December 22-29, 2013

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Wednesday December 25, 2013 15:31
Friday January 3, 2014 10:36

Wind generation of electriicty essential non-gas-wasting trip by New Mexico Wind Energy Center.

Post to Wingate Texas wind turbine numerical visibility.

Hello La Quinta,

What is the difference between top and second?

Friday December 27, 2013 13:43

Red Canyon Wind Energy Center.
Operated by a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources.


Tax dodge operation?

Thursday December 26, 2013 20:55

Freemantle Energy

Three 1A USB car chargers bought at Fry's in Austin for $.99 each on Thursday December 26, 2013.

Wind generation of electricity a tax dodge?

Thursday December 26, 2013 20:22

Mitchell's windmill supply Ft Sumner, New Mexico. Sunday December 22, 2013.

Windmill carcases littler New Mexico.

No money deposited in a removal/safe disposal account when they were installed.

Working windmill.

New Mexico Wind Energy Center. No turbines spinning.

Lubbock La Quinta medical west center Sunday night.

Counting number of non-spinng wind turbines between Post and Wingate, TX is done for reason that it may cost more to get the broken turbines fixed than revenue produced by wind turbine electricity?

Lots seen not spinning this year. More than last year. Next year?

1 More not spinning video.

2 Hanford enginner comment.

3 One of out four turbines not spinning.

4 South of Sweetwater. The Hit by David Baldacci heard playing.

5 Two not spinning.

6 New wind power transmission lines in Winters, TX.

7 Tranmission lines may be headed to San Antonio, we heard.

The Spread Pit BBQ in Brady, TX for lunch on Monday December 23, 2013.

Brady TX footware video.


Christmas agave.

Drone controlled by iPad video.

Drone and cell phone battery charging video and jpgs.

'scorpion silhouette named james'

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