Lithium ion Polymer [LiPo] battery charging

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Friday December 27, 2013 15:22
Friday December 27, 2013 15:48


Friday December 27, 2013 15:48

Video Introduction.

Batteries used to power iPad-controlled Parrot quadcopter.




Testing with INNOVA 3320 digital multimeter.

LiPo battery a first for us.

Voltage at three pads. Battery 1.

7.22 + 3.62 = 10.84.

Series connection between the two cells?

Battery 2.

8.35 + 4.17 = 12.72.

4.09 is voltage of Tracfone LG840G.

Cell phone was partically charged on morning of December 26, 2013, then fully charged in evening so that 'Battery full' message appeared.

Voltage at that time not measured at that time but in morning of December 27,2013.

Nominal voltage of the Onite LG840g batery is 3.7V.

Parrot nominal voltage is 11.1V.

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