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Liberal arts 'education' focus.
Sunday March 9, 2014 08:41

Hello Mr van Oppen,

bill '59

1 Trustees

Peter H. van Oppen, Seattle, WA - Chair
Nancy B. Serrurier, Menlo Park, CA - Vice Chair
Janice M. Abraham, Chevy Chase, MD Megan Ferguson Clubb, Walla Walla, WA
John C. Coleman, Jr., Napa, CA Ryan Crocker, Hamden, CT
Andrew U. Ferrari, Winchester, VA Karen E. Glover, Seattle, WA
Thomas H. McCracken, Seattle, WA Bradley M. McMurchie, Portland, OR
Walter C. Minnick, Chevy Chase, MD James R. Moore, Salt Lake City, UT
Dean Allen Nichols, Woodway, WA David Nierenberg, Camas, WA
John W. Stanton, Bellevue, WA Sarah Wang, Honolulu, HI
William B. Way, Paradise Valley, AZ

Dr. George Bridges, having successfully completed many of the goals established at the outset of his 10 - year tenure, has announced that he will relinquish his role as Whitman’s President on June 30, 2015.

Alt energy appears to be a branch of liberal arts 'education'.

Hillary Talmadge.

Deborah Kay Andrews. Hilliary's mother. Sister-in-law.

Tamara Andrews-Walker. Another sister-in-law.
Peter H. van Oppen
B.A. in Political Science from Whitman College.


March 6, 2014

Dear Member of the Whitman Community:

As all of you probably know, Dr. George Bridges, having successfully completed many of the goals established at the outset of his 10 - year tenure, has announced that he will relinquish his role as Whitman’s President on June 30, 2015. Thanks to his leadership and that of others before him, the College is thriving. Whitman’s next President will inherit a vibrant institution with an outstanding and relatively young faculty notable both for its teaching and scholarship; a famously dedicated staff; the most talented and diverse group of students in its history; and, a healthy endowment of over $500 million.

The single most important role of the Board of Trustees is to identify a successor president who will help Whitman continue to thrive. Thanks to George’s early indication of his intentions, we are optimistic that we will find such a leader on a timely basis and preliminary work on this process has already begun.

Trustees Nancy Serrurier and Janice Abraham have agreed to serve as co-chairs of the Search Committee. Based in California and Washington D.C., respectively, both have long experience as leaders in education. Nancy has been a Trustee at Colgate University, an elected school board president, a recent Whitman parent and has an extensive professional background. Janice is the CEO of United Educators Insurance, serving higher education nationally, and was the Treasurer of Whitman College from 1989-1997. Both are eminently qualified and well represent our national scope.

The remaining Trustee members of the Search Committee are Board Chair-elect Brad McMurchie ‘84, Bill Way ‘80, Sarah Wang ’89, and David Nierenberg. I will be the sole member who was also a participant on the Search Committee that identified George Bridges some ten years ago. Background information on all Trustee members is available in existing publications and will shortly be available on the Whitman College Presidential Search website (www.whitman.edu/presidential-search).

The previous 2004 Search Committee included three faculty members, two Overseers, two students and one staff member in addition to the Trustee participants. Due to the confidentiality associated with George’s decision as well as the desire to include faculty participation during preliminary planning, last December I asked Robert Allen Skotheim Chair of History and Chair of the Faculty David Schmitz to serve as one of the faculty representatives on the current Search Committee. After recent consultation with faculty Division Chairs, the Search Committee has been defined to include four faculty members with Overseer, student and staff representation unchanged from 2004.

Presidential searches are typically facilitated by a search consultant and ours will be no exception. There are a small number of highly qualified consultants who specialize in identifying and recruiting top university and college leadership, and, due to the potential for conflicts among competing searches involving other institutions, the Board began to consider identifying a consultant almost immediately after George notified us of his intention.

Trustee members of the Search Committee and Faculty Chair Schmitz conducted interviews with potential consultants. We are pleased to report that Shelly Weiss Storbeck of Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates has been hired. Further information on Ms. Storbeck is available at their website, www.storbeckpimentel.com, as well as a list of previous presidential search clients including Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Colorado College, Dartmouth, Davidson, Haverford, Lewis & Clark, Middlebury, Occidental, Pomona and Swarthmore among others. Nancy, Brad and I will be on campus March 12 - 13 to meet with faculty, staff, and student leaders. Ms. Storbeck will be on campus April 3 - 4. Meeting schedules, updates and opportunities for comments will be available soon on the search website.

Based upon a review of virtually all recent, successful presidential searches at top liberal art colleges and on the unanimous recommendation of all search consultants interviewed, we do not expect final candidates to be identified publically prior to the Search Committee making a single recommendation to the Board of Trustees. This is a departure from the previous Whitman presidential search practice but this measure of confidentiality is unavoidable if we are to attract the best pool of candidates, many of whom will likely not allow themselves to be considered if their names are to be made public. Such a confidential process conflicts somewhat with our goal of inclusion and transparency but is almost a universal practice today among top liberal arts colleges and is imperative if our overriding goal is to identify and hire the best candidate. Additionally, all members of the Search Committee will be asked to commit to a Code of Ethics, pledging confidentiality throughout the process.

Thank you for your support and thoughtful input as we undertake this critical process together. All of us look forward to celebrating George’s tenure in 2015 while knowing that the College remains in good hands.


Peter van Oppen ‘74
Chair, Board of Trustees

Thursday November 7, 2013 11:18

'scorpion silhouette named james'


Persian Higher Algebra education from Professor Dr Aboulghassem Zirakzadeh in the summer of 1958 at the University of Colorado is a high point in my life.

Debt owed?

Fred Fair was at CU when bill took Higher Algegra class from Dr Aboulghassem Zirakzadeh in 1958.

This is fred.

Fred has aged since I last saw him in 2006.

Tuesday September 4, 2012 06:46

The Christian Science Monitor may significantly contribute to recovery of our $22,036?

Obama ordered Stuxnet cyberattack, reports say. Did it leave US vulnerable?

Tuesday March 27, 2012 09:11


Friday March 2, 2012 13:59

Tough to believe?

A gutsy commencement address.

Ahmadinejad delivered a Yale commencement address.

The Ayatollah Is Right About One Thing: Nuclear Weapons Are Sinful.

There are two pieces of news from Whitman that I think should be of interest. The first is the passing of a beloved figure, Dr. George Ball. He seemed to be a constant presence at Whitman who dedicated so much of his expertise, talent, and genuine love of students to make Whitman so remarkable. I know his will be a legacy that will be sorely missed. I also noted that in our local newspaper there was news that Ryan Crocker, now the Ambassador to Afghanistan. is going to participate in the World Affairs Council's annual Ryan C. Crocker Global Citizen of the Year Award dinner here in Virginia. It is very impressive that a Whitman graduate, whom we had the opportunity to meet and hear at the commencement th when we were there for our 50 reunion, is indisputably putting the skills and education he gained at Whitman to the very best use for our country. So many other Whitmanites are currently serving in diplomatic capacities or have served throughout the world in other capacities. We are proud of you, indeed.

Whitman College Events

“Oregon’s Most Interesting Year: 1942” • Portland, OR Lecture with Emeritus Professor of History G. Thomas Edwards March 3, 2012 • 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. • Hilton & Executive Tower, Salon Ballroom [Bill has signed copy professsor Edwards Whitman College history book.]

“Riddles at the Ends; Invitations to Further Thought” • Spokane, WA Presentation by Professor of Classics Dana Burgess March 11, 2012 • 3-4:00 p.m. • Gonzaga University - Foley Library Read more online and RSVP by March 9.

Reception with President George Bridges • Palm Desert, CA March 11, 2012 • 5-7:00 p.m. • Desert Falls Country Club Read more online and RSVP by March 8.

“Darwin & Wallace: Culture, Class & Science in the Discovery of Natural Selection” • Portland, OR Presented by Associate Professor of Biology Delbert Hutchison March 22, 2012 • 7:00 - 8:30PM p.m. • Hotel 50 - Columbia Meeting Room Read more online and RSVP by March 19.

“The Science of Terroir: Can You Taste A Place?” • Seattle, WA Faculty Lecture by Professor of Geology Kevin Pogue March 31, 2012 • 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. • Central Library - Microsoft Auditorium Read more online and RSVP by March 27.

From: "Whitman College" arpjs@whitman.edu
To: "Whitman College Alumni, Parents and Friends" bpayne37@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 10:29:32 AM
Subject: Whittie News, March 2012

50th year reunion members look younger each year, Jason Arp told bill in 2009.

No response from Mr Held so let's park evidence of likely liberal arts 'education' with Crocker information.

DIRECTOR, OFFICE OF INTELLIGENCE AND COUNTERINTELLIGENCE phoned in inquire about his educational background. Email sent too

Phone message for E B Held, Monday February 27, 2012.


Tuesday January 31, 2012 15:14

Knowledge of how the liberal art 'educated' 'think' learned at Whitman College is used to try to recover our $22,036 which was stolen by some of the liberal arts 'educated'.

Reason our money was stolen reveals the way they 'think'. And, too, inciting Saddam Hussein to attack Iran 1980 appears to be a liberal arts-produced idea involving Whitman College 1971 English major graduate Ryan Crocker.

Crocker delivered the commencement address at our 50th reunion in 2009.

Below arrived by mail on Monday January 30, 2012.

Mike Moloso was a dela tau delta frat brother at Whitman.

Maggie Savage was either dating or engaged to Whitman College student Dave McCracken, if bill recalls correctly. They seemed the perfect couple.

Then Maggie dumped Dave for Mike!

Mary and Mike Wymer were another perfect couple. So let's check correctness of our recollections out with classmates.


Maggie may be pictured at the bottom on the left?

All Whitman students, including bill, helped move the books from Reynolds Hall [which was about ready to collapse from the weight of the books] to Penrose Library in the spring of 1957.

Whiteman was poverty-sticken at the time bill '59 was learning how the the liberal arts 'educated' 'think'.

Whitman is doing better financially now.

But may suffer a reversal of fortune once the public and students figure-out what the liberal arts graduates are being taught and their modes of 'thinking'.


Larry Spohn worked for the Albquerque JTribune before it folded.

Spohn also wrote critical articles on the National Ignition Facility. Spohn was apparently not able to get work in the Albuquerque area later.

Google 'leo mascheroni' and you can get link to Leo and bill conversation on fusion generation of electricity.

Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum.

Mark Mathis

Whitman college taught me.
Liberal arts educated 'think' different. Most memorize, speculate, emote, then interpret.

Logic and reason does not work with them.

Ignoring facts is a liberal arts ploy.

Public scrutiny of them trying to ignore facts can get them to deal with facts. Grudgingly.

Saturday January 28, 2012 20:20

Knowledge of how liberal arts 'educated' 'think' learned at Whitman College is used to try to get them to settle before matters get far worse.
These laws of physics? Who's rules are those, we need to change that.



Remembering George Ball.

Feel free to stop by for refreshments and a light supper. Please email Rikki Gwinn at gwinnrl@whitman.edu if you are planning on joining us.

Monday January 9, 2012 17:53

Fred is receiving emails but has not emailed since about the time Rumsfeld returned to Taos.

Fred Fair theme music. Courtesy of J Orlin Grabbe.


Fred Fair, buddy and neighbor of Donald Rumsfeld, smoking dope with one hand and a drink in the other.

Photo given bill by fred when he visited him at the Bear Paw outside of Regina, NM to tell about experiences at Shattuck School 50th reunion.

Peter may have attended Harvard, not Brown. Reason bill may know is that Bill Lamont was his roommate for about a week. He then moved to room with Peter. Both, bill believes, went to Harvard. Bill aka Monty was asked at the reunion what happened to Peter at Harvard. Monty responded that Peter figured out how to have beer and pizza delivered to the room. Monty told Patty and bill at the reunion that he was going through a divorce after a long marriage. Patty commented that Monty acted like he was on drugs. Several of us told Patty that Monty always acted that way. Bill emailed Monty to ask him if he was on drugs. Patty reminded bill that he did not get a clear answer.

Why isn't Peter on list of Classmates I have maintained contact with over the years?

Fred Fair is!

Peter moved in to sit between Patty and bill, as you can see, at 1956 Shattuck School 50th prereunion event in Minneapolis in 2006.

Peter appeared to have been drinking and smoking.

Peter gave bill his 1956 classbook for safe keeping.

Classbook was returned to Peter the following day.

Peter, patty and bill sat together at chapel service at Shattuck school on final day of 50th reunion.

No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine; if a Clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe is the lesse; as well as if a Promontorie were, as well as if a Mannor of thy friends or of Mine owne were; any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

John Donne

Peter Benson interaction was a surprise high point in life. Reason is that we got some insight in Peter's way of thinking.

Make a Donation

If you wish to make a donation toward the purchase of books or recordings, if you wish to give a memorial in honor of a loved one, or if you would like to further the Library mission through a gift to the Foundation Endowment, please contact Library Director Betsy Thompson via email at bthompson@siouxcitylibrary.org or call 712.255.2933 ext. 251 and visit with her about what you have in mind.

Monday January 9, 2012 07:26

Iran condemns American to die, starts nuclear bunker work


MSM liberal arts 'educated' try to shape, not report, the news as evidence by below.

Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum.

Mark Mathis

Leon Panetta warns Iran to keep Strait of Hormuz open January 8, 2012 | 12:08 pm

truthdig daniel ellsberg comment.

Q&A: What's with the war talk surrounding Iran?

Report: Iran Begins New Uranium Site
By AP / ALI AKBAR DAREINI Sunday Jan 8 2012

Can Iran Close the Strait of Hormuz?

Truthdigger of the Week: Daniel Ellsberg

Iran Will Soon Move Uranium Work Underground, Official SaysBy REUTERS Published: January 8, 2012

Iran Able to Block Strait of Hormuz, General Dempsey Tells CBS January 08, 2012, 10:02 AM EST

Panetta: Iran Has Not Yet Decided to Make a Nuclear Bomb Published January 08, 2012 | Associated Press


Saturday January 7, 2012 20:07

rumsfeld shaking hands with saddam hussein.

Can Rummy correct viz problems by coming clean?

Fred Fair is buddy of Rumsfeld.

Can Rummy correct viz problems by coming clean?


A gutsy commencement address – Former Iraq ambassador Ryan Crocker, a Whitman graduate, issues an unlikely Niebuhrian challenge to the class of 2009.


2012 marks the 20th calendar year of these unfortunate matters which may lead to WW III.

Iran Threatens Oil Route Closure

Truthdigger of the Week: Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Posted on Dec 30, 2011
Rep. Dennis Kucinich: I can tell you from my perspective. Everything I try to do is fact-based; I work from a fact-based position. There are some members who made up their minds a long time ago to advance conflict against Iran, and I think the impact on the U.S. and the world would be devastating. There’s no reason whatsoever for us to move into a war against Iran. And we should not be rattling sabers—we should not be taking steps that escalate. And so I think from my perspective when these issues have come up in the past regarding Iran, I understood that the neocons have had extraordinary influence in keeping up the tensions, but someone has to say that they were wrong about Iraq. Someone has to hold the neocons responsible for the drumbeat for war that cost the lives of thousands of American troops and perhaps over a million Iraqis, that will have a long-term cost of about $5 trillion and that has further
damaged America’s position in the world. The same people that brought us Iraq are changing the q to an n and advancing a whole new war based on the same type of flimsy predicate that brought us to war against Iraq.

Anderson: Do you think anything can be done with respect to a potential conflict with Iran?

Kucinich: Yes! Back off. That’s what we need to do.


Security Needed Everywhere!

Iran seeking to expand influence in Latin America

Whitman In Kabul U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker ‘71 and newly-tenured For-
eign Service Officer Jeey Bristol ‘01 are shown at the Sept. 11 commemoration
ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. “Here in Kabul, I work in the
Political-Military Section, which is responsible for a broad range of political-military
issues,” Bristol wrote in an email. “Specifically, I cover the humanitarian demining,
weapons abatement and demining victims’ assistance portfolio.” Bristol wrote that
he volunteered for the one-year tour of service and “spent a full year in Dari lan-
guage and Afghan culture, history and politics before coming out to the post.” He
credits Whitman with preparing for his work. “As recent political changes in the
Arab world illustrate, the dynamic, fast-moving world requires critical thinking and
re-thinking of our assumptions. I credit a Whitman education for a large portion of
how I reason, analyze and react to changing situations.”

Sunday January 1, 2012 11:48


Recovery of stolen $22,036 in focus. This requires high tech. And careful planning. J Orlin Grabbe music.

60 Minutes Investigation

Grabbe was not especially impressed by the efforts of market regulators and authorities, made apparent by the textual content in his book International Financial Markets. Grabbe reported that he received information from highly credible sources about unsavory acts made by highly placed persons in the marketplace.[verification needed] He stated that he was approached by official representatives seeking his assistance by covertly gathering financial information from his network of customers.[citation needed] Grabbe responded by gathering facts about these activities, albeit from the mindset of a researcher with an intent to reveal the activities of the market manipulators. His research led him to the serious study of cryptography, in an effort to discover ways to protect individuals from interference.

Some of Grabbe's investigations surrounding controversial current events, made direct contact with sources in government essential, which led to further investigations.[citation needed] The increasing popularity of the Internet made his articles (and essays) widely spread.[20] Some of those published investigations are recognized today still as relevant, including his article "When Osama Bin Ladin Was Tim Osman".[21][citation needed]

Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, produced an investigative segment about misinformation on the Internet that aired on March 2, 1997.[22] Grabbe was interviewed on the show and presented as a representation of misinformation found online. Her comments about the dangers of anyone being able to create content on the Internet, rather than relying on mass media, led to further commentary online.[23][24][25]

[Grabbe got had by Stahl and her representation of MSM. Journalist Ure is exposing MSM.]

J Orlin Grabbe and bill worked together on the Black and White Test of Cryptographic Algorithms which was published in the Laissez Faire City Times.

NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran Conflict may be Grabbe's best article suppressed by msm. And not included on Wikipedia page.

Grabbe's article was third in a series of articles telling what happened to the Iranians.

First article was No such agency by authors Scott Shane, Tom Bowman, Baltimore Sun, 1995. Shane and Bowman were reported to have been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for this article.

Rigging the Game

Spy Sting: Few at the Swiss factory knew the mysterious visitors were pulling off a stunning intelligence coup -- perhaps the most audacious in the National Security Agency's long war on foreign codes.

By Scott Shane and Tom Bowman, Sun Staff

Second article was

Electronic Engineering Times, January 22, 1996, p. 84.

Swiss radio internetional Hans Buehler programs.

Restored May 5, 2015. Hack attack related?

Hax.R00T fed subcontractor? Evidence mounts.

Here's the tape and envelope containing the tape.

These hints lay unexamined and apparently had no effect on Crypto's business until 1992, when the arrest and imprisonment in Iran of a salesman for Crypto prompted further inquiries.

The salesman, Hans Buehler, was on his 25th trip to Iran on behalf of Crypto when Iranian intelligence agents grabbed him, accused him of spying for the United States and Germany, held him in solitary confinement and interrogated him.

"I was questioned for five hours a day for nine months," Mr. Buehler says. "I was never beaten, but I was strapped to wooden benches and told I would be beaten. I was told Crypto was a spy center."

After nine months,Crypto paid $1 million to win Mr. Buehler's freedom. But a few weeks after Mr. Buehler's triumphant return to Switzerland, Crypto abruptly dismissed him and demanded that he repay the $1 million.

Mr. Buehler was baffled and bitter, he says. In 13 years with the company, he had no inkling that it had cooperated with foreign spies and assumed the Iranians' charges were groundless. But what he learned after he was fired persuaded him otherwise.

Reporters Shane and Bowman spent more than a year collecting information. They interviewed scores of people, ranging from current and former low-level NSA employees to the nation's leading intelligence officials. Some were forthcoming, most were not. "I wish you nothing but bad luck," R. James Woolsey, a former director of central intelligence, told the prying reporters.

R. James Woolsey, Jr. looks to be liberal arts 'educated.'

Sunday, January 07, 2001 5:52 PM

Dear Friend,

we saw some of these documents

http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Congress/8327/buehlerpayne.html but we would like your
commentary about what happened and all circumstances so we can post it on our website but as well as a report to the mailing lists.

With thanks

On behalf of SMCCDI

A. Zoubin ( Information Committee) http://www.iran-daneshjoo.org/

Wednesday, January 17, 2001 7:10 PM

Dear Friend,

A stand for Ahmad but why this question?

And so has the rest of the world.

KGB likely-employee [Semionoff/Kirsov] emailed. "Tell us, what happened to the Iranians?" And sent photos from balcony of flat in Moscow.

No response required from us. Authors Shane, Bowman, Wirbel and Grabbe provided the requested information.

But matters got worse in 2007 when violations of US law may have been uncovered?

Genocide is a Title 18 felony with no statute of limitations. Our $22,036 was stolen as a result of us trying to do the right thing under the law.

Nojeh Coup

In July 1980, Zbigniew Brzezinski of the United States met Jordan's King Hussein in Amman to discuss detailed plans for Saddam Hussein to sponsor a coup in Iran against Khomeini. King Hussein was Saddam's closest confidant in the Arab world, and served as an intermediary during the planning. The Iraqi invasion of Iran would be launched under the pretext of a call for aid from Iranian loyalist officers plotting their own uprising on July 9, 1980 (codenamed Nojeh, after Shahrokhi/Nojeh air base in Hamedan). The Iranian officers were organized by Shapour Bakhtiar, who had fled to France when Khomeini seized power, but was operating from Baghdad and Sulimaniyah at the time of Brzezinski's meeting with Hussein. However, Khomeinilearned of the Nojeh Coup plan from Soviet agents in France and Latin America. Shortly after Brzezinski's meeting with Hussein, the President of Iran, Abolhassan Bani-Sadr quietly rounded up 600 of the loyalist plotters within Iran, putting an effective end to the Nojeh Coup. Saddam decided to invade without the Iranian officers' assistance, beginning the Iran-Iraq war on 22 September 1980.

Confession by Mr Francona deemed important by J Orlin Grabbe.

Monday January 22, 2012 21:03
Hello Mr Fanrcona,

J Orlin Grabbe forwarded

Subject: US support to Iraq in 1980s
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 23:29:03 -0700
From: "Ally to Adversary" publicity@francona.com
To: kalliste@aci.net

Read with interest your article on NSA, Crypto AG, and Iraq. I was part of the operation that supplied information to Iraq in 1988. While in the field with the Iraqi Army, I saw the Crypto AG machines in use. I cover some of these events in my book. Rick Francona-- Ally to Adversary - An Eyewitness Account of Iraq's Fall from Grace by Rick Francona [Kalliste is J Orline Grabbe] ...

Tuesday August 27, 2013 George Ure wrote at Urban Survival.

Just to keep things in perspective, the US has always had a double-standard when it comes to nerve agents. As the Monday issue of Foreign Policy reported, “CIA files prove American helped Saddam as he Gassed Iran.” Yes, but he was working for US then….


Mr Francona again.

The U.S. strongly warned Iran on Wednesday against closing a vital Persian Gulf waterway that carries one-sixth of the world's oil supply, after Iran threatened to choke off traffic through the Strait of Hormuz if Washington imposes sanctions targeting the country's crude exports.

Panetta: Iran Has Not Yet Decided to Make a Nuclear Bomb
Published January 08, 2012 | Associated Press


On the Iran side of things, we notice with some concern the Russia Today that "Iran cornerstone of possible WW3 over Mid East."

Meanwhile in Israel, reports in the JPost this morning are that the "US 'absolutely' concerned Israel will strike Iran" and this comes while the Israeli government is trying to figure out how their "secret" plans to do so in here were "outed" all over the net.

Urban Survival

Time to settle before matters get far worse?

Whitman College experience taught us how the liberal arts 'educated' 'think.'

Below email illustrates this in annoucement of an untimely tragedy.

Truthdigger of the Week: Daniel Ellsberg


J Orlin Grabbe


A commitment to our students’ futures

I have enjoyed aspects of every student with whom I have worked, come to know or mentored. What I have missed over these years, frankly, is the opportunity to spend a semester with a small group of them teaching my field of study, sociology. So this fall, I decided to step back into the classroom with the encouragement of my wife, Kari, and my colleague and Chair of the Sociology Department, Keith Farrington. More precisely, I turned our living room into a Sunday evening seminar, creating a comfortable space to teach a course titled Crime, Law and Punishment.

Teaching the class has proven a thrill. The students attend prepared, routinely ask challenging questions, and create along with me spirited back-and-forth dialogues about American society and the challenge of crime. We have debated and studied research on subjects like the causes of urban violence, how turning points in an individual’s life course may increase or decrease the likelihood of criminal behavior, how our law enforcement and legal systems regulate some crimes more effectively than others, and the reasons the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate among Western democracies. Recently, we enjoyed a lively evening of exchanges with one of our trustees, Jim Robart’69, a federal district court judge who routinely hears cases involving some of the most serious federal crimes. Like every other class, the two-hour discussion seemed to go by in a minute.

The students challenge me beyond what I could have predicted. Each session pushes me intellectually as much as it pushes them. reaching the class reaffirmed my belief that Whitman students are some of the brightest, most intellectually mature students in the country.

With weekly papers to grade and periodic meetings with stulents between classes, teaching this seminar reminded me of the ~ery demanding work of Whitman faculty. And this experience heightened my resolve about the importance and urgency of our ecently announced Now Is the Time campaign.

Some students overcome difficult personal obstacles simply to .ttend Whitman. Many require enormous financial support to over the costs of the education of a lifetime that we offer. With our support, we can continue to offer talented students the scholrship assistance they require to be part of my class, or any other class at Whitman.

Scholarships represent only one aspect of the campaign. The ampaign also seeks to continue to build upon Whitman’s acaemic strength and to secure the financial strength of Whitman’s iture. With the generous support of our donors, at all levels, ‘ill reinforce our traditional academic strengths, such as personalized instruction, while also offering exciting opportunities that irich our students’ learning. Growth in Whitman’s endowment irough this campaign will provide a solid foundation of permaznt funding for the college’s priorities.

The campaign will enable us to sustain Whitman’s unique culire of academic rigor and support. With campaign funding, Thitman graduates will continue to serve as leaders and agents of iange in their communities, their professions, and in the world.
We will continue to attract exceptional faculty who fully prepare our students for the very complex world they will inherit.

I have 11 students in my class. Just 11. Whitman’s routinely small classes create dynamic collaborations and relationships. In these relationships, faculty learn the strengths and limitations of their individual students and engage in work that inevitably extends students’ knowledge, reasoning and communication skills. This type of experience is rare in American higher education. But it’s what Whitman has always offered and what our faculty routinely provide. We have launched this campaign so that Whitman always will impart a personal and demanding educational experience.

Teaching these talented students also has intensified my belief in and commitment to Whitman’s mission. Each week, I see the future leaders of our country in whom we must now invest, I see future professionals in business, health care, law and education who will help to solve many of the pressing problems in our society. I see individuals who care immensely about making a positive difference in the world, students who will continue to care about and serve others. I see extremely capable young men and women whose potential achievements are limitless.

Thank you for supporting Whitman College and our commitment to our students. I am very grateful for your steadfast belief in our approach to delivering a meaningful, relevant liberal arts education that adds value to their lives and to the lives of those who will benefit from their learning and future accomplishments.

Most Sincerely,

George S. Bridges

Henry and Pat Huntsman.

After Whitman, non-liberal-arts, technical education pursued at Purdue University.

Monday January 2, 2012 08:30

Ted Lewis encourages bill to go wireless in phone coversation on Thursday June 24, 2010.

Ted lewis and bill on Wednesday March 31, 2004 shot by Molly Lewis in Salinas, CA.

Nvdia implements the GFSR algorithm in hardware in some of its graphics chips we informed.

Ted G. Lewis is a professor of computer science at the Naval Postgraduate School and academic associate of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security master degree program. He has forty years experience in academic, industrial, and advisory capacities, ranging from academic appointments at the University of Missouri-Rolla, University of Louisiana, and Oregon State University, to Senior Vice President of Eastman Kodak Company, to CEO and President of DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology, North America. Dr. Lewis has published over thirty books and 100 research papers, and is the author of the forthcoming book Critical Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security: Defending a Networked Nation, published by John Wiley & Sons, 2006. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from Washington State University.



IOGEAR bluetooth dongle appears to use Windows file transfer client.

ASUS bluetooth dongle appear to use its own file transfer client.

ASUS appears to leave Bluetooth powered which results in a bluetooth B icon displayed on the LG 420G cell phone next to the battery icon.

Lenovo G560 laptop recommends removing power from bluetooth when not in use to lengthen battery life. G560 has switch on front to laptop to power down bluetooth and an blue icon, third from the left, to indicate when bluetooth is powered.

Attempt to get bluetooth workin on the G560 failed and caused wireless Internet to stop working.

8051 family microntroller bluetooth implemtation?

And other stuff too.

Married Patricia Lou Andrews June 9, 1962

Still married to Patty in 2012 despite these unfortunate hassles.

$11,018 stolen is mostly Patty's money.

WW III might crimp our 50th wedding anniversery travel plans?

Let's All Play War

Department Let me see here, talking about complexity as we are this morning: How does this sound for the potential of a single mistake to blow up into global disaster? Iran, Israel and the US are planning war training exercises in the Persian Gulf.

George Ure
Saturday January 7, 2012

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