red which was included to ensure that SLFCU would not garnish exempt funds.

See MANDATORY JUDICIAL NOTICE 1, MANDATORY JUDICIAL NOTICE 2 for written evidence supporting statement.

Since Lorenzo Garcia lack jurisdiction plaintiffs did not attend unathorized hearing. See docket entry 148.

24 Lawyer Lorenzo Garcia with jurisdiction proceeds to

with above void document. See docket entry 150.

Above document does not conform to court rules because it is not filed stamped by court clerk.

The above ruling is also void for the reason that garnishment rules were not followed. Garcia lack the authority to make decision of seizing plantiff's money because only SLFCU has the data to verify plaintiff's saving exemption affidavit:

25 Lawyers Zavitz, Hammar, and Garcia and SLFCU CEO Christopher Jillson have committed felony violations of

A New Mexico 30-16-9.
Extortion. Extortion consists of the communication or transmission of any threat to another by any means whatsoever with intent thereby to wrongfully obtain anything of value or to wrongfully compel the person threatened to do or refrain from doing any act against his will. ...

Whoever commits extortion is guilty of a third degree felony.

for the amount of $11,018.

B 30-28-1. Attempt to commit a felony.

C 30-28-3. Criminal solicitation; penalty.

D 30-28-2. Conspiracy.

E Racketeering Act [30-42-1 NMSA 1978]

31-18-15. Sentencing authority; noncapital felonies; basic sentences and fines; parole authority; meritorious deductions. ...

(8) for a third degree felony, three years imprisonment; or

(9) for a fourth degree felony, eighteen months imprisonment.

All evidence of guilt of the accused is in writing in court records seen at



WITNESS______________________ SIGNED______________

WITNESS _______________________DATE _______________

Keep in mind readers that we have crooked lawyers and NO JUDGES.

Judges are only judges so long as they have jurisdiction. Garcia and Armijo did not have jurisdiction for a variety of reasons.

So let's compose our APD criminal complaint affidavit.


Payne made an initial statement to APD Detective about attempt to take at least $22,036 from our Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union accounts without due process.