Dryer Repair
procedure mess-up

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Conversation with Mike of Edision at 505-227-8842 Monday November 14, 2011.

Wind turbine systems may have electronic problems where replacement parts are unavailable.

Same is true of dryers, especially the timers.

This page is also related to 120 volt water displays vs solar water displays for reason that same skills used to analze solar circuits are used to try to find out and repair dryer.

Service call will probably cost at least $100 so you might try to fix it yourself.

Kenmore Series 80 drier back.

Three wires in power cord are black to left, white, then red on right.

You should see 120 between black and white, red and white and 240 between black and red.

Be careful!

First time top panel removed.
Printed circuit board at far left behind start button contains on DIP IC.

Speculation is that this is a '555 timer'. 'x' means google x.

Schematic found tucked under wires behind time seen at far right.

Receipt for thermostat bill incorrectly thought was bad.

Two close together contacts read infinite resistance or open. This didn't seem right ... but it was!

Free Harbor Freight digital multimeter used to debug.

These work just as well in this application as an expensive meter.

Measurement notes.

0 volts between black and white not good.

Measuring power is the first thing you want to do. Not the last!

Breaker box visited

to flip switchES off, then back on.

This caused dryer to work.
Dryer and stove both consume 240 volts as well as 120.

Electric dryers replaced clothes lines in the 1950s. Clothes lines may replace electric dryers in the future as electricity costs climb?

Buying a new dryer when the problem was power into dryer would have been very embarrassing!

Here's dryer purchase receipt

Broken heater coil problem was easy to find and fix.

Below obtained a Sears repair center.

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