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Saturday January 5, 2013 11:03
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Saturday January 19, 2013 09:08

Lenovo Ivy gate Windows 8 XP project commenced on Tuesday January 9, 2013.

Embedded controller forth for the 8051 runs on Windows 7 professional. It does not run under Windows 8.

Lenovo laps top specs are a IBM product, we were told by Keith Cheung at PC Magic Pro.

Lenovo 600 laptop purchased from Tiger Direct runs XP professional is replacement for wife Patty's 98 desktop.

IBM does the software and telephone maintenance, Tiger Direct salesman reported.

Mouse problem [our problem] resolved with call. Yup, IBM.

Expensive failure of a under-warranty desktop Gigabyte motherboard backup forced us to use a Toshiba A105 laptop as back up. A marginal solution.

Lenovo G560 purchased on condition that Windows 7 could be replaced by XP. It could. This would replace the A105 as backup to desktop.

Lenovo G650 has greatly exceeded our expections in hardware and software.

Video, audio, pgs, flash drives, USB, Internet are technologies to used for the L8XP project.

Understanding Intel's Ivy Bridge Random Number Generator.

the Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 is capable of balancing performance and power efficiency. In office use, the notebook required 10.8 to 15.2 Watts

Hardware improvements, especially power consumption, are reason to upgrade. US 3.0. Ivy gate.

Microsoft software 'improvements' may not be improvement but only a business ploy.

Leo Notenboom may be giving bad advice?

Nottenboom removed a post similar to
Toshiba L505 windows 7 laptop was use to test if 'embedded controller forth for the 8051' would work work under that operating system It did after upgrade to 7 professional.

But to make the L505 useful XP was installed on it by removing the hard disk and replacing it is a 500 Gigayte Momentus 5,400 rpm disk so as to be able to run Microsoft Office 2000 and other useful programs which do not run on 7.

Lenovo G560 Windows 7 laptop converted to XP by formatting the 7 disk.

Windows 8 laptop to XP project underway. Repleacement of 8 disk, rather than formatting it will be strategy.

Details at

Engineer neighbor told bill that large laptop and desktop customer base runs CAD/CAM system which only run under XP.

Neighbor referred us to

IBM apparently sets standards for Lenovo. And, from personal experience with a Lenovo N600, handles software support.

Microsoft, no doubt, would only implement AHCI mode so as to force laptop users to buy Windows 7 and 8.

Laptop hardware vendors make money selling hardware which may or may not run Windows 7 or 8 so no incentive to
disable the IDE from BIOS.

Asus American Megatrends BIOS Windows 8 laptop supports IDE as well ask AHCI.

Power off Windows 8, then restart while depressing F2. Then navigate to the disk controller and hit Enter to see AHCI and IDE menu.

Windows 8 may be the end of Microsoft. But not the end of laptop hardware vendors who were wise enough to make their machines run with XP. And even 98.

BIOS Lenovo G560 Windows XP video. w 10/109/2013.

BIOS Lenovo Z580 running Windows 8 Wednesday field trip January 9, 2013.

AHCI Wikipedia.

Z580 is a 2.Ghz Intel i5.

Intel i7 laptops appear to be replacing the i5s.

Sunday January 2013 field trip to Office Depot revealed that users are paying up to $150 to upgrade to 7 from 8.

upgrade to XP recommented .

Saturday January 12, 2013 09:47

xmas 2012 field trip started this.

installed fine of Lenovo G560 laptop.

And didn't install on destop after about 4 attempts.

Microsoft scanner and camera wizard now broken. Fuji A600 photos can only be download throught Start/My Computer.

Problem with Canon software or PC problem?

Above disk installed fine on a Toshiba L505 and A1205 laptops.

Let's try to fix desktop.

Windows XP forum: Microsoft Camera and Scanner Wizard not working

Didn't fix.

MS Scanner Camera Wizard won't run for you? Try this:

Autoplay Repair Wizard

Didn't fix.
Control Panel

used to remove

Windows restarted.

looks be problem with wizard?

downloaded. Didn't fix.

worked for Fuji A600.

Monday January 7, 2012 11:01

works again!


appears to have fixed camer autoplay problem apparently caused by Canon SX160 IS software.

'Repair' clicked after download

WIA was disabled too.

Canon appears to have attempted to use this service.

Canon SX160 IS failure point.

Other info.

Doesn't change when SX160 IS connected. Beep followed by three beeps heard.

Friday January 11, 2013

Hello Nancy,

ImageBrowser does not appear to be where the problem occurs.

CameraWindow appears to be where the problem lies.

Above screen shot was taken today then installation exited.

Steps 1 - 9 have not been taken yet because

and the Canon download caused the Microsoft scanner and camera wizard to disappear.

This took A LOT of googling to finally fix. I am reluctant to possibly destroy the wizard again.

Fuji A600 photos then could only be moved from camera to computer through My Computer
then dragged and dropped into a file.

Download [Choice 1] as well as software on disk [Ver. 120.0] did not install the drivers properly ONLY on our XP desktop.

Installation went fine on Lenovo G560, Toshiba A105 and L505 XP laptops. The pane seen below only appeared
with the desktop XP installations from disk and Canon download

Problem appears to be a Canon driver problem which I took the time to study and document on this page.

Please advise.


Friday January 11, 2013

SX160 IS software may have

Saturday January 12, 2013. Let's try to fix


Set to 'automatic' which

Advice google found was, not mostly, but all nonsense. Control panel/performance and maintenance/administrative tools then double click on serices.

Ronald's requests.

Below does not appear on successful Lenovo G560, Toshiba L505 and A105 laptop installations.

If above were our only computer, camera and SDHC memory would have been returned to Amazon.

SX160 IS great camera for price and uses AA batteries.

But this driver problem should be resolved.

Returns not liked by Amazon we suspect?

between 1992 until retirement in 2012 work.

Canon Vixia HF R100 with class 10 Sandisk ultra 8 Gig SDHC card [$9.99, Best Buy] test video Saturday January 5, 2013.

Class 10 may have reduced jitter?

Repeat test with class 6 card [$39.99, late Ultimate Electronids].

Garmin Nüvi 1450 LM [lifetime maps] 8 Gig micro SDHC card [$12.99, Best Buy] test.

Canon SX160 IS with 16 Gig class 10 Transcend SDHC card Friday January 4, 2012.

Fuji A600 with 1 Gig XD Sunday January 6, 2012.

Which work better?

Must buy book.

Mathis's book is a check out from library.

Reason is Mathis wants you to pander to the media.

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